2005 February Meeting Issue #76


The Official WHALES Newsletter and Minutes February 2005 Issue #076

Woodbridge Homebrewers Ale & Lager Enthusiasts Society Established 1996


Club Only Comp Sour beers postponed until March meeting; Tripka’s BOS Porter on tap at Bittings now!


* March 15th meeting will be held at Pizzeria Uno

* War of the Worts X scheduled for Feb 19th

* Extract beer COC will be judged at the April meeting

The WHALES held their Tuesday 16th February meeting at the best brewpub in Woodbridge, J. J. Bittings. I’m sure I speak for all Whales when extending thanks to Mr. Cerami for his hospitality. On hand were Leo, Kim, Prez, MT, Juliana, Crazy John, Steve, Luke, Mike McC, Keith, Gary, Gene & Dave Mags.

OUR NEXT MEETING WILL BE AT PIZZERIA UNO on Rt. 1 Edison 8PM. Thanks to Brewer Mike for the invite. Please bring all homebrews covered in bag or box upon entry.

The next COC is in Mar/April and features category 17 Sour beers. The deadline in April 4th so we‘ll judge these at our March meeting at Uno. Category 17 is Berliner Weisse, Flanders Red Ale, Flanders Brown Ale, Straight Lambic, Gueuze and Fruit Lambic. Use the new BJCP guidelines for specs.

War of the Worts X was held February 19th at the Iron Hill Brewery in North Wales PA. This is the first of the “Big Four” competitions to earn points for Homebrewer of the Year. Special thanks to Prez for getting our 32 entries down there safely on the cheap. Details of who won what will be discussed at the next meeting and will be reflected in the next minutes. www.keystonehops.org

In any competiton, be sure to note which guidelines they are using. The new BJCP numbers are revised and are likely to be used across the board in the future. Go to www.bjcp.org to download a copy of the 2004 guidelines and style charts.

$$$$$$Treasurer’s Report from Leo. A starting balance of $616.38. We had no expenses.

Anyone interested in doing a presentation at an upcoming meeting please see Luke to schedule. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy or lengthy, just informative and fun. MT is trying to hook us up with Dave Housemen for a lecture on evaluating beer in April.

We had several contributors to the White Labs tubes collection box. Bring them to the next meeting and give them to Leo for safe keeping until we cash‘em in. We can earn vouchers to get free yeast or fun prizes from Dr. White! If we collect enough of them, Chris White will paint your house.

The spring Brew Bash is May 7th. We congregate at a central location, brew outside and eat/dring like...whales. Mark your calendar and start raking the yard because it’s YOUR turn to host it.

The Son of a BIG Beer nite at was a great success. Luke’s work comrade Glen brought a side by side tasting of a 7 year old McEwans Scotch Ale vs. the current vintage. The new stuff ain’t bad but the oldie was silky smooth with hints of plum and raisin. The rest of the night was all barleywines from Ocean Twp to Brooklyn to Chico and everywhere in between. Thanks to all who brought the goods.

The Riverhorse Brewery Chilifest took place on a crisp Superbowl afternoon. Attended by Prez & Luke and a host of non-Whale beer and chili friends. The people’s choice for best chili was the Porterhouse Restaurant and Brew Pub in Lahaska, PA. We ate tons of chili, washed it down with buckets of Riverhorse brew and rubbed up against people we hardly knew. Oh yeah. www.winterfestival.net.

HBOY report: Prez is out to an early lead with 2. Orth and Steve tied for second with 1. Yes, it’s early.

The Split Thy Skull Barleywine Festival at Mugs Ale House in Brooklyn is set for 5th March. Check www.mugsalehouse.com for the amazing (I mean AMAZING) beer list. Steve will be in contact via the clubsite with details about taking the train as a group.

The date for our NYC pub crawl is Saturday March 12th. We’re heading to the Lower East side to DBAs and Croxley’s Ale House. We’ll take the 11:53 train out of Woodbridge so we’ll meet on the platform. Questions should be directed to Luke.

Northernbrewer.com is taking preorders for hop rhizomes. You could also contact Harry Witt...he’s a nice hop growing guy and will probably give you some if you asked nicely.

The National Homebrewer’s Conference is June 16-18th in Baltimore Md. Includes conferences, brewclub activities and the biggie banquet where they announce the winners of the National Comps. Get funked up with Charlie Papazian! If you want to go, book your room ASAP...$99/nite at the Holiday Inn Inner Harbour. Entries for the first round of the nationals are due between 4/4-4/15. http://www.beertown.org/events/hbc/index.html

Tastings. Mr. Tripka opened the festivities with two offerings: a czech pils and a wit. Gary dished up a helping of chocolate hazelnut porter. Crazy John and Leo both offered an IPA even though John misspelled it on his label. We closed the fun with Prez’ stout recipe which was lagered. Is it more like a schwarzbier?? Let it be decided at the Nationals. Thanks to all who contributed.

That’s all folks! Hoppy brewing.

-Luke, Pissoff Brothers Brewing Co.