2014 June Meeting #188


June 2014 Meeting Newsletter #188

The June 2014 WHALES meeting was held on June 17th at JJ Bitting in Woodbridge, NJ.  29 members and 3 guests were in attendance.

Opening Remarks

President Brad opened the meeting sometime around 8:00pm (I was late so I'm not sure exactly when).

Recap of Recent Events

  • Philly Beer Week was held on Friday, 30-May-2014 through Sunday, 08-Jun-2014 through the Philadelphia area.

  • The poll on the WHALES webpage proposing the pre-approval up to $500 toward items needed to complete the club brewing system ended on Saturday, 31-May-2014 with 33 yea’s and zero nay’s.
  • The Brooklyn Bar Hop (aka, Operation Brooklyn Freedom) took place on Saturday, 07-Jun-2014. A contingent of WHALES attended and enjoyed the event.
  • The AHA’s National Homebrew Conference was held Wednesday, 11-Jun-2014 through Saturday, 14-Jun-2014 in Grand Rapids, MI. A contingent of WHALES attended and enjoyed the event.
  • A steering committee meeting was not held this month, as there were no new issues to discuss at this time. 

Upcoming Events / Reminders

  • The WHALES picnic will take place on Saturday, 21-Jun-2014 at Brad and Jen Jones’s house in Hillsborough, NJ. Please see the forum thread for details.

  • The Garden State Craft Brewers Guild Beer Fest will take place on Saturday, 28-Jun-2014 on the Battleship New Jersey in Camden, NJ.

  • The next WHALES Club Only Competition will be in July and the category will be "Low-gravity - Examples: Ordinary Bitter, Scottish Light, Mild, and Berliner Weisse".

  • Keystone Homebrew Supply will be hosting another Club Barrel Brew Championship on Saturday, 19-Jul-2014 at their store in Montgomeryville, PA with all entries being judged at Philly Beer Week in April 2015. Please see the forum thread or the project coordinator (Jay B) for details.

  • Ommegang’s “Belgium comes to Cooperstown” beer fest will take place on Friday, 08-Aug-2014 and Saturday, 09-Aug-2014.

  • The club library and club equipment inventories are being updated in the “checkout” forum threads. Please see the “checkout” forum threads or the club librarian (Keith S) and the club equipment steward (Gary W) for details.

Project Update

  • Dennis' Oaked Sour Blonde Project -- Brewed on Sat, April 12, and was racked into the oak wine barrel on Fri, May 16th.  see forum for details
  • Bobby's Lambic Solera Project -- Jay B, Frank, & Sergio M brewed the second 15g exchange Tues, April 22, and are currently coordinating the barrel exchange.  The barrel needs to be moved from Bobby's basement.
  • Joe S & Gary's Red Wine Project -- currently going through Malolactic fermentation and aging in Gary's cold room.  We need to try the wine and see if oak levels are good.
  • NEW PROJECT - We will be participating in the Keystone Barrel Brew Championship on Sat, July 19, 2014 in Montgomeryville, PA.  see forum for details

Competition News

  • The next WHALES Club Only Comp will be at the July meeting and the criteria is "low-gravity".  Get em ready.
  • 2014 WHALES CoC schedule:
    • Jan - Anything Belgian (done!)
    • April - Hop Showcase (done!)
    • July - low-gravity
    • Oct - beverage ferm with at least 10% fruit or honey

Steering Committee Updates

  • SC last met 5/6 at Nic's Wunderbar in Whitehouse Station, NJ.
  • Actively discussing how to distribute Keystone barrel project beers among members.
  • Always seeking volunteers to plan or assist with club activities in 2014.


  • Two members of the Cranford Elks Lodge talked about a comp they will be running on 27-Sept-2014 -- see attached flier for details

Tasting of some WHALES Witbiers brewed at the May big brew

  • Dustin - Ahtanum hopped saison (WLP565)
  • Matt P - Apricot Amer Wheat
  • Tim W - (Yeast Bay)
  • Bobby - (WLP400)
  • Brian Y - (WLP400)
  • Brad & Jen - (Wyeast Witbier)
  • Jon M - (WLP575)
  • Craig - (WLP400) 


There were 4 beers in the flight:

  • Shawn M (visitor) poured an American IPA 
  • Tim W poured a sour saison
  • Jay D poured a chardonnay infused with Citra hops
  • Brian E poured an English Brown

-respectfully submitted by Jay B, WHALES Secretary