2004 August Meeting Issue #70

Subject: Official Whales Minutes for August '04

The Official WHALES Newsletter and Minutes August 2004 Issue #070

Woodbridge Homebrewers Ale & Lager Enthusiasts Society Established 1996

Preview: Whales Impy Stout tasting, Steve selected to represent for wheat COC, A Whales-Heavyweight compilation?

Calendar: * Club Only Smoke/Wood Aged Beers judged at the September meeting *

 Prez' Octoberfest Party Saturday October 2nd- Noon until ?? *

 Meeting nite will switch to 3rd Tuesday of the month beginning in November *

 Split Rock Competition Nov 20th.

The WHALES held their 19 August meeting on the deck at JJ Bittings adjacent to the blaring trains of downtown Woodbridge NJ. Special thanks to Mike Cerami for allowing us to utilize his brew pub/restaurant to hold our meetings. On hand were Keith, Dave, Tripka & Juliana, Gene, Mike Orth, Rob & Kristin, Jim, Donieyl, Paff, Crazy John, Leo & Kim, Steve and Luke. Tom Baker has expressed an interest in brewing a batch in conjunction with the club. We design a recipe and brew it at Heavyweight. Tom made a suggestion of a rye beer but is open to any style. So shake up the peanut shells in your head and lets come up with one Mo-Fo super Whale concoction. Heavyweight celebrated its 5-year anniversary on Sat. August 14th. Mr. & Mrs. Prez, Mr. & Mrs. Paff and Robert & Kristin attended. Tom had lots of specialty brews on hand that included tapped kegs of just about everything he offers including the Gruit and the crazy brew with juniper hedges sticking out of it. Split Rock Resort (Harmony PA) is hosting the Great Brews of America Beer festival Nov 20 & 21st. This is one of the "Big Four" competitions to earn points towards the Whales Homebrewer of the Year Award. The festival features over 50 microbreweries, live bands, craft & artwork sales, good eats, and the competition itself. Saturday nite is the beer dinner ($45). Keith is organizing less expensive off premises accommodations for Fri/Sat nite or you can $tay in the re$ort. For more info visit www.splitrockresort.com All Whales have been invited to a meeting of the Jersey Association of Homebrewers at Andy's Corner Bar in Bogota on Tuesday 9/7. Brian Boak, a club officer, encourages visitors to bring a homebrew or enjoy some of the many fine selections offered by Andy's. Let's extend the brewer's hand of friendship, do some brew networking and see how this small Northern NJ brew club does business. Interested attendees should contact Luke. The Whales held a special meeting at Bittings on Wednesday August 4th to judge the Club Only Competition for Wheat Beers. There were seven entries (4 hefe's, 3 dunkels). Steve's submission took the prize and is headed for National Club Only Comps representing the club. Congrats and Good Luck Steve! MT's Treasurer's Report: Beginning balance $332.81. Dues revenue +$18. Expenses -200.00. Ending balance $150.81. Those who participated in the Oak Aged Impy Stout Big Brew owe the club $30 per 5 gallons for ingredients. Please see Mr. Tripka about payment arrangements. The October 21st meeting will be held at Keith's house. The Prez plans to do a special presentation on equipment paying particular attention to all-grain wares. If the weather cooperates, this will be an outdoor event. Please have your IPA's ready for judging in the Club Only Competition. The latest Homebrewer of the Year standing reflects the latest Wheat COC. Reigning champ Keith is in the lead with 28 points, Luke 20.5, MT 18.5, Steve 16, Tom T 5, Paff 2, Leo 2. Steve has the opportunity to add to his total by placing nationally with his wheat. Next chance to pick up points, the Smoke Beer Club Only Competition at the next meeting. The Garden State Craft Brewers Guild has designed a Passport Program, which can be stamped by visiting 12 different NJ brewpubs. JJ Bittings stocks the passports at the bar. See www.njbeer.org for details. A wide variety of beers were tasted. Dave brought samples of his American Lemon Wheat made with real lemon zest. Keith's Honey Maibock and Pale Ale, Jim's Porter, MT's Dark Lager, and Gene's Dry English IPA were all enjoyed as well. Luke brought a Left Hand Brewing Co's JuJu Ginger Beer back from Colorado. Paff's neighbor gave him a wonderful Polish Pils Hevelius Kaper that ran a sweet 9.1%. Keep cutting the old guys grass, Tom, so we can get more! The magnum opus of the evening had to be the first tasting of our own oak aged Whales Impy Stout. It's young but smacks of bourbon and vanilla. That's all folks!

Hoppy brewing.

-Luke, Pissoff Brothers Brewing Co. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------