2013 July Meeting #177

Whales Meeting Minutes and Newsletter for July 2013, Issue #177.

The Whales met on July 16th at JJ Bitting with a moderate turnout of about 25 members and 3 guests (two of which applied for membership that night). President Brad was out of town on business again so Jay Buchs ran the short agenda.


June 27-29 - National Homebrewer's Convention and Competition, Philadelphia, PA.

July 27 - State Fair Brew Comp Judging

Aug 1 - Malt Madness entries due

Aug 3 - Club Picnic at Brad and Jen Jones' house

Aug 20 - General Meeting - Oast Hop Fam guest speaker

Meeting Miscellaneous:

NHC happened and people came to the meeting to reminisce and share stories of conquest and shennanigans. NHC wrap up, cliff notes version: While club pride may be a factor, I think everyone would agree that the Whales made quite the splash (har har) at the convention. We know people were hyped on the Framboise and both version of our Russian Imperial Stout (all club projects). For those keeping score, the RIS advanced and scored a 41. The beers that beat ours must have been AMAZING!

In the weeks leading up to the event, we were crushed to find that the AHA staff and/or local committee folks had neglected, ignored, or lost our clear intentions to pour at the hospitality session. After discussing it with a Bruclear member after a chance meeting on Homebrewtalk.com, the Bruclear club gave up one of their bars so that we could pour. We're thankful to Bruclear and ever scornful of the AHA's lack of performance.

The club booth and bar went together perfectly thanks to all the preparation and practice in advance. Many thanks to Gary, Jay Buchs, Keith Story, Joe S, Brad, Jen and Bobby's wife Susan for their tireless work on everything. It's also worth mentioning that almost every member in attendance at NHC stayed to the very end to help tear down and stow the booth, no matter how Spenced they were. #getspenced #seeyouingrandrapids

One of the big tasks of this meeting was getting all the kegs from NHC back to their rightful owners.

The Oast hop farm owner was supposed to give a talk at this meeting but an unexpected situation caused postponement until the August meeting.


JD's Sour Belgian Dark Strong with Cherries is still aging. Distribution coming soon.

Craig's Russian Imperial Batch 2 is due for distribution July 27th.

Bobby's Lambic Solera is due for its first volume swap out later this month. The Boyle brothers are brewed 15 gallons in June. Note to all members: Please save your Belgian bottles and give them to the Boyle brothers over the course of the next few meetings. Much appreciated!

Keystone Barrel Comp "Apple Belgian" was tasted and judged during club night at the NHC. Since communication was lacking, we made an assumption that it would just be judged loosely without regard to BJCP style. In an attempt to describe it for walk up tasters, Bobby called it a Belgian Golden on the sign. It did not do well at all because style was considered. Oops.

The club will be invited to attend a bottling session to collect their "small" share of this project. You provide the bombers.

Look for Craig's Upcoming Belgain Dark Strong in a Bourbon Barrel project brewing up in September. Share interest will be solicited in August.

Competition News

WOW! The Boyles pulled a walk off grand slam at the close of the NHC awards ceremony with their Jalapeno Cider. Excellent!

State Fair Comp will be judged July 27th. 26 total entries from the Whales so we're due for a few medals! Winners will be announced at the fair on Aug 3rd.

Malt Madness entries due Aug 1st and will be judged on Aug 17th.

HBOY standings:

Boyle Brothers in 1st place (duh) with 34 points to date. Second place far behind...


Guest Mike M started off and poured a Vanilla Cream Ale, then: Dustin-Common Cider, Newman-German Rye, ??-Honey Maibock, Bobby-Imperial Red IPA, Ron/Mark-Impy Stout, Joe Jannuzzi-Rosemary Metheglin, Andrew-Pear Wine, Gene-Petit Syrah, Sergio M- Mixed Berry Mead. Nice! 11 pours in all.

Looking Forward:

We'll see everyone at the club picnic on Aug 3rd and if not, at the August meeting! Craig will be taking commitments (and $20 deposits) for his BDS project.