2000 July Meeting

WHALES Newsletter and Minutes         July 20, 2000
Recording Secretary: Kenny Schrader
by Keith Seguine and Paul St Marie, edited by Kenny Schrader

Keith writes:

"Just a briefing on our last meeting-Attendees: myself, Tom P, Paul St., Joe B, Mike Mc, Dave Hoffman.
We had some good beers and had a good talk about beers using herbs with Dave Hoffman's experiences and his overwhelming knowledge of beer history. We had a great discussion about making narcotic and hallucinogenic beers! To be continued at another time with Timothy Leary ??????? Cheers!"

Paul writes:
"... very small turn out. Just me, Keith, Joe, Mike, Tom, and Climax Dave. It was just me and Keith until well after 8:00, the rest came late. ...pretty much just drank some samples that were brought in, and of course Dave's stories. ...Maybe we can get some people together before the next meeting and go out for a few pints somewhere. Let me know...!

edited by Kenny Schrader/Divorce Court Labs Brewery