1999 March Meeting

WHALES Newsletter and Minutes         March 18, 1999
Recording Secretary: Kenny Schrader


ATTENDEES: Keith Seguine (President), Tom Paffrath (Treasurer), Dave McMahon, Diane McMahon, Mike Tripka, Juliana Tripka, John Fox, Pat Fox, Kenny Schrader, Mike McCormick, John Mazzoca, Luke Kostu, John Eisenstein, Paul St. Marie
Keith and Tom have been working very hard trying to get the prizes donated for the WHALES First Annual Gold Medal Homebrew Competition which is scheduled for April 11, 1999. Tom has gotten hops and shirts for prizes. Keith will be hitting up the local brewpubs for stuff (Jersey Jim's, Basil T's, etc...). Dave suggested making up WHALES T-shirts for prizes but there was some reservation that WHALES T-shirts should be for members only. Keith has REAL MEDAL medals for the winners, a VERY nice prize! (I tried to buy some off him but he wouldn't sell any.)


There is the potential that this competition will draw a very large number of entries. One factor that will contribute to the success of it will be the open invitation to "all" homebrewers, and other clubs. Entries can be dropped off or "MAILED" in to JJ Bittings. Other DROP OFF points are U-Brew/South Orange, Hop & Vine/Morristown, Brewers Gold/Eatontown, and Princeton Homebrew Supply/Princeton.


Entry forms, bottle labels, and style guidelines were passed around by Keith. If anyone has any questions on how to fill out the forms, or needs additional forms, just ask. Remember to "black-out" your bottlecaps! Also, American pale ales must have American hops, and English pale ales must have English hops. Be sure you enter the right category!


Volunteers were/are needed for STEWARDS. The job of the steward is to make sure the AHA judges have everything they need to do their job. Stewards are responsible for openers, glasses, pencils, score sheets, ice, dump buckets, water, crackers/bread. Also, keep and serve the beer at proper temperatures along with all the running around. And, to proofread the score sheets and cover sheets for names, styles, numbers, addition of scores, and legibility after the judges have finished judging.


The job of a STEWARD sounds like fun! The following people not only raised their hands to volunteer, but also signed a legal and binding document to BE THERE at 9:15AM SHARP! (hey, anything for a free bagel, right?) WHALES STEWARDS: Pat Fox, Julie Tripka, Kenny Schrader, Tom Paffrath, John Mazzoca, Mike Tripka. Note: Tom will be opening Bittings that Sunday, and we will most likely be entering thru the KITCHEN ENTRANCE (back door).


Entries will be accepted from March 23 to April 2 ONLY! GOOD LUCK TO ALL! Now, for other stuff... ---->>


Keith is selling raffle tickets to the GABF (Great American Beer Festival) in Colorado. You can win a trip for two that includes air fare, hotel, tours, 2 lunches, and 1 dinner. The GABF takes place October 7-10, 1999. This is a $1500 value and profits go to the Tomorrows Children's Fund. Raffle tickets cost $10, and the drawing is June 15.


May 1st is NATIONAL HOMEBREW DAY! This falls on a Saturday, and is nicknamed Big Brew 99. Basically this is just a good excuse to get everyone together to drink beer and make some homebrew! This COULD be the day of another WHALES group batch. Details to be discussed.


Spring is here! With the warmer weather just around the corner, it was discussed that future meetings may be moved back to the JJ Bittings rooftop. Ahhh, a breath of fresh air during meetings couldn't hurt!!


Is anyone entering the AHA National Competition? I jotted down a quick note that someone mentioned entries to be in between 3/29 and 4/9 to Philly. Details can be found at the website: "beertown.org".


Yet another competition, and really the IMMEDIATE one upon us, is the NetWort IV competiton on the internet which I have been pestering you about. From the Club, Tom Paffrath and Kenny Schrader entered. This competition is the ONLY one of its kind that judges post the results almost immediately "on-line". The results of this NATIONAL AHA competition can be found at the web site http://www.cmg.net/belgium/clubhub/ Be sure to check on in and wish Tom and I luck! I'm VERY positive that we will make the WHALES Club both honored and respected with some winning entries. Fingers crossed!


Special thanks to Mrs. McMahon for attending! Diane (spelling?) is resonsible for designing the very popular WHALES logo, as seen on the WHALES website. "Sausage Guy" Dave (Mr. McMahon) has been talking of producing T-shirts with the WHALES logo for some time now. A very serious discussion was brought up on the side lines about replacing the cigar in the whale's hand with a beer bottle. Some like the cigar, some like the revision. What do you think? hmmmm.... Dave said he would look into having shirts done professionally, although he has the capability to do them at home as well.


John and Pat Fox distributed copies of some very kewl beer happenings in the area! They will be going to the "Celebrate the Millennium in Style" event at Stoudt's in PA. Sounds like a great New Years BASH! (Let's hope the Y2K bug is a myth!!!)


The Fox's also offered info on Philly Fest '99 at Poor Henry Ortlieb's scheduled for May 8th. Again more Stoudt's info on Micro '99 and the 8th Great Eastern Invitational Micro-brewery Festivals. Those Fox's just love to party!


If you read all this already, it may seem to you by now that I sure don't mind typing my ass off about ANYTHING about beer!! Ha! I just LOVE it! And now, let's get to the homebrews we enjoyed thru-out the meeting...


Dave McSausage started off the night with a beer called "Pretty Bad Ale." He says it was brewed with Diesel Fuel. We all quickly agreed! McMahon makes the VERY best beef jerky, turkey franks, knockwurst, and bratwurst. He is NO stranger to the kitchen, and We all have hope for his making a decent brew one of these days. <> hehe


The Club sampled D I V O R C E R A T O R. A Dopplebock from DC Labs. Good reviews. MIKE TRIPKA brought a beer he made called "Basic Stout". This stout was in my opinion a damn good one. John and Pat had a Winter Warmer, very tasty! Keith is a sick man. He made a Porter that had a pound of roasted cashew nuts tossed into the secondary. Keith is a nut, but I swear, that porter was dang good! Mike McCormick brought bomber size bottles of his Dortmunder and Brown Ales. Thanx Mike, you know yer stuff! To top off the eve, Mr. Seguine found a lost bottle of the Big Brew Bash Amber (on it's way out), and get this, a BELGIUM DOUBLE! The Belg kicked, good stuff.


John Eisenstein got a rousing round of applause from the Club, when he announced this Thursday night was his last night. The applause was for appreciation of his fine efforts and help with the Club, and not for his leaving. The Club is deeply sad to see John go. The Club sees this as an opportunity for John, in a situation closer to his home. John will be one of the brewers at Appalacian now, and we wish him well! In his final good-bye John said "...Homebrewers are the strength of the craft brewing industry. Keep doing what you do or the dream will die." Cheers, John


These minutes respectfully submitted by Kenny Schrader.