1998 December Meeting

WHALES Newsletter and Minutes         December 17, 1998
Recording Secretary: Dave Balistrieri

7:13pm-Meeting is called to order by Keith:

  1. "Big Brew results.
    A: A brief summation of the club brew that occurred in November.
    B: Participants were: Host: Keith, Paul, Tom, Baloo
  2. Meeting Time:
    A: A new starting time for meetings will go in effect starting a the next meeting: 7:30pm. This is a FIRM time that will be strictly adheared to.
  3. Members who have email capablities will receive a list of email addresses to help with communication.
  4. "War of the Worts":
    A: AHA club competitions
    A: To get the club to brew together to brew more often.
    B: 6 times a year, doing various expressions of the brewing craft/art.
7:25pm- Homebrew Supplies:
  1. Joe can still get us supplies in bulk through his distributors.
  2. Robert Reid will get supplies from Hop & Vine in Morristown if anyone needs something, he can be had @ 908-647-1900. Some notice is needed.
7:30pm- Next meeting- Keith:
  1. A roster of members will be drawn up.
  2. Dues in the amount of $24.00 per year will be charged to cover costs, of cups for tastings, and various expenses incurred with the running of the club.
  3. Tom Pafrath is elected treasurer.
7:35pm- John the brewer:
  1. Set up club competition at Bittings, open to all New Jersey brew clubs per Joe Barcus.
  2. George to round up some judges for said competition.
  3. Target date for this will be in March with "open" styles.
7:45pm- Approx time of tasting:
  1. Tastings commence.
7:50pm- Meeting unofficially closes.


In my humble opinion meetings still need more structure. It is getting there. However I see a need to keep things in further order.

Tastings are hap-hazard at best. I think we need to designate those who will bring beer to taste so we can concentrate on 1 or 2 beers instead of a table full. This should be decided at the previous meetings and should anyone bring extra beer it should be tasted after the designated one are or after the meeting is over.

These are my opinions and they may not reflect those of the club.

The minutes are respectfully submitted by Dave Balistrieri