2013 February Meeting #172

February 2013 WHALES Meeting Newsletter#172

The February 2013 WHALES meeting was attended by 35 members and 2 guests.  Given the fact that several members from last year are apparently not returning this year, this was a stellar turnout. We welcomed our newest member Rich K. who joined the after the January meeting.

As members are aware by now that our new club president Frank had a personal turn of events that required him to abruptly depart from the club. We all wish him the best of luck and hope our paths meet in the future some time. Since he just stepped out of that spot only a month ago, Bobby ran the meeting in February.


2/2 International Great Beer Expo @ Meadowlands. 2 sessions - $40 ($55 at door) - website

2/16  The Big Brew Beer Festival in Morristown, NJ - $50 - website

2/22 Keith Story's Big Beer night - discuss

4/5-6  Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival - 3 sessions - $51 - website






Club Projects

Bourbon Barrel Russian Imperial Stout Batch 2 is being cared for by Craig Easton - Recent samples shared with the club garnered mixed opinions of the level of oaking. Shareholders will decent how much longer to leave it in the barrel.

JD's Sour Cherry Belgian Dark Strong Ale project still aging.  Click here for more.

Gary and Joe S's wine project still aging.  Click here for more.

Bobby's 2012 Overbrook Funky Barrel V - Lambic Solera Project was brewed on 9/1, First exchange due Spring 2013.

Whales Keystone Barrel still aging at Keystone. Boyle's topped up with apple cider and grabbed a sample to share with the club tonight. It's interesting for sure, but who knows how it will fare against the competition (be to judged at NHC club night).

 If you have a suggestion for a club project, make a post on the message forum or send an email to steering@whalesbrewclub.com with your proposal.

January 29, 2012 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Given Frank's departure from the club, the steering committee gathered for an interim meeting to discuss plans for replacing the president spot. The committee members were solicited for their interest in taking the spot. No one was particularly vocal about stepping into the role so we agreed to take nominations for the club for a short time and hold a vote at the February meeting if the nomination was contended. During that time both Gary and Brad were entertaining the role and by the time the meeting began, Brad announced his intensions and Gary declined.

The next steering committee meeting is planned for 3/12/13 if you have any topics you'd like them to discuss.


Competition Corner

Home Brewer Of The Year Standings

  1. Don and Stephen Boyle, Dennis Maciupa, & JD Haesloop - tied with 2 points
  2. Ten members - tied with 1 point

Barleywine CoC Results

    1. JD Haesloop (13B - English Barleywine)
    2. Brian Spence (13B - English Barleywine)
    Upcoming Competitions
    • War of the Worts -- Entries are in -- Judging will be on Sat, Feb 23.
    • National Homebrew Competition -- Online registration opens online Tues, Feb 26 -- do not delay


    Note that this competition information summary may not contain all the most up to date information due to the newsletter's montly schedule. As always, please see Jay's competition focused newsletters in your email box or at http://www.whalesbrewclub.com/minutes/competition-news

    Calibration Excersize
    None this month



    Thanks to everyone that brought something to the flight this month.

      Jay B - IIPA from the community mash
      Joe M - Barley Wine
      Jay D - Cherry Melomel
      Prez - Kolsch
      Newman - Iron Brewer Spiced Ale
      Ed D - Amber
      Sergio M - APA
      Jon M - Mint Chocolate Stout and Black Forrest Stout
      Final Notes

      There is a lot going on with the club these days, from projects, to pub crawls to grain buys and much more.   Please keep in touch with the forums and home page every so often.  There will be opportunities to vote on things that help shape your club and fun activities and events that will make the most out of your experience.

      If you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us at steering@whalesbrewclub.com.