2005 June Meeting Issue #80

Subject: June meeting

We had our meeting at JJ Bittings rooftop loft on a beautiful June night. Thanks Mike Cerami for the hospitality. In attendance Gene, Mike Orth, Dave, Luke, Leo and Kim, prez,Steve S., and the 4 king brewers, Gary,Seve, Neil,a nd Keith.
Topics discussed :The National Homebrew Conference in sunny downtown Baltimore
                           Where else can you go and have non stop homebrew flowing from
                            noon to past 1 am for 3 days. Thats right only at the national
                            conference the next conference will be in June 06 in Orlando Fla.
                            Besides all the beer flowing their was seminars on all different
                            subjects covering homebrewing. Thursday night was the Star
                            Spangeled brewfest, where commercial beers was poured, Friday
                            night was Club Night, where the homebrewers from 25 different
                            homebrew clubs from NY to Hawaii poured all types or brews from
                            impy stouts to ciders, meads.Saturday night was the Grand Banquet
                            where we sat down to a prime rib dinner with Rogue beers and watched
                            the 1st 2nd and 3rd placed winners go up and collect their medals and
                            winnings. If you ever get a chance to visit the innerharbor in Balitimore
                            you won't be disappointed.plenty of brewpubs, bars. restaurants, and a
                            ballpark, aquarium, museums to work up a good thirst.
We have about $ 660. in dues ,we are going to get  embroidered  WHALES shirts in the near future, Gary is working out the details. As always if you have any ideas for our meetings feel free to join in on any topic at all. It was mentioned that the WHALES get beached in Point Plesant NJ, lets set a date and do it .August the brewer at JJ's has always been suppling us with yeast ,so kick back and bring him some of your  homebrews, he also handed out some cleaner samples for the club, Thanks August!!!!!!! 
The beers of the night: prez, pale ale ,hefe and Luke with a fine cyser.
If you want to here live interviews with top brewmasters check out www.thebrewingnetwork.com.
I also handed out some paperwork about the importance of a good boil when you brew. From time to time I will be handing out other info about brewing.                                                                  CHEERS and have a HOPPY 4th !!!!!!!!