2002 March Meeting Issue #40

WHALES Newsletter and Minutes                 March 21, 2002
by Kenny Schrader                                Issue # 040

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Preview: 310 gallons WHALES Brew, Barleywine Tasting Session

Quotes of month:
"Special B, is that a designer drug?"
"I have to be stuck here with brewers?"
"We have 300 cups, time for a beer!"
...after umpteenth barleywine "meeting to be continued..."
"If us Irish didn't drink whiskey we would rule the world!"

April 12th, Friday 7:30pm-
Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale Tasting at Luke's Garage.
Co-Hosted with Paul.  Enjoy the rustic charm of the garage
where Luke has been drinking beers since 10th grade.  Great
tunes, pizza, and various vintages including '97 thru '01!

April 18th, Thursday 7:30pm-
WHALES Monthly Homebrew Meeting, J.J. Bitting Brewpub.
Open meeting.  All discussions welcome.

May 04th, Saturday-
AHA Big Brew Maibock and Old Ale.  Harry might volunteer
his residence for Brew Bash.  Details to follow.

May 31st-
Drawing from Zymurgy renewals or first subscriptions.  The
ultimate prize: EVERY ZYMURGY magazine since 1978!

June 15th, Saturday-
WHALES Picnic/BBQ at Joe's swim club.

Month after month, year after year.. the WHALES Club strives
to deliver the enthusiasm needed to gain and maintain the
interest needed for Club endurance.  March 2002 blew away
any doubts.

March 09, 2002
This was Big Brew Day for the Club compliments of our host
J.J. Bitting Brewpub.  With the guidance of Brewmaster Brad,
an OK from owner Mike Cerami, and special help from Tom
Paffrath, the Club made a 10 barrel batch of Dunkel Weizen!
We had pooled ideas for our recipe at the February meeting.
J.J. Bitting Brewpub gave our Club the chance of a lifetime
to brew a batch on a professional scale!  The experience
gained by this is immeasurable.  With any luck, we made a
batch the establishment will be PROUD to serve to its
patrons in the near future.

Brew Day began at 10 AM, with coffee, doughnuts, and bagels.
Attendance was strong for this event!  Those helping out
during the day: Keith, Paul, Leo, Brad, Luke, Harry, Kenny,
Mike M, Mike T, Julianna, Patti, Paff, and Steve.  Also
attending was Kevin Traynor of Ale Street News.

Anyone come up with a name for this batch yet?  For now,
we'll refer to it as simply "WDW."

WDW Recipe:
110 lbs Marris Otter
150 lbs Schrier 2 row
250 lbs Crisp wheat
15 lbs Cara Munich
5 lbs chocolate malt
25 oz Hersbrucker hops 4.6% alpha at 90 minutes
18 oz Saaz hops 4.2% alpha at 40 minutes
1 barrel Weihenstephan yeast starter

WDW Procedure:
Mill grain at street level and air blow up to silo above
3rd floor brewhouse.  Use 40 gallons foundation water.
Set up sparge ball.  Mash in @11.03am.  ALL in @11:16am.
Tried for 173 gallons water at 176F to hit 152F mash temp.
Actually used 186 gallons H2O for 154F mash temp.  OK good.
Set up for recirculation (vorlaff) and attach pump to site
glass.  Switch hose to brew kettle.  Important: CHECK FOR
BIRDS IN BREW KETTLE!!!  Color seemed light for style in
site glass so before transfer decision was made to
increase color by caramelizing first barrel runnings.  OK
good.  Sparge at 166F at 8 minutes per barrel.  11:30am
weigh out hop bill and set up grain chute.  Total water
bill 416 gallons.  Sanitize loop to pump, chiller, and
line.  Clean mash tun down shoot.  Boil at 2:40pm and add
hops per recipe.  Monitor steam to prevent nasty boil over.
Whirlpool 4:10pm for 15 minutes and rest for another 15
minutes.  Hook up to heat exchanger and cool to pitching
temp.  Aerate and transfer to fermenter downstairs, clean
up.  Done 5pm.  Have a beer or few after cleanup.  CHEERS!
Thanks Brad for the pitchers of Bitter, Porter, and Steam!
The WDW came in right on target at 13.5* Plato.  Nice job!

