2005 October Meeting Issue #84

The Official WHALES Newsletter and Minutes October 2005 Issue #084

Woodbridge Homebrewers Ale & Lager Enthusiasts Society Established 1996



Prez is voter’s choice in the Baltic Porter Club Only

The shirts are here!  The shirts are here!



* AHA Teach a Friend to Brew Day Nov 5th at Paff’s

* CiderDay, Colrain Mass Nov 5th

* Great American Beer Festival at Split Rock Nov 19-20th



“I have never been drunk, but I have been overserved.”  -George Gobel


The WHALES held their Tuesday 18th  October meeting at J.J. Bittings, the Mecca of Malt.  Thanks to Mr. Cerami for putting up with us.  On hand were Prez, Paff, Crazy John, Luke, Neal, KeithS, SteveG, Gary,  SteveS, Gene,  Darin, Rob & Kristin and newbie Ian.


COC Category 3 Baltic Porters.   There were three fabulous club only entries for Category 12c.  Prez, Darin and Gary battled with Prez’ example definitively the taster’s choice.  All three will receive 1 HBOY point for entering with Prez getting an additional point for being selected the winner. 


The next COC will be Belgian Strong Category 18.  They will be judged at the January meeting and count for the ’06 HBOY.  The Mead COC will be in August ’06 so if you don’t have one, you’ll need get it going now.  Go to www.beertown.org for all the 2006 categories and dates.


Thanks to Gary for doing the legwork with our custom Whales shirts.  They were delivered at the meeting and hoo-boy are they beautiful.  The club paid for the digitization of the logo which will be kept on file for future items.  Dues paying members will got a $10 discount off the first shirt from the club treasury.   If you have picked up your previously ordered shirts please see Gary at the next meeting with cash in hand.


Darin and Luke are planning a run to Colrain, Mass November 5-6th to pick up 60+ gallons of blended cider for a club barrel fermentation project.  The 55 gal plastic food grade barrel has come from our friends at Avenel Steel Drum ($25) and the plan is to transfer to a Laird’s Applejack barrel when primary fermentation with Cotes de Blanc has settled down.


Tom & Patty Paffrath are hosting the AHA Teach A Friend to Homebrew Day (aka The Brew-Bash) on Saturday November 5th  in Rahway NJ.   It’s rain or shine.  Bring some grub and some brews.  Get some helpful hints and watch the masters all grain!


Split Rock is coming!!! Nov 19th-20th  at the resort located in Lake Harmony PA.  In addition to the nearly 50 breweries pouring, the event features one of the Whales sanctioned “Great Brews of America” competition on Saturday.    Looks like a large contingency of Whales will be present including last years Whales BOS winner Mr. Mike Tripka.  Entries for the homebrew comp are due at the resort no later than Thurs 11/17.  For more info go to www. Splitrockresort.com/beerfest  


Whales Homebrewer of the Year Report.  Thru and including the Vienna COC, the comprehensive standings are as follows;  Prez 17, Leo 12, Gary 10, Gene 10, Luke 7, KeithS 7, Tripka 7, SteveS 3, Neal 4, SteveG 4 and Orth 2.


Tom Baker of Heavyweight Brewing in Ocean Twp. has offered to do a community brew with the group early next year.  Prez gave Tom two written examples of Whales scripted Scotch Ales as a possible basis for recipe construction.


The Flight: 

In addition to the three Category 12c’s from the club only comp, we tried Darin’s Northern German Pils, Luke’s D-47 Mead, Ian’s first ever brew…a Brown Ale, a side-by-side Wiezen where Paff used forced and natural carbonation, Gene’s IPA and Paff’s Whales Impy recipe which was not barreled, but oak chipped.


That’s all Folks!  Hoppy brewing.

-Luke, CEO Pissoff Brothers Brewing Co.