2005 January Meeting Issue #75


The Official WHALES Newsletter and Minutes January 2005 Issue #075

Woodbridge Homebrewers Ale & Lager Enthusiasts Society Established 1996


Prez represents club in Red Ales Club Only Comp, Tripka’s BOS Porter on tap at Bittings soon!


* 2005 Club dues are $36...see Leo

* Son of a Big Beer Nite Friday January 21st at Luke’s

* War of the Worts X scheduled for Feb 19th

* Next Club Only Comp is Sour Beers for March/April

The WHALES held their Tuesday 18th January meeting at mission control, J. J. Bittings in Woodbridge NJ. Is the generosity of Mr. Cerami taken for granted? Whales unilaterally shake their heads, “No”. On hand were Orth, Prez, Tripka & Juliana, Crazy John, Leo, Steve, Luke, Mike McPipe, Keith, Steve, Gary, Neal & Gene. How ‘bout 14 beer guzzling mammals showing up on a frozen nite??

Heavyweight Brewing held an open house on 15th January at their Ocean Twp facility. Tom & Peggy poured their wonderful Cinderbock and Lunacy as the cast of characters brought food, drink and their own “lunacy”. The Open Houses are a great opportunity to get Heavyweight products at a reduced price and some specialty items are only sold at the brewery.

Networking news: Mr. Tripka spoke to Mr. Baker about the prospect of a brewing collaboration to be sold commercially. Possibly a rye beer or a spice concoction? The Prez talked to Mike from Pizzeria Uno and has made it a priority of his administration to hold a meeting sometime this year at that fine establishment.

The Whales Holiday Party was held at The Fox and Hound in Menlo Park Mall on January 8th. The F&H has a variety of taps and an affordable menu which pleased our collective palate. Lot’s of surprises were in store for attendees including an appearance by founding father Kenny Schrader with the neck of his “ka-blammo” carboy in tow. At the meeting, Whales were in agreement that the location, date and time were to our satisfaction.

In the wake of the December elections, there was the peaceful transition of power from Mr. Tripka to Uncle Leo for the Office of Treasurer. As the books were passed, I looked up and found more than one Whale wiping away a little tear. They were obvious tears of joy for Leo whose predecessors bought a BMW sport coupe and a new house during their respective terms.

The January Club Only Competition featured (Category 9D) Irish Red Ales. We had three submissions from Prez, Orth and Steve. It was an interesting blind taste test because there were two all-grains, one extract and three different yeasts. When all the votes were counted, it was Prez who jumped out to the early lead in the HBOY with a decisive victory. Good Luck to Prez and us!!

The next COC is in Mar/April and features category 17 Sour beers. The exact date is not set but check beertown.org for confirmation on this and future comps throughout the year. Category 17 is Berliner Weisse, Flanders Red Ale, Flanders Brown Ale, Straight Lambic, Gueuze and Fruit Lambic. Use the new BJCP guidelines for specs.

Don’t forget the War of the Worts X is coming up in February 19th at the Iron Hill Brewery in North Wales PA. This is the first of the “Big Four” competitions to earn points for Homebrewer of the Year. We are the defending two-time BOS winners so let’s flood this comp and kick some ass. The drop off window is 1/22-2/12 and Prez is working a hook to get our beers down there safely. He’ll be contacting us by email and the clubsite with the details. www.keystonehops.org

In any competiton, be sure to note which guidelines they are using. The new BJCP numbers are revised and are likely to be used across the board in the future. Go to www.bjcp.org to download a copy of the 2004 guidelines and style charts.

$$$$$$Treasurer’s Report from MT$$$$$$$ A starting balance of $366.47. We had no income but expenses (like the holiday party) left us a balance of $292.38.

Anyone interested in doing a presentation at an upcoming meeting please see Luke to schedule. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy or lengthy, just informative and fun. MT is trying to hook us up with Dave Housemen for a lecture on evaluating beer in April or May.

Save those White Labs tubes! Bring them to the Feb meeting where we will begin to collect them as a group under the supervision of Leo. We can earn vouchers to get free yeast from Dr. White!

The Son of a BIG Beer nite @Luke’s is Friday January 21st 7PM. Last man standing gets to tell the others what happened to their wallets. Bring a designated driver and barleywine. For directions email Luke at lkostu@yahoo.com or mapquest 669 Florida Grove Road, Perth Amboy NJ 08861

The Riverhorse Brewery Chilifest tickets are sold out! Several Whales plan to wash down Lambertville’s best chili with Riverhorse beer on StUpid BoWL Sunday from 1-4PM. www.winterfestival.net.

The Split Thy Skull Barleywine Festival at Mugs Ale House in Brooklyn is set for 5th March. Steve, August and ‘Lil Tommy Baker have all been there and say “Ouch- that hurts good”. No details are available yet but check www.mugsalehouse.com for the latest.

We have set a tentative date for a NYC pub crawl at March 12th. We’re heading to the Lower East side because the beers are tasty and the whores are cheap. Or is it the other way around? Yes, I’m a bachelor again.

The National Homebrewer’s Conference is June 16-18th in Baltimore Md. Includes conferences, brewclub activities and the biggie banquet where they announce the winners of the National Comps. Get funked up with Charlie Papazian! If you want to go, book your room ASAP...$99/nite at the Holiday Inn Inner Harbour. http://www.beertown.org/events/hbc/index.html

Tastings. Keith’s Hefe had a wonderful banana/clove nose. Wheats ain’t just for summer anymore, kids. Luke and MT‘s braggot (half beer/half mead) klunked in with 10.7% alcohol but you wouldn’t know it. Orth dished up a helping of pumpkin ale made with the real deal. MT’s pale ale was blessed with fresh hops grown in the fertile soil of Fords NJ by none other than Harry Witt himself. We closed the long winter’s night perfectly with three distinct IPA’s from Prez, Steve and Crazy John. Thanks to all who contributed.

That’s all folks! Hoppy brewing.

-Luke, Pissoff Brothers Brewing Co.