2005 November Meeting Issue #85

The Official WHALES Newsletter and Minutes November 2005 Issue #085
Woodbridge Homebrewers Ale & Lager Enthusiasts Society Established 1996
Whales kick ass at Split Rock (again)!
December meeting location?…Bitting’s basement
* Heavyweight Open House Dec 4th 1-4 PM
* Whales Holiday Party January 7th 2PM, The Office- Bridgewater NJ
* The next Club Only, Belgian Strongs (Cat 18) will be judged at the Jan meeting
“Barleywine;  A torch-light procession marching down your throat.”  -John O’Sullivan
The WHALES held their Tuesday 15th  November meeting at J.J. Bittings, the Haven of Hops.  Thanks to Mr. Cerami for letting us continue, even after “the grape jelly incident”.  On hand were Prez, Paff, Harry, Luke, Neal, KeithS, SteveG, Gary,  SteveS, Gene,  Darin and newbie Mike.
If you remember Split Rock you probably weren’t there.  Nov 19th marked Lake Harmony PA’s annual Great Brews of America Festival.  In addition to the nearly 35 breweries pouring (including our own J.J. Bittings), the Whales flooded the homebrew competition with nearly 35 entries.  The festival was attended by Gene, Darin, Tom & Patty Paff, Prez & Janet, Leo, Luke, MT & Juliana, Gary, KeithS, Neal and Orth.   Since we will discuss the competition results at the next meeting they will not be listed here, but, we done well, kids.  Visit http://www.splitrockresort.com/beerfest/homebrew-competition.php for a complete listing of medal winners.
Thanks to Tom & Patty Paffrath for hosting the AHA Teach A Friend to Homebrew Day (aka The Brew-Bash) on Nov 5th .   All told,  we’ve got 62 gallons of new brew-a-bubblin’ as you read including a dopple, 3 porters (2 baltics), and an amber.
Contact Gary if you’re interested in getting in for the second round of Whales shirts.  We need at least a half-dozen to place another order.   Interest was very high after the sporty shirts hit the streets, so it looks like a re-order is gonna be happening very soon.
Darin and Luke picked up 109 gallons of blended cider for the club barrel fermentation and other projects at Ciderday ’05.   The fun included expert panel discussions, tastings, and culminated with a cider dinner.  Keynote speakers included the superhero triumvirate of Paul Correnty, Kenny Schramm and Paul Zocco.  Cotes de Blanc has just settled down in the big barrel and we are readying the Applejack barrel for racking.  If you still want in on the big barrel there is still one slot left for $20 as of this writing.
Whales Homebrewer of the Year Report.  Orth is forced out of the basement by the addition of a new name to the list;  Congrats to Darin on his first ever point.  He’s certain to be a force next year when the slate is clean.  Thru and including the Baltic Porter COC, the comprehensive standings are as follows;  Prez 19, Leo 12, Gary 11, Gene 10, Luke 7, KeithS 7, Tripka 7, SteveS 3, Neal 4, SteveG 4, Orth 2 and Darin 1.
The next COC will be Belgian Strong Category 18.  They will be judged at the January meeting and count for the ’06 HBOY.  The Mead COC will be in August ’06 so if you don’t have one, you’ll need get it going now.  Go to www.beertown.org for all the 2006 categories and dates.  Congrats to  Mike McGuire of Vienna, VA representing the The Wort Hogs who placed first nationally in the Baltic Porter COC.
Heavyweight Brewing in Ocean Twp. is hosting another Open House on Dec 4th from 1-4pm.  Let’s get down there and pick Tom’s brain about a Heavy Whales collaborative brew.  See http://www.heavyweight-brewing.com/ for more info.
The Whales Holiday Party is scheduled for Saturday January 7th at 2PM at The Office in Bridgewater.  Neal is working on securing us the secret room in the back.
The Flight: 
We began with First Lady Janet’s Peach Ale.  We then sampled Luke’s Cry for Help Kolsch, Darin’s (award winning) Octoberfest and Paff’s Weizenbock. From beyond the Mason-Dixon line came Tripka’s Big Johnson 3, a classic remake of the ’03 Split Rock BOS barleywine.   Then, the vinters took over.  Gene uncorked his 2002 Merlot, followed by Harry’s (yes, the dove guy) Cabernet and finished with Gene’s Syrah from ’03.  Not bad, rabbit.
That’s all Folks!  Hoppy brewing.
-Luke, CEO Pissoff Brothers Brewing Co.