2013 May Meeting #175

WHALES Meeting Minutes and Newsletter #175 for May 2013


The May 2013 general meeting was well attended by 22 members and 0 guests based on the attendnence sheet numbers. Bobby passed around a sign up sheet for the new WHALES work shirt and tee shirt group buy. Shirts are expected in in time for a June meeting distribution. Payment was not taken in advance so please be corteous and bring money to the meeting or arrange for pickup with Bobby before or after the meeting. Members are encouraged to wear the shirts at NHC if attending.

The club thanked Keith "prez" Sequine for hosting the May Big Brew at his house.


Project Status

5/4  AHA Big Brew
6/27-29 AHA National Homebrewers Conference
7/16 Oast Hop Farm Owners speaking at July Meeting

Bourbon Barrel Russian Imperial Stout Batch 2 is being cared for by Craig Easton. Distribution in June likely. We got to try this at the meeting and it was coming along nicely. Most agreed it was just about ready to distribute.

JD's Sour Cherry Belgian Dark Strong Ale project still aging.  Click here for more.

Gary and Joe's wine project. Distribution target for weekend after Memorial Day before it gets too hot.  Click here for more.

Bobby's Lambic Solera Project was brewed on 9/1, First exchange due Early Summer. The Boyle Brothers will brew the first exchange in June for a July barrel swap.

Craig Easton's Fall Barrel Project - Currently in proposal and planning stage. Share commitments will be solicited in late summer.

Keystone Barrel Competition Project - While everyone thought the beer directly out of the barrel was interesting and palletable, it could use a little dressing up. Given the short time to work with prior to the NHC judging session, the Steering Committee worked out a spicing and flavoring plan for a few portions of the 50 gallons. The results will be tasted at the June meeting and the club's favorite version will go on to compete at the NHC with all other clubs that participated in the Keystone project. The rest of the beer will be distributed to club members at a bottling party some time in the future.

 Competition News

 Homebrewer of the Year

Recent Comp News

The Boyle Brothers are in first place with 25 points and Sergio Moutela is still in striking distance with 18 points. The rest of the field is falling behind. The next few changes will occur with the results from the New Jersey Fair comp run by the SCUBA homebrew club and of course, the NHC final round which will be judged at the end of June

Current standings are always available here.

The NHC first round results are in and the Whales performed respectably. The Boyle Brothers, who had the most entries in the game out of all Whales members scored a gold, a bronze, and two silvers. Sergio Moutela took a gold and silver. Finally, the Whales club project Russian Imperial Stout aged in a Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrel took a silver. FYI, the small portion of this beer that was separately aged on Palo Santo wood scored a 41 but didn't advance in the miniBOS round.

Since the Lehigh Valley is overwhelmed with NHC planning, the Buzz Off competition which is a mainstay for the WHALES has been cancelled for this year. In order to keep the HBOY points eligability constant, the steering committee subsititued the NJ Fair competition instead (TBD for next year).

The AHA announced the closure and cancellation of the Club Only Competitions. The WHALES will be running our own quarterly style/theme based competition beginning with the November German Beer comp open to the following styles:

2A. German Pilsner (Pils) 3B. Oktoberfest

4B. Munich Dunkel 4C. Schwarzbier (Black Beer)

5A. Maibock/Helles Bock 5B. Traditional Bock

5C. Doppelbock 5D. Eisbock  6C. Kölsch

7A. Northern German Altbier 7C. Düsseldorf Altbier

15A. Weizen/Weissbier 15B. Dunkelweizen 15C. Weizenbock

15D. Roggenbier (German Rye Beer) 22A. Classic Rauchbier

The club will judge the beers similar to how the COC club choice was selected, but HBOY placement points will be awarded per the current schudule for 1st, 2nd and 3rd best beer.

The style for the 1st quarter of 2014 will be announced by the end of the summer.

More info to follow.


Commercial Calibration




 None at this meeting.

Ed D. American Pale Ale

Brian Y. Broggot

Ron W. Saison

Mike - Black IPA

Boyles - Chocolate Bock

Coming Soon

Shirt distribution, Keystone project beer showdown, NHC!