2004 December Meeting Issue #74


The Official WHALES Newsletter and Minutes December 2004 Issue #074

Woodbridge Homebrewers Ale & Lager Enthusiasts Society Established 1996


The Prez wins Whales Homebrewer of the Year!!!, Tripka wins Best of Show (again)!!


* 2005 Club dues are $36...see Leo

* Holiday Party is 1/8/05 at Fox & Hound

* January Club Only Comp is category 9D Red Ales

* Big Beer Nite Friday January 21st - all barleywines all nite

The WHALES held their Tuesday 21st December meeting at the sexiest brewery in Roselle Park NJ...Climax Brewing. On hand were Dave Hoffman, Keith, Tripka & Juliana, Crazy John & man-friend Ken, Leo & Kim, Steve, Luke, Mike McPipe and sort-of-newbies Keith, Steve and Gary.

Thanks to Mr. Hoffman for his hospitality. Dave has been good to us through the years getting us supplies and supporting the club in general. Buy his damn beer. You won’t be disappointed. www.1stpage.com/climaxbrewing

Split Rock Resort (Harmony PA) hosted the Great Brews of America Beer festival Nov 20 & 21st. The Amazing Mr. Tripka took BOS for the second time in three years with his magnifo Robust Porter. Keith & Janet, Luke and Leo attended and were joined by Mr. & Mrs. Tripka when they heard the good news. Tommy Paff & Patty poured for Basil T’s and August, Mike and the whole gang was there for JJ’s . All in all, Whales took 5 gold and three bronze medals for our efforts. For more info visit www.splitrockresort.com

The Whales Holiday Party will be held at The Fox and Hound in Menlo Park Mall (where the Wiz use to be). Starts at 3PM on January 8th Saturday. The club buys you the first drink and after that you’re on your own. The F&H has a variety of taps and bottles sure to please the discerning palate. Hopefully Mike McCormick will wear his hi-top white rubber boots again to this years party.

Officers were nominated and elected for ‘05. Keith is The Prez, Luke is Recording Secretary and Leo is the new Treasurer replacing the soon-to-be relocating MT. Thanks to Mike for keeping the books in ‘04.

Congrats! to Keith Seguine, The 2005 Whales Homebrewer of the Year. The plaque is being readied as you read this, to be engraved and enshrine Keith in Whales Brewing immortality.

The COC in January with feature (Category 9D) Irish Red Ales. This is the first opportunity to earn points for 2005 Homebrewer of the Year Award. It’s a clean slate, kids. Don’t forget the War of the Worts X is coming up in February. This is the first of the “Big Four” competitions to earn points. The following COC is in Mar/April and features category 17 Sour beers.

In any competiton, be sure to note which guidelines they are using. The new BJCP numbers are revised and are likely to be used across the board in the future.

$$$$$$Treasurer’s Report from MT$$$$$$$ I wasn’t paying attention so we’ll just have to trust that Mike didn’t rip us off this month.

Keith suggested we buy hops in bulk again. It’s a great way to save money and have necessary ingredients on hand.

Anyone interested in doing a presentation at an upcoming meeting please see Luke to schedule. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy or lengthy, just informative and fun. MT is trying to hook us up with Dave Housemen for a lecture on evaluating beer in May.

Save those White Labs tubes! We can collect them as a group for vouchers to get free yeast!

The Riverhorse Brewery Chilifest tickets are now on sale ($25). The shining star of the Winter Festival in Lambertville/New Hope, the Chilifest is Sunday Feb 6th from 1-4PM. The Super Bowl is 6PM that nite. Wash down Lambertville’s best chili with Riverhorse beer and vote for your favorites. It will sell out so get the form at www.winterfestival.net.

Our own Kenny Schrader was featured in the Jan-Feb issue of Brew Your Own magazine. The brewer profile article penned by Kendall has a full colour pic and has some nice things to say about the Whales.

The 3rd Annual BIG Beer nite @Luke’s is Friday January 21st 7PM. All barleywines, all night baby! Take a look in that special hidden crate because this is the night to whip it out!

We have set a tentative date for a NYC pub crawl at March 12th. We’re heading to the Lower East side.

Now for the good part...the tastings. We started the night rather unconventionally with two meads. Keith’s Raspberry melomel took a 3rd place at Split Rock and Luke/MT’s Sweetmead (15%) was awarded 1st place. Gary had two fine donations, a pale ale and an American Brown which were a welcome change to the winter octane which dominated the flight. MT shared is Belgian Grand Cru and Dave Hoffman poured a 10-12 year old winter warmer back from the days when he had the homebrew shop. Both Steve and Gene brought Impy IPAs which reminds me...Bittings has our Whales Impy IPA on tap now! We finished the long winters night with two barleywines, Keith’s sweet almost apricot-ish offering and the MT’s Big Johnson. Thanks to all who contributed.

That’s all folks! Hoppy brewing and Hippo Hollydays.

-Luke, Pissoff Brothers Brewing Co.