1999 January Meeting

WHALES Newsletter and Minutes         January 24, 1999
Recording Secretary: Dave Balistrieri

7:30pm: Meeting called to order by Keith
A: Dues are $24.00/per year.
B: We must decide on the latest date by which dues are to be paid.

A: Some members are paying $2.00 per meeting.
C: Club competition.
A: April is a possible date, with the second sunday a FIRM time.

7:40pm: Competition:
A: Keith, Tom and John (the brewer to run it)

A: Drop off point for bottles.
B: Volunteers are needed.
C: Entry fee: $5.00 per entry.
B: Guest speakers in the future from:
A: Flying Fish brewery
B: Pizziera Uno.

7:47pm: Keith: New members.
A: Place a sign by the bar to attract new members.

7:49pm: Mr. Loft
A: Brew Gram/web site.
Keith on various competions
A: Next AHA competition is in the Belgian style
B: AHA on the road.
C: Best of Brooklyn.
7:58pm: Kenny Scrader:
A: Net Wort Competition.


At approximately 7:59pm we commenced with a tasting of the "Big Brew" beers. Tom, Keith, and Paul still had samples left and I (Dave Balistrieri) did not have any left. Brewers specifics were discussed and in my humble opinion the most organized tasting occured... CONGRATS!!! I felt there was a noticeable improvement in the attention that was paid to the people speaking and the tasting went very smoothly...
I will not be at the next meeting so Kenny Schrader will be taking the minutes at the next meeting.... It was great to see all of you there and I look forward to seeing all of you again in March...

Take care one and all, respectfully submitted: Dave Balistrieri