2013 October Meeting #180

Whales Meeting Minutes and Newsletter for October 2013, Issue #180.

The October meeting was kicked off at 8:15pm at our home base of JJ Bitting as usual. A rather unpresidented low turnout of only 20 members were in attendance (out of 52) if the sign in sheet is correct (I think it is). We had no visitors either. Brad was out of town again so Joe Jannuzzi dropped rhymes all night.


Nov 2 - AHA Learn to Brew Day - Love2Brew hosting.

Nov 2-3 - Ciderdays.org cider festival in Greenfield, Mass.

Jan 18th - Whales Holiday Party at Rahway Italian-American Club


JD's Sour Belgian Dark Strong with Cherries was distributed to shareholders on October 9th. We hope to taste it at a future meeting!

Bobby's Lambic Solera had its first exchange in late July. The Boyle brothers brewed 15 gallons in June, fermented out in a demijohn, and brought it over to Bobby's place. The 15 gallons that came out of the barrel was racked directly on to two large cans of Black Currant juice and will be aged for a while before bottling and distributing to shareholders in Winter.

Craig's  Belgain Dark Strong in a Bourbon Barrel project was brewed on September 14th with no problems. Shareholder attendance was said to be strong and that's very much appreciated. Gary W tracked down a Bourbon barrel at Gino Pinto in Hammonton for $125 just in time. They racked the beer into the barrel on October 19th and it's doing its thing until...

Competition Corner:

HBOY standings:

Boyle Brothers in 1st place (duh) with 71 points to date including the 6 points awarded for their first place Octoberfest placement in the club's first ever internal theme-specific beer competition. If you don't recall, every other meeting or so we would have judged beers for the AHA club only competition which as since been cancelled.

In a very distant second place with 18 HBOY points is Sergio Moutella.

Since Valhalla was cancelled this year, Stoney Creek is the last chance for HBOY point in November. We know no one is capable of catching the boil brothers but second place is certainly up for grabs with a good showing at this smaller comp. Good luck!


coming soon


The poll for lowering the dues closed and the proposal passed 24 to 9 which is now reflected in the current edition of the bylaws which can be found in the official business section of the website. The poll for allocating money for club hats and taster cups also closed and the spending was approved. The hats have been ordered and may be in for the November meeting. Nominations for 2014 club leadership are open and will close by the end of business at the November meeting. Please consider stepping up into the leadership role for 2014.