2004 January Meeting Issue #63

January 2004 Meeting Attandance :Keith & Janet,Mike T,TomT,Steve ,Luke,Gene,John,Bill Lynch from the Carolina Brewmasters of N.C. homebrew club.
Things that were discussed:Started out with some members paying dues which is $36.00 a year.

Starting the 2004 homebrewer of the year comps,which starts off with the War of the Worts comp in pa,entries start from jan.26 - feb.14th. Mike T said he will take any entries down to princeton homebrew for the comp,just contact him and find out when you need to get your entries down to him.also if you have another homebrew comp.that the club should compete in let us know at the next meeting.

I handed out mead and beer scores sheets with other info about ways of properly using the score sheets and off-flavors.check out www.bjcp.org.  to get  the forms and other info.

The whales will get together at 7:30 am on feb.7th at JJ BITTINGS TO BREW AN IMPERIAL IPA !!!!.

If you have any suggestions about the hboy rules let us know .the point system will stay the same ,one point for entering a club only comp, no matter how many different beers or meads or ciders you have.2 points if you get picked.

Luke did a great presentation on honey and mead styles,complete with a documented movie screen.Why add honey to beer ??To raise alcohol content,lighten the body,add sweetness,mellows out roughness,adds floral and aroma.Honey is nectar 80% sugar.honey is made up of dextrose,levulose,maltose,sucros,and other sugars.We also tasted a very young braggot from luke which is a blend of honey and malt.other meads are Pyment ( honey and grapes),Cyser ( honey and apple cider),Metheglin (honey with spices), we tried from mike t,Melomel ( honey with fruit).other info on honey can be found at www.nhb.org,,

www.suebee.com.,   sept.2002 brew your own mag.,honey of a beer by V.Lagrange.

lukes big brew party has changed to march 5th

tickets still available for the chilifest at riverhorse on feb 8th info at www.winter.net or .com.,.

Bill Lynch from the carolina brewmasters stopped in from NC.,Their website is http://hbd.org/cbm., they have 70 members,the US Open is their homebrew comp.it's on april 24 th this year.his e-mail address is billbrewcnc@yahoo.com.,,  ,we also tried an oatmeal porter from highland brewing co and a ipa from carolina brewing co brought in by bill., NC only allows beers to be no more than 6% ,so it's hard to find exceptional beers their.

www.brew-monkey.com., wants us to be put on their homebrew club list,check it out and let us know if we should.

brews that we tried,braggot from luke, cyser from mike t ,american amber and american brown fron steve,keith, smoked winter ale barleywine,oatmeal stout.john,climax pilsner.

 mike t and jullianne, leo and kim, luke  , and keith attended the honey bee shop in fords sat.a very informative session for all.if anything was missed please add your info.special thanks to  janet for helping with the minutes!!!   

Cheer and Hoppy Brewing!!!!      The Prez.