2005 April Meeting Issue #78


The Official WHALES Newsletter and Minutes April 2005 Issue #078

Woodbridge Homebrewers Ale & Lager Enthusiasts Society Established 1996


Club Only Comp Extract Beers; Crazy John may actually brew beer some day


* Big Brew, hosted by Keith Story, May 7th

* Buzz Off (May 21st) entries due May 1-15th

* Whales Annual Picnic June 11th...location TBA

The WHALES held their Tuesday 19th April meeting at the true oasis in the desert called Woodbridge, J. J. Bittings. We extend thanks to Mr. Cerami for his hospitality. On hand were Leo, Kim, Prez, Crazy John, SteveS, Luke, KeithS, Gary, Neal, SteveG, Gene & Dave Mags.

We say goodbye to our former treasurer Mike Tripka and his lovely wife Juliana who moved to South Carolina. Even if it’s brewed in SC, it’s still called Sayreville Nevada.

Our March meeting was held at Pizzeria Uno in Edison. Thanks again to Brewer Mike for the invite.

The spring Brew Bash is Saturday May 7th (rain or shine). You all grain’ers can show up anytime after 8AM at Keith Story’s house in PIScataway. Directions we given out at the meeting so if you missed it or need clarification contact Keith at (732) 878-1392. Prez will bring jugs of the two Bittings house yeasts to share: WLP001 and a German Lager (Thanks, August!). As usual, bring some food and beer to share. Errr, bring mostly beer.

The Buzz Off competition will be held May 21st at the Iron Hill Brewery in West Chester PA. This is one of the Big Four comps the Whales sanction to earn HBOY points. Entries are accepted May 1st- 15th. Luke has a work friend who lives in Bethlehem PA and will lug our entries and drop them off at Keystone Brewing Supply. Get them to Luke by May 8th or bring them to the Big Brew. http://hbd.org/buzz

Annual Picnic News: The date? June 11th. Place? We’re not sure yet. Prez, exhibiting presidential authority, demands an anniversary tasting of the Whales Impy. Who can deny a presidential credo? Maybe a side-by-side with Leo’s un-oaked extract version and Paff’s similar all grain.

We conducted an AHA sanctioned Club Only Competition for extract beers. Members are encouraged to brew a particular style and compete within the club. If you are selected, you send your entry to compete with other club winners from across the nation. You get a HBOY point for bringing an entry, one for being selected to represent the club, and you can also score for placing nationally. Who can forget Kenny’s triumphant national medal in the IPA category?

We had 7 entries from 6 brewers. Since extracts are not a beer style per se, we set it up light to dark and let the voters know what style the beer represented. We applaud Neal (Pils), KeithS (Wit), Prez (Amber), SteveG (Ipa), Gary (Dopple) and Gene (Eng Ale & Ipa) for their contributions and wish Gene the best of luck nationally with his IPA.

The next COC is in August and features category 16 Belgian/French Ales. The Sept/Oct COC is category 3 Euro Amber Lagers. By that we mean Viennas and Octoberfests. You gotta lager your lagers so you’d better get’em going soon. Use the new BJCP guidelines for specs.

$$$$$$Treasurer’s Report from Uncle Leo. A starting balance of $616.38. We had no expenses.

Bring your White Labs tubes and give them to Leo for safe keeping until we collectively cash‘em in. We can earn vouchers to get free yeast or fun prizes from Dr. White! If we collect enough of them, Chris White will tell you what Victoria‘s secret is.

HBOY report: Gene has moved out front with 8 points, Prez has 7 and Leo is a close third with 5. The rest of you slackers better get moving! These results include up to the April COC Extract beers. Next chance for points is the Nationals first round and the Buzz Off. Close your eyes and imagine the endorsement deals you’ll get when you are crowned Whales Homebrewer of the Year.

Prez was presented with a commemorative mug and engraved plaque for being 2004 HBOY. I gotta admit, it was a pretty damn cool mug. Thanks to Tripka for doing the legwork with the trophies.

The Whales be representin’ at the National Homebrewer’s Conference June 16-18th in Baltimore, yo. Includes conferences, brewclub activities and the banquet where they announce the winners of the National Comps. If you want to go, the Holiday Inn is booked but the good news is that it’s not the only hotel in Baltimore. FYI, we have 7 brewers with 17 total entries going into the Nationals. Good Luck! http://www.beertown.org/events/hbc/index.html

Tastings were lite this month due to the COC. Luke brought his Rye Wheat, or Frankenwheat because the recipe was tweaked into a state of unrecognizability. Dave whipped out his big...Molasses Porter. Thanks to all who contributed.

That’s all folks! Hoppy brewing.

-Luke, Pissoff Brothers Brewing Co.