2013 April Meeting #174

WHALES Meeting Minutes and Newsletter #174 for April 2013


The April 2013 general meeting was well attended by 33 members and 4 guests, two of which signed the guest list. One of our guests was a reporter from the Rutgers Targum who was taking pictures and asking folks a bunch of questions. We'll see if it ends up being an article.



Project Status

4/5-6 Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival - 3 sessions - $51 - website
4/16 Extract Club Only Comp
4/17 Weyerbacher Big Brew Night at Northside Lounge, Manville, NJ. 6pm.
5/4  AHA Big Brew
6/27-29 AHA National Homebrewers Conference

Bourbon Barrel Russian Imperial Stout Batch 2 is being cared for by Craig Easton. Distribution in June likely.


JD's Sour Cherry Belgian Dark Strong Ale project still aging.  Click here for more.


Gary and Joe's wine project. Distribution target for weekend after Memorial Day before it gets too hot.  Click here for more.


Bobby's Lambic Solera Project was brewed on 9/1, First exchange due Early Summer. Selection of the first exchange team due soon.


Craig Easton's Fall Barrel Project - Currently in proposal and planning stage. Share commitments will be solicited in late summer.


 Competition News

 Homebrewer of the Year


Recent Comp News


As of 4/17, HBOY standings have remain unchanged as we continue to await the NHC first round results due on May 4th. At that time, both entry points and placement points will be added to the tally and published under a separate competition newsletter.

The NHC first round has been judged in most regions and scoresheets have been trickling in around the country. The AHA will officially publish all first round results by May 4th. Good Luck all!


The Extract COC was judged at the club level at the April meeting and it included 6 entries. Everyone was rather surprised at the low turnout since most wide category BJCP COCs are highly entered. Congrats to Sergio M. for having his American Amber selected at Club Choice. Good luck on the National stage!


Commercial Calibration





Brad and Jen, having recently spent a week drinking their way across Belgium thought it a great idea to expose more people to the best of Belgian Beers. Skipping right over the blondes, we were treated to Corsendonk Dubbel, St. Bernardus Tripel, and Westvleteren 12 (yellow cap) Dark Strong. As most cultured beer geeks are aware, the Westvleteren 12 is a very difficult beer to come by and the club was grateful to the Jones's for hooking us up. For those who crave this rare beer, one should consider that several people agree that the easier to get St. Bernardus Abt 12 is on par or better.


Roger Wells - Jalapeno Cream Ale, Chipotle Porter, and American Brown Ale. Nice showing for a guest!

Brian Evans - Pale Ale

Ryan K. - DFH 61 Minute IPA with Syrah Must

Dennis M. - Imperial Stout