2004 July Meeting Issue #69


The Official WHALES Newsletter and Minutes  July 2004 Issue #069

Woodbridge Homebrewers Ale & Lager Enthusiasts Society Established 1996


Wheat Beer Competition, Batch Sparging by Dave & The Garden State Beer Passport


* Special meeting 8/4 at Bittings 8PM-Wheat Beer Club Only Competition

* Club Only Smoke Beers Sept/Oct, IPA’s Nov/Dec

* Triumph’s ‘Slow Food Get-Together’ August 1st. $25 includes food & beverage

* Andy’s Corner Bar, Bogota NJ Sept 18th Octoberfest Party

The WHALES held their 15 July meeting on the deck at JJ Bittings under the stars of downtown Woodbridge NJ. Special thanks to Mike Cerami for allowing us to utilize his brew pub/restaurant to hold our meetings. Bittings has its wheat beer on tap so be sure to get it while it’s cold. On hand were Keith, Dave, Tripka & Juliana, Gene, Adrian, Mike Orth, Carl, Rob & Kristin, Tom T, Paff, Crazy John, Leo & Kim, Steve and Luke.

The Whales will hold a special meeting at Bittings on Wednesday August 4th 8PM to judge the Club Only Competition for Wheat Beers. Please bring 4 beers (2 for tasting and 2 to ship if you are selected) and related paperwork and competition bottle labels. If you can’t make the tasting, please contact Keith about dropping off your entries prior to the meeting.

MT’s Treasurer’s Report: Beginning balance $353.41. Dues revenue +$71. Expenses -92.60. Ending balance $332.81.

The Prez has been communicating with Brewer’s Apprentice in Freehold about possibly doing our next Brew Bash there. They may be a future resource for purchasing supplies and equipment.

Tom Baker’s Heavyweight Brewing will celebrate it’s 5 year anniversary on Sat. August 14th. Sure to be a great event with lots of specialty brews on hand. See www.heavyweight-brewing.com for more fun events.

The Garden State Craft Brewers Guild has designed a Passport Program, which can be stamped by visiting 12 different NJ brewpubs. The passport was the brainchild of Basil T’s brewer Gretchen to educate consumers and promote a positive beer image of NJ. The first 50 people who complete the passport will win a prize and all who complete it will get a chance to win a trip to the GABF. JJ Bittings stocks the passports at the bar. See www.njbeer.org for details.

Several WHALES attended the Garden State Craft Brewers Festival at Waterloo Village in Stanhope NJ on June 27th. Fifteen NJ brewpubs/breweries poured their sweet nectar from 1-5pm.

The Central Jersey Breweriana Club of Clark will be holding another event in October. Mr. Tripka has suggested we rent a table and do some public relations via demonstrations, displays and sampling of homebrews. This is a great opportunity to get the WHALES name out there, shop for some unique beer related items and make some new friends in the brew culture.

The October 21st meeting will be held at Keith’s house. The Prez plans to do a special presentation on equipment paying particular attention to all-grain wares.

Homebrewer of the Year standing remains the same as no WHALES placed in the second round of the National Homebrew Competition. Reigning champ Keith is in the lead with 27 points. Next chance to pick up points, the 8/4 Club Only Competition. Bring a wheat beer get a point. Get selected to represent the club, chalk up another point with the possibility of more points if you place nationally.

Dave did a fine presentation of batch sparging. I’m simplifying here, but instead of using a sparge arm, the water is added in two additions and recirculated. It saves alot of time but reduces mash efficiency slightly. Dave discovered that he was the only one using batch sparging at the May Big Brew and wanted to share his technical expertise. Thanks Dave! For more info go to www.bayareamashers.org/maindocs/BatchSparging.htm

A wide variety of beers were tasted. Gene had two entries an American and a British Pale Ale. Dave also brought two samplers; a Rye Pale Ale and a Single Malt Vienna Ale. Steve treated us to his Apricot Wheat which was reminiscent of Magic Hat‘s #9. Commercial tastings included Leo’s Dominion Millenium Barleywine, Robert’s flight of Upper Canada Beers: Wheat, Lager, Rebellion Lager and Maple Brown, and Crazy John’s offering of Climax IPA.

That’s all folks! Hoppy brewing.

-Luke, Pissoff Brothers Brewing Co.