2013 March Meeting #173

March 2013 WHALES Meeting Newsletter#173

The February 2013 WHALES meeting was very lightly attended for a March meeting. Only 24 members were there. 

Our newly appointed president Brad Jones was unfortunatley assigned to drinking beer in Belgium and was not able to attend the meeting. Gary stepped in like an old hand and carried us through the casual agenda.


4/5-6  Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival - 3 sessions - $51 - website

4/16 Extract Club Only Comp

4/17  Weyerbacher Big Brew Night at Northside Lounge, Manville, NJ. 6pm.

5/4  AHA Big Brew

6/27-29 AHA National Homebrewers Conference






Club Projects

Bourbon Barrel Russian Imperial Stout Batch 2 is being cared for by Craig Easton

JD's Sour Cherry Belgian Dark Strong Ale project still aging.  Click here for more.

Gary and Joe S's wine project still aging.  Click here for more.

Bobby's 2012 Overbrook Funky Barrel V - Lambic Solera Project was brewed on 9/1, First exchange due Spring 2013.

Whales Keystone Barrel still aging at Keystone. Boyle's topped up with apple cider and grabbed a sample to share with the club tonight. It's interesting for sure, but who knows how it will fare against the competition (be to judged at NHC club night).

 If you have a suggestion for a club project, make a post on the message forum or send an email to steering@whalesbrewclub.com with your proposal.

March , 2012 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

The steering committee met at the Northside Lounge on March 12 and while it was mostly social beer drinking chatter, we did touch on the topic of creating several additional club awards similar to the HBOY that would also be based on brewing competition acheivements. While a ful list or proposal is not yet available, some of the brainstormed ideas were: "highest score awarded in any BJCP sanctioned, club recognized comp" since this is an isolated acheivement that doesn't necessarily mean the brewer would win HBOY. Another idea was in addition to the overall HBOY award, which spans all styles inclulding meads and ciders, to have sub categories based on groups of styles, e.g. CMOY (cider), MMOY (mead) and potentially even broad groups of beer styles; German Brewer, American Brewer, Belgian Brewer, High Gravity (wins with 1.080 OG styles). These would all be determined in the same way as the overall HBOY, but the contributing points only come from those categories. It is not clear if these would be simply recognized titles or if a small token/prize would come with it, but it will certianly liven up the holiday party and make the awards presentation a little more fun.

We also did a bit more brainstorming on the logistics of NHC, the most impactful was the decision to simplify the booth and tap system. Instead of risking detroying Gary's large kegerator and having technical issues, we decided to go with the kegs in a barrel 'o ice like most clubs. More on that later.


Competition Corner

Home Brewer Of The Year Standings

Don and Stephen Boyle in first place with 10 points

Sergio Moutela in second place with 4 points

Note: NHC first round entry points still not accounted for.

Latest Scores

    JD Haesloop won the February COC with a  (13B - English Barleywine) but didn't place at the national stage. The WHALES are still tied for 3rd place club of the year along with many other clubs. 

    Upcoming Competitions
    • Club Only Competition for Extract Beer styles will be judged on 4/16. Registration will open around 4/1 and close on 4/15. Get those taxes in and register your COC entry!
    • First round of NHC results officially available May 4th but many people announcing scoresheets arriving in their mail boxes so keep an eye out!


    Note that this competition information summary may not contain all the most up to date information due to the newsletter's montly schedule. As always, please see Jay's competition focused newsletters in your email box or at http://www.whalesbrewclub.com/minutes/competition-news

    Calibration Excersize
    None this month



    Thanks to everyone that brought something to the flight this month.

      Brian Marquis - Saison w/Brett
      Prez - Dry Stout from Defiant brew day
      Ron W - ESB
      Sam Goodman - Dry Stout
      Final Notes

      There is a lot going on with the club these days, from projects, to pub crawls to grain buys and much more.   Please keep in touch with the forums and home page every so often.  There will be opportunities to vote on things that help shape your club and fun activities and events that will make the most out of your experience.

      If you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us at steering@whalesbrewclub.com.