2013 January Meeting #171

The January 2013 WHALES meeting was held on 1/15 at JJ Bitting. 35 members and 2 guests were in attendance. One guest, Rich K, turned in his application for membership.

The meeting opened at 8 pm by club president Frank Weichmann. He talked briefly about:

  • The WHALES library and club owned equipment: A reminder of the resources available to members.
  • Upcoming beer events:
    • Feb 2 - International Great Beer Expo @ Meadowlands. 2 sessions - $40 ($55 at door) - website
    • Feb 16 - The Big Brew Beer Festival in Morristown, NJ - $50 - website
    • April 5/6 - Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival - 3 sessions - $51 - website
  • The deal Bobby found online: 150 de-labled bottles in Franklin Lakes - forum
  • Holiday Party Recap:  We all agreed the venue, beer, food, and company were top notch. The 2012 HBOY awards were given out to the Boyle Bros & Joe Jr at the party. A special thanks to those who came early & stayed late.  Also a shout out to Don C for helping us secure the hall.
  • Jan Steering Committee Highlights:  We met at Hailey's Pub in Metuchen on 1/8 with all 7 members present plus Jen J. We discussed the following:
    • Final prep for holiday party - cost / review / planning.
    • Reviewed treasury handoff from Keith to Jay D.
    • Discussed the forum activity concerning club projects being entered into CoCs - Our opinion is the best beer should be put forward, including club projects, where applicable.
    • NHC prep for subcommittees and goals.
    • Approved pitcher cost for CoC / tastings ($54) and a new case of 2oz tasting cups ($100).

Jay B took the floor for competition updates:

  • recap of HBOY standings: 10 members tied for 1st place.
  • upcoming comps / important dates:
    • War of the Worts - registration currently open - deadline for entries is 2/10 - Boyle Bros are collecting entries tonight and will make a run on 2/3 - Sergio M will make a run on 2/9 so you can get your entries to him ASAP. website
    • Barleywine CoC will be held next month 2/19 and will consist of categories 19B & 19C. Look for the online registration soon.
    • Registration for the NHC is scheduled to open on Tues 2/26 - all regions are capped at 750 entries so don't put it off. website 

Frank took the floor again:

  • Check on current projects (all good):
    • Red Wine project -- at Joe Serinese's
    • WBBS2 -- at Craig's
    • Ford St Funky Barrel 2 - at JD's
    • Overbrook Funky Barrel 5 - at Bobby's
    • Keystone barrel - in PA
  • Keith Story announced he and Donna would like to host the next Big Beer night on 2/22 at his house in Piscataway.


  • NHC and our plan moving forward:
    • 3 subcommittees formed:
      • Beer selections committee - co-chaired by Brad & Jen
      • Participation committee - chaired by Frank
      • Booth design and building committee - co-chaired by Gary & Jay B
    • Jay D spoke about how each of these subcommittees will have to present a plan with request for money needed, then the entire membership will vote on it per usual procedure.  No blank checks will be written.
    • Then each subcommittee chair spoke about involvement and solicited help from any members willing to pitch in.
      • Frank - asked how many members in attendance were 100% sure they will attend NHC - 24 members. The he asked how many are 80% - 5 members.  Newman said he is only 79% sure.
      • Brad - He would like to get 40+ five gallon kegs committed from the club.  He will be hitting us up on the forum SOON!
      • Gary - explained his kegerator setup and what we plan to do with it.  He asked all members interested to step up and help us plan the booth.

The meeting then transitioned to the 50/50 and the flight.

  • 8 members poured homebrew in the flight:
    • Joe M - Saison du Noel
    • Dennis M - English dark mild
    • Dave Rawlins - Vanilla brown ale
    • Sergio M - Tart cherry ale
    • Brian S - ESB
    • Sam G - Spiced Christmas Ale
    • Sergio M - Chipolte sweet mead
    • Brian Y - Imperial Brown (from big brew community mash)
  • 2 members poured commercial beers:
    • Jay D - 2012 Anchor Steam (CA) Christmas Ale
    • Ryan K - 3 beers from DuClaws Brewery (MD) - pale, IPA, IIPA

We had 3 drawings in the 50/50 ($108 collected):

  1. Keith Story - won $53
  2. Anthony Asini - won a NJCB card (courtesy NJ Craft Beer & Love2Brew)
  3. Steve Savino - won a NJCB card (courtesy NJ Craft Beer & Love2Brew)


NHC registration opens February 5th - Don't delay in registering!

Barleywine CoC will be held at the February meeting on 2/19.


- minutes recorded and submitted by Jay Buchanan in the absence of secretary Bobby Mierzejowski