Note: As most of the Club was gathered this day, it was a
perfect time to  vote in the Club's entry for the AHA Club
Only Porter Competition.  Results:  (4) Harry, (7) Tripka
Tough call, great job by the brewers! WTG Tripka and Harry.

The March 2002 WHALES Club Homebrew meeting took place in
the main dining room of J.J. Bitting Brewpub Thursday the
21st.  ATTENDANCE: Keith, Mike M, Brad, Steve, Paul, Luke,
Joe, Tom, Leo, Julianna, Mike T, Brian, Harry, and Kenny.

President Kieth called the meeting to order, and brushed
us up on some important dates above.  The April '02
meeting is wide open, anything goes!  Luke has plans to
do a future presentation about "Beers of One Country."
Luke and Paul are also hosting the Celebration Ale
Tasting.  Joe has the picnic/bbq under control.  Beer
review of an 8 year old Divorce Court Impy Stout was
released from Rhode Island.  Tripka was voted in by the
Club to represent us in the AHA Porter club only comp and
his beer has been sent UPS.  Thanks, Mike.  Joe passed
out an EXCELLENT hand-out on sanitizing with Iodophor.  A
fantastic article about proper no-rinse sanitation
procedures.  Luke thrilled the crowd, and proudly so, with
a CD burn-in of WFMU 91.1 X-Ray Burn's Radio Show high-
lighting Bomber Bottles of Luke's Homebrew WEISS!  Luke sent
his package to the beer lover DJ which arrived at the radio
station and was marked 9/13 as a "suspicious package" after
the 9/11 attacks.  Upon carefully opening and imbibing the
contents, they LOVED it!  Oak Tree Liquor Locker ordered 6
cases of the 24% Triplebock going at $100 per bottle.

SPECIAL PRESENTATION by Paff: "Barleywine"-
We all know that beer has 4 main ingredients, right?
(water, barley, hops, and yeast)  Well, when it comes to
barleywine there is a 5th ingredient... TIME!  Tom spoke
briefly about the history of barleywines and similarities
to strong ales.  The differences between East and West
Coast barleywines.  How taxes played a major role in this
fine beverage since alcohol content was taxed in England.
Go for 2 hour boils, delay hop additions to last 60 minutes.
Lower beta hop is better for barleywines.  Lower beta tends
to mellow nicer.  Check the book by Dick Cantwell.

-----------ULTIMATE TASTING SESSION  ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!----

