2004 March Meeting Issue #65


Quotes heard around the table: * "Let's got to their"Buzz Off" competition, drink their beer, pillage their women, & capture all their rewards.

**"What's the OG for that stuff"?  1.078…no way…must be a typo…your every day ale is more than that!"

In absence of our esteemed scribe, Kenny, who says he stubbed his toe (after 1 too many  Russian Impy?) I'll try to do justice to the meeting minutes.  Sorry for the lateness of these minutes.  We all know that Kenny does a better job.  Lets wish him a fast recovery from his broken digit.

Meeting started @ 8PM upstairs at JJ's.  In attendance were Prez Keith,, Juliana, Joe B, Tom T, Steverino, CJ John, Lukester, 2 new members Dave Magner, & Jim Downey, & yours truly, MT.  Lets give a warm welcome to our two new members, Dave & Jim.

Topics covered were:  Extract Club only due next meeting.  They have been scheduled for our club judging at the Big Brew at Leo's May 1.   Even if you are not going to be at Leo's,  get your entry over to someone who is going in order to bring it.  National Comp entries are due April 7-15.

Princeton Joe Bair had a 35% off sale going on.  He'll be closing 4/1, & will try to reopen in Sept at a new location.  He'll keep us informed via e-mail where he will end up.

Heavyweight is hosting an open house 4/3 from 1 to 4 PM.  Go down & say Hello to Tom & Peggy.  Tom tells us he may have some special reserve "samples" from his one time -one place kegs.

Keith discussed the club obtaining a 60 gal wine barrel to make an Imperial Stout, & age it in the barrel.  Cost will be about $100.  Seems to be a good idea.  MT proposed that the club pay for the barrel, & everytime it is used, charge the ones participating a "Barrel Fee" to recoup the cost.  Keith will look more into the cost & particulars, & report next meeting.  (***BARREL UPDATE***, I found whiskey & Apple Jack barrels that may be more suitable for what we need.  Details next meeting-MT)

The Buzz-Off competition will be the fourth copm for the Homebrewer of the Year award.  Keith passed out flyers.  Cost is $5.00/entry.  Entries are 4/26 to 5/16 & can be shipped to Brew by You, in Malvern, PA..Competition is at May 22 at the Iron Hill Brewery in West Chester, PA  More info available at http://hbd.org/buzz/
(* see quotes above)

War of the Worts results are in with 9…YES! 9 MEDALS for the WHALES.  Including the Best of Show (2 years in a row for the WHALES)  Kenny will post the winners in next month's minutes.

Treasurer's report shows a beginning balance 1/31/04 of $340.00, income received of $108.00, expenses paid of $24.99, leaving a balance of $406.01 in the war chest as of 2/29/04.

Judging for the Mead Club Only was held.  There were 5 entries.  List follows with voting results.
Keith…Rasberry Melomel  1 vote
MT…Metheglyn   1 vote
Steve..Sweet Mead (sparkling) 2 votes
Luke & MT..Sweet Mead (still)  2 votes
Luke & MT  Braggot  3 votes

The braggot has been sent off to Alaska.  Lets hope for continued WHALES success!
(see ** quote above)

Flight list was short but sweet, with some fine examples.

MT..Czech Pils, made with White Labs Budvar yeast, this is Johnson Brewery's first attempt at a Lager.  A little high on the Saaz (only 4.5 oz , Paul),  the panel of judges seemed to like it.
New member Dave Mags gave us a taste of his Pale Ale.  If this beer is any indication of things to come,  then let the games begin!  Good job, Dave.
TomT shared his IPA.  Nice malt, great hops.
New member Jim D. previewed his Honey Porter.  Good smooth taste, & gotta love that honey. 
CJ brought 2 commercials, Rogue Amber Ale( what more can be said, It's Rogue!) and Lindemans Cassis, which is a Black Currant Lambic.  Good straight, or mixed with a stout, it tastes like a glass of fresh berries.

Well that just about wraps it up.  Kenny get well soon!  We need your pen on these minutes.

Respectfully submitted,