2013 August Meeting #178

Whales Meeting Minutes and Newsletter for August 2013, Issue #178.

The Whales met on August 20th at JJ Bitting with a moderate turnout of about 31 members and 3 guests including new applicant Mike K, old member Andrew K, and Melody S who joined later that night. President Brad kicked off the meeting around 8pm.


Aug 3 - Club Picnic at Brad and Jen Jones' house

Aug 23- Open House at Deucherclub in Clark (Biergarten, food, etc)

Meeting Miscellaneous:

The Oast hop farm owner was supposed to give a talk at the July meeting but an unexpected situation caused postponement until the August meeting. Another unexpected whatever caused another cancellation for this meeting so we're just going to pass on this one. We only like to beg twice.

We thanked the Jones' for their hospitality for the Whales Picnic hosted at their home. It was a relatively small turnout, but a good time was had.


JD's Sour Belgian Dark Strong with Cherries is still aging. Distribution coming soon.

Craig's Russian Imperial Batch 2 is was distribution July 27th. Everyone thanked Craig for taking on such a long and involved hosting.

Bobby's Lambic Solera had its first exchange in late July. The Boyle brothers brewed 15 gallons in June, fermented out in a demijohn, and brought it over to Bobby's place. The 15 gallons that came out of the barrel was racked directly on to two large cans of Black Currant juice and will be aged for a while before bottling and distributing to shareholders. Note to all members: Please save your Belgian bottles and give them to the Boyle brothers over the course of the next few meetings. Much appreciated!

Craig's Upcoming Belgain Dark Strong in a Bourbon Barrel project brewing up in September. Share interest was solicited at this meeting and it was nearly filled with only one spot left.

Competition Corner:

State Fair Comp was judged July 27th. 26 total entries from the Whales. Winners will were announced on Aug 3rd and woohoo 10 wins plus best of show placement!

Boyles - Gold in Category 21 (Jalapeno Brown Ale) Bronze in Category 17 (Flanders Red), Bronze in Category 16 (Saison), Gold in Category 9 (Wee Heavy), Silver in Category 3 (Marzen), Bronze in BOS (Jalapeno Brown Ale)

Michael Slocum - Silver/Bronze in Category 19 (Old Ale & English Barley Wine respectively), Gold in Category 17 (Fruit Lambic), Bronze in Category 12 (Brown Porter), Silver in BOS (Fruit Lambic)

Craig - Bronze in Category 18 (Belgian Dubbel), Silver in Category 15 (Weizen)

Malt Madness entries were due Aug 1st and judged on Aug 17th. The Boyle Bros ran the extries out for everyone, hey thanks!

The Boyles took all the wins: Golds: 25C - Berry Melomel, 27A - Common Cider Silver:3B - Oktoberfest, Bronze: 9E - Strong Scotch Ale

HBOY standings:

Boyle Brothers in 1st place (duh) with 65 points to date. Incidentally, this is just one point less than their winning 2012 HBOY tally and there are still three points eligable comps left this year. Second place far behind...

Next comps: Valhalla in October, WOC for German Beers in October, and Stoney Creek in November.


Nice Turnout for this meeting: Mark S with a Wit, Joe M Hefe, Dennis Pineapple Kolsch, Brian E Ginger Amber, Jon M Spanish Export, Don C Mystery Beer from Big Brew Day, Andrew C Blueberry and Raspberry Melomel, Jay Desimone Joe's Ancient Orange Mead, Marv D Sweet Mead. 10 pours in all, nice!

Looking Forward:

Craig brewing his project beer in September, Polls going up for spending club funds on Whales-branded hats and/or cups. Nominations for 2014 club leadership opening in October.

Note: Many apologies for getting this newsletter published so late. - Bobby