1)  Homebrew Spring Wheat from Mike M-
A GREAT way to begin the session.  Everyone
loved this beer with classic banana nose.
Made with Weihenstephan yeast.
2)  Homebrew Nut Brown from Joe-
Good easy drinking brown with even balance.
The group liked it although it was not one of
Joe's favorites.
3)  Homebrew Maple Porter from Leo-
Leo used 1.5 lbs maple syrup for this 5 gallon batch.
Big frothy head.  Fermented at 68-70 F.  Primed with
molasses and maple syrup on Christmas Eve 2000.  Has
a dry finish.
4)  Homebrew Pig Porter from Harry-
Nice beer and with a BIG TEAR from his eye, Harry
generously shared and retired the last two bottles
of the batch!
5)  Homebrew Snow Goose Clone from Keith-
An American Pale Ale with Chocolate Malts and a
balanced bittering from Horizon and Crystal hops.
6)  Homebrew Moose Juice Barleywine from Luke-
According to Luke, "The best beer EVER!"  This baby
won an AHA third place!  Bottled October of 2000,
Luke figures it to be 7.4% with an OG of 1088 and
a FG of 1030.  Great job on this American style
barleywine hopped with 6.5 oz of Cascade and
7)  Homebrew Barleywine from Tom-
Good effort by Tom on this HIGHLY alcoholic brew!
Big turbo boost burn with afterburners to boot!
Paff fermented this rocket fuel all the way down
to 1016 final gravity which is some feat.  Lots
of healthy yeast and good aeration, to be sure.
8)  2002 Old Nick Barleywine from Tom-
The sign-in sheet looks like 2002, but Luke's
notes have it as 2001?  This 7.5% British style
was buttery and lemon tasting.  Butterscotch.
Joe thought "it tastes like mango."
9)  2000 Monster Barleywine from Tom AND Paul-
10) 2001 Monster Barleywine from Paul-
When we had vintages of the same barleywine but
different years, we did side by side tastings.
Nobody except the pourer knew which beers were
which so these were truly "blind" comparisons.
What an awesome way to taste beers!  First of
all, thanks for sharing.  These Brooklyn Brewery
beers are not cheap at $6 per 12 oz bottle!  The
2000 Monster was NO comparison to the 2001.  We
wondered if they were both from the same recipe?
The '00 was GREAT, and mellow for 11.8% abv.
The '01 was harsh, young and VERY "British."
11) 2000 Old Salty Barleywine from Paul-
12) 2001 Old Salty Barleywine from Tom-
Another blind side by side tasting of these BIG
beers from Heavyweight Brewery.  Paul's '00
version were bottles with no labels from an open
house Tom Baker had at the brewery.  It was not
carbonated back then, and it has never carbonated
since.  It is not uncommon for barleywines to be
flat due to the high alcohol content which kills
off the very yeast that creates it!  The 2000
weighed in at 11% abv.  Luke noted the 2001 was
maltier and that the Old Salty is American style.
The 2001 is made with 8 malts, also 11%, and was
"born on" April 20th.  It also has a very low
carbonation.  Interesting that Paul's bottles
without the labels also had "twisty" tops!
13) 1998 Old Horizontal Barleywine from Paul-
14) 1999 Old Horizontal Barleywine from Tom-
15) 2000 Old Horizontal Barleywine from Tom-
The Old H is made by Victory Brewing.  All 3
vintages were very similar, leading us to believe
the recipe has not changed much.  Each are a TKO
at 11% alcohol by volume!  Generally, the older
the better but the '00 just might have aged more
gracefully than the '99 in this case.
16) 1998 Millenium Barleywine from Kenny-
This huge beer from Dominion Brewery in Virginia
was bottled 02/19/98.  Extremely well crafted
brew, very smooth and with a burn at the end.
Paff drank a glass of water after this puppy!
17) 2000 Immort Ale Barleywine from Tom-
From Dogfishhead Brewery, this beer ages well at
11% abv.  This rich delight packs warmth along
with notes of maple, vanilla, and oak.  A beauty!
18) 1998 Bigfoot Barleywine from Kenny-
19) 1999 Bigfoot Barleywine from Paul-
20) 2001 Bigfoot Barleywine from Keith-
A tremendous American Barleywine from one of the
Club's favorite breweries, Sierra Nevada, CA.
Hoppy American Classic.  The younger, the hoppier!
In side by side comparison tastings, the older the
Bigfoot, the bigger feet it had.  The 1998 was a
treat.  Candy-like and mellow.  Smooth and warm.
ALL years are superb, but generally the older the
21) 2001 Old Crustacean Barleywine from Tom-
When Tom pulled this out, the Club's chin dropped.
We are all used to those little teeny weeny tease
bottles of this Rogue Brewery ale, yet here Paff
comes out with some 12 oz fullbies!  This beer is
hopheads agreed, this American style is so super
hopped up, it was born to age.  Packed with oxygen
absorbing caps, this 10 ingredient fire juice
clocks in at 26 degrees Plato and 120 IBU's!

Once again, SPECIAL thanks to Brad and Tom for making
the WHALES Dunkel Weizen happen.  Thanks also to J.J.
Bitting Brewpub for the souvenir pint glasses!  Thanks
to all that brought in samples to share with the group.

Kenny/Divorce Court Brewery Labs