2013 December Meeting #182

Whales Meeting Minutes and Newsletter for December 2013, Issue #182

Opening Remarks:

The meeting was kicked off at about 8:15pm by President Brad. There was a short turnout of about 23 Whales and 2 guests.

Appetizers for this month only and pitchers of water at every table for future club meetings

Per Bylaws, Renewal dues are due at the December meeting the latest.

The nominees for 2014 club leadership have been solidified as of the close of the Novemeber meeting and are as follows: Bradley Jones (president, current), Jay Buchanan (secretary, current steering),

Jay Desimone (2nd term treasurer, current treasurer), Joe Januzzi Jr (steering existing),

Bobby Mierzejwski (steering, current secretary), Keith Story (steering existing),

Gary Weston (steering existing), Jennifer Jones (steering new), and Craig Easton (steering new).

President, Secretary, and Treasurer spots are locked in now since they were uncontested.

Changes made since last meeting. Joe J and Jen J withdrew their nominations for steering committee so Bobby, Gary, Keith, and Craig are the WHALES steering committee members for 2014.

WHALES club librarian will be changing from Dave Newman to Keith Story. Another big thanks to Dave for all of his work over the years as the club librarian.

Ron @ Love2Brew raffle giveaway

Keith Story 50/50 for family need during the holidays

Charitable event at holiday party in January (details TBD at next SC meeting)

Steering committee has drafted some basic plans and/or ideas for club activities in 2014 including the following:

Seibel Off-Flavor tasting kits (starting in February - 6 sessions / 4 samples per session)

We held a 50/50 to raise money to provide some gifts for underpriveldged children this holiday season.


Jan 18 - Whales Holiday Party at Rahway Italian-American Club (noon to 4ish?) MEMBERS ONLY

Jan 21- WCOC Any Belgian Comp Judged

Feb 1 - Multi-club Mixer at Princeton Homebrew Shop (Trenton) see discussion forum.


Bobby's Lambic Solera - Boyle Brothers will be bottling their first exchange 15 gallons in the newly acquired Belgian bottles. Jay B and Frank will be brewing the next exchange in January. The barrel contents haven't been tasted since July.

Craig's Belgain Dark Strong in a Bourbon Barrel brewed on September 14th, racked the beer into the barrel on October 19th and it's doing its thing.

Joe S. and Gary's Wine Project was going through malolactic fermentation at the time of the meeting.

We had a tasting event at this meeting which allowed members to compare The Whales Bourbon Barrel Russian Imperial Stout (both batch one and two) against Goose Island's Bourbon County Stout which was the commercial beer the project batches were to be clones of. The majority agreed that all three beers were great but found batch 1 to be closests to the original. Batch 2 was noted to be a little more bitter and/or astringent due to recipe compensations. On the flip side, it's also a younger beer.

Competition Corner:

HBOY standings: Boyle Brothers finished the year in 1st place with 88 points. Craig E just barely edged out Sergio M for second place with 22 points.

Whales Club Only Comp (WCOC): Remember, the steering committee set the October WCOC to German Beers, the January 2014 comp to "Any Belgian", and April "Hop Showcase". Complete 2014 schedule will be finalized at the January SC meeting.


Bobby and Frank each brought their share of a Pliny clone that was brewed at Big Brew but fermented separately. Joe Jannuzzi Sr poured an IPA, Ron and Mark shared a traditional Bock, Brian Evans had a Winter Warmer with spices, Brian Spence Wee Heavy, Sergio (Melovino) Moutella brought apple tart and prickly pear meads, and finally Gary had a Cinnamon and Vanilla Apple Port. That's nine total, which is great for such a small turnout of members.

Next Meeting:

Bring your Belgian beers for our internal competition. If you haven't renewed your dues, bring cash.

I was honored to serve the Whales as secretary this past year but I must give it up to retain what sanity I have left. Cheers!