2013 September Meeting #179

Whales Meeting Minutes and Newsletter for September 2013, Issue #179.

OK. The meeting happened apparently but due to your president and secretary both being out of town for it, it was rather casual and undocumented. There have been rumors of several members reenacting an episode of the Three Stooges. You know the one where they try to figure out how to hook up a P.A. system?

Any accuracy at all below will be purely coincidental:


Aug 23 - Open House at Deucherclub in Clark (Biergarten, food, etc) - Several members and significant others attended this and it was great. Nick probably doesn't remember.

Nov 2 - AHA Learn to Brew Day - Love2Brew hosting?

Nov 2-3 - Ciderdays.org cider festival in Greenfield, Mass.


JD's Sour Belgian Dark Strong with Cherries is still aging. Distribution coming soon.

Bobby's Lambic Solera had its first exchange in late July. The Boyle brothers brewed 15 gallons in June, fermented out in a demijohn, and brought it over to Bobby's place. The 15 gallons that came out of the barrel was racked directly on to two large cans of Black Currant juice and will be aged for a while before bottling and distributing to shareholders. Note to all members: Please save your Belgian bottles and give them to the Boyle brothers over the course of the next few meetings. Much appreciated! Need to establish next exchange team and target dates.

Craig's  Belgain Dark Strong in a Bourbon Barrel project was brewed on September 14th with no problems. Shareholder attendance was said to be strong and that's very much appreciated. It's in stainless and awaiting a barrel to rack into.

Competition Corner:

HBOY standings:

Boyle Brothers in 1st place (duh) with 65 points to date. Incidentally, this is just one point less than their winning 2012 HBOY tally and there are still three points eligable comps left this year. Second place far behind...

Next comps: Valhalla in October, WOC for German Beers in October, and Stoney Creek in November.


No idea. I bet there was beer. Maybe.

Looking Forward:

Polls going up for lowering the dues for 2014, spending club funds on Whales-branded hats and/or cups. Nominations for 2014 club leadership opening in October.

Note: Many apologies for getting this newsletter published so late. - Bobby