2004 October Meeting Issue #72


The Official WHALES Newsletter and Minutes October 2004 Issue #072

Woodbridge Homebrewers Ale & Lager Enthusiasts Society Established 1996


Prez‘ equipment presentation, Leo selected to represent for IPA club only


* Meeting nite will switch to 3rd Tuesday of the month

* Brew Bash @Steves Nov 6th

* Split Rock Competition Nov 20th.

* December meeting at Climax Brewing

The WHALES held their 16 August meeting in the Prez’ garage on the smoothly graded Lillian Court. On hand were Keith, Janet, Dave, Tripka & Juliana, Gene, Crazy John, Mike McPipe, Leo, Steve, Luke, Orth & Harry.

All good things must come to an end. WE NOW MEET ON THE THIRD TUESDAY OF THE MONTH.

The 6th Annual Teach A Friend To Homebrew Day is Saturday November 6th. Steve and Dana will be hosting this time around. Brew outside and enjoy Whales comradery starting around 9AM. Steve will supply breakfast treats so bring something for the lunch grill.


Split Rock Resort (Harmony PA) is hosting the Great Brews of America Beer festival Nov 20 & 21st. This is one of the “Big Four” competitions to earn points towards the Whales Homebrewer of the Year Award. The festival (Sat. admission $23) features over 50 microbreweries, live bands, craft & artwork sales, good eats, and the competition itself. Saturday nite is the beer dinner ($45). Keith has procured less expensive off premises Whales accommodations for Saturday nite. For more info visit www.splitrockresort.com

Ms. Kim volunteered to take the drive to Split Rock to drop off submissions to the competition. Entries are due Nov 10th so the last chance to get your bottles to Kim will be at the November 6th Brew Bash at Steve‘s house. Thanks again Kim. *This comp is using the ‘99 BJCP guidelines. Go to www.bjcp.org to make sure your entries are submitted to the correct category.

The club judged the Club Only Competition for IPA‘s. There were four entries; Keith, Luke, Steve and Leo. Leo’s submission took the prize with a landslide vote and is headed for National Club Only Comps representing the club. Congrats and Good Luck Leo!

The Prez did a special presentation on equipment paying particular attention to all-grain wares. The informative lecture included the obvious to the most sophisticated stainless gadgetry. Keith was upfront about how his equipment has progressed through the years. It pays to make great beers as we heard “this was a competition prize” several times. Thanks to Keith and Janet for inviting us into their home (and their garage).

Harry brought some freshly picked hops. Born of the fertile soil of Fords NJ, Harry distributed cascades and kent goldings. The examples were fresh, but Harry has dried them in the attic for several days and then vacuum sealed them for longevity in the past. Mrs. Witt found a recipe for hop tea and whipped a batch for our meeting. I think we were all expecting liquid hop extract and instead it kinda tasted like tea...with a bitter hop finish.

Our December meeting (Tues 12/21) will be held at Climax Brewery in Roselle Park. Dave Hoffman has been gracious enough to offer us the use of his facilities (and maybe a tour?). Details and directions to follow in next month’s minutes. www.1stpage.com/climaxbrewing

Any ideas for the WHALES holiday party?? The last couple of years we have held this event in January at such fine establishments as The Jolly Trolley, The Office and Killmeyers.

Start putting together those Red recipes. The COC in January with feature (Category 9D) Irish Red Ales.

The Impy stout bottling party was held in Luke’s basement on 9/25. What a magnificent example of teamwork. Approximately 43 gallons of impy was bottled in every shape, way and form. Tunes were blasting, beer was flowing and when we were cleaned up we had a party! If anyone is interested in a half barrel as a planter, contact Luke.

The First Family’s annual Octoberfest Party was Saturday October 2nd. Paffrath didn’t bring his lederhosen but instead brought 3 kegs. More food than a Red Cross airlift made sure no one went hungarian. Oh yeah, there was some beer too. Great job Keith and Janet!

Leo and Kim took in the Riverhorse Brewing Octoberfest and treated themselves to the hi-octane Triple Horse. Prez and Luke visited the Harpoon Brewery Octoberfest in Windsor VT and drank dunkel, ate schnitzel and boogied to an oom-pah band with dozens of hairy VT hippies.

Luke distributed personalized Whale business cards to all attendees. Use them to network, recruit new members and pick up brew babes.

Lost and Found:

Save those White Labs tubes! We can collect them as a group for vouchers to get free yeast!

The 10th Annual Ciderfest will be held Nov 6-7 in Deerfield Mass. Master cidermaker Alan Tringham will be the honored guest speaker. Activities include discussions, tastings, cider pressing, orchard tours, tasting of apple varieties, cider, and food. The event offers workshops for cidermakers, pruning workshops for home orchardists, and cooking demos celebrating apples. Hard cider producers—amateur and commercial—find one another for fun and apple frolic. www.ciderday.org

The Riverhorse Brewery Chilifest tickets are now on sale ($25). The shining star of the Winter Festival in Lambertville/New Hope, the Chilifest is Sunday Feb 6th from 1-4PM. The Super Bowl is 6PM that nite. Wash down Lambertville’s best chili with Riverhorse beer and vote for your favorites. It will sell out so get the form at www.winterfestival.net and get tickets early.

The Homebrewer of the Year standing has Prez in front with 29pts, Luke 21.5, Tripka 20.5, Steve 17, Tom T 5, Paff 3 and Leo 2. Next chance to pick up points, the Split Rock Competition in November. A first place medal can earn you 5 points so it ain’t over yet!!

A wide variety of beers were tasted. Mike McC brought his still cider. Crystal clear and fermented with some funky belgian yeast. Orth poured his kolsch and his magnifo smoked porter. Oh yeah! Got to enter that baby in the Split Rock. We devoured Dave Mag’s Pumpkin Ale and Mike Trip’s Octoberfest which makes the leaves seem even brighter. Luke’s Brown Porter, The Prez‘ belgian triple, were enjoyed and Crazy John brought some of our Oak Impy. On the commercial side, Steve shared a Magic Hat Mardi Gras, Luke brought a Avery 14’er ESB back from Colorado and Leo brought a whole damn growler (which we killed) of The Pump House‘s Old Ale from Albany NY. Mmmmmmmmmm.

That’s all folks! Hoppy brewing.

-Luke, Pissoff Brothers Brewing Co.

Mr. Tripka “found” four stainless Pudweiser barrels. Harry will see if he can get them cut and welded. Free to a good home. Also, Pipe has a 20lb. CO2 tank looking for a home. Paff has a bundle of whole leaf Kent Goldings that was mistakenly shipped to Basil T’s. PLEASE contact Tom and take some.