2011 November Meeting #157

The WHALES Newsletter and Minutes - November 2011 - Issue #157

Woodbridge Homebrewers Ale & Lager Enthusiasts Society 

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The November 2011 WHALES meeting started just shortly after 8pm.  We had 30 members and 2 visitors in attendance with 5 flight entries.

Events past, present, future.

The first order of business was to discuss recent and upcoming events.  

Gary gave a overview of Cider Day that took place on November 5th, 2011. Gary, Luke, Brad and Jen headed up to NW Massachusetts.    A stop at Pine Hill Orchards were a massive amount of pressing occurred with 3 blends and over 2700 Gallons.  Next was the Home Cider Making Seminar where they poured a special Black Currant flavored version of the club Apple Port that Gary, Luke and Joe S crafted on the side..  Also taking place was the Cider Salon and Dinner where several cider makers had 2 to 6 samples available.  Sunday the group participated in an open session for cider makers to share and provide feedback.  Overall, Gary stated it was a great weekend and a lot of fun.

AHAOn November 12th, 2011 Brian Spence hosted the AHA Learn to Brew Day Big Brew at his home.  This is one of the bi-annual big brew out events we participate in.  The day was a great event and there were several styles of beer being brewed.  

Click Here to See the Pictures Posted By Brian and Frank


Not exactly an event but we are collecting dues for 2012 at this and the December meeting.  All renewals should be paid by the December meeting at the latest.  Checks can be made out to Keith Story for $40.

Nominations were accepted at the meeting for the 2012 Officers and Steering positions.  Since there were no multiple nomination for any of the officer positions, no voting will be required for President, Treasurer or Secretary.  Congratulations to Bobby (President - 2nd Term), Keith Story (Treasurer - 3rd Term) and Joe Januzzi Jr (Secretary- 1st Term).  As for Steering members we have 4 nominations for 3 spots, so we will have the election in December. The following members are hoping for your votes:  Craig E, Jay Desimone (Current Steering Member), Brad Jones (former Secretary and Steering member) and Dustin (Nominated and accepted at the meeting by Jay B).

The Holiday Party is quickly approaching, Jan 21st to be exact.  Be sure to save the date on your schedules as it is always a great time.  The club voted to have the event at the VFW in Woodbridge (Online vote took place before the meeting) but the VFW in Woodbridge is not available and Bobby is going back to the Linden location to secure the booking for the club.  Look out for more information to come on the website.



Frank and Jay B are going to be teaming up to take over the role of competition coordination, HBOY tracking and general promotion/pep talks.  A big Thank you to Colin who handle the position for several years for the club.

The "Valhalla - The Meading Of Life" competition was judged on October 22nd, 2011

Big congrats go out to Jon Morales who took gold in traditional mead, Luke and Gary got a bronze with a Cherry Melomel, and Luke also got a high scoring Honorable Mention with a Blueberry Cordial in the open mead category.  Its worth noting that Lukes Honorable Mention was a 42 (45 was the lowest placing for that category - some stiff competition!!!!)



WHALES Slaughtered THE 2011 AMATEUR BREWING CHAMPIONSHIP (Stoney Creek competition)

6 whales, 4 golds, 3 silver, 3 bronze

Table 2 - Amber and Dark Lagers, Amber Hybrids (11 Entries)

3 Don & Stephen Boyle Colonia,NJ 3B Oktoberfest WHALES

Table 3 - Bocks (9 Entries)

1 Anthony DiPrimio Nutley,NJ 5C Doppelbock WHALES

Table 4 - Light Hybrids (8 Entries)

2 Nick Fox Cranford,NJ 6B Blond Ale WHALES

Table 6 - American Ales (12 Entries)

3 Jay Buchanan South Plainfield,NJ 10C American Brown WHALES

Table 7 - English Brown Ales (9 Entries)

1 Don & Stephen Boyle Colonia,NJ 11A Mild

Table 9 - Stouts (13 Entries)

2 Michael Slocum Aberdeen,NJ 13F Russian Imperial Stout WHALES

Table 11 - German Wheat & Rye Beers (10 Entries)

1 Anthony DiPrimio Nutley,NJ 15A Weizen WHALES

Table 18 - Spice, Herb, & Vegetable Beers (23 Entries)

2 Don & Stephen Boyle Colonia,NJ 21A Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer WHALES

Table 19 - Smoke & Wood-Aged Beers (11 Entries)

3 Jim Schreyer East Brunswick,NJ 22C Wood-Aged Beer WHALES

Table 21 - Meads (12 Entries)

1 Jim Schreyer East Brunswick,NJ 24B Semi-sweet Mead WHALES (orange blossom)



The club has 3 projects active rightnow

The Double Barrel Framboise at will bedistributed around May15th, so discussions will need to start happening in the early spring if we want to keep the funk going in those barrels.

Wee Whale II was poured at Big Brew andit's good. Still more time on the Oak sounds good.

Impy Stout cast offs and second runnings beers were bottled last Sunday at Jay's house. I haven't seen a floor that sticky since.. 2-3 bottles each, big beer extra Palo Santo, second runnings1.045 on palo, 1056 yeast, S04 yeast, etc. Extra bombers so we can do a horizontal tasting of all versions sometime early next year.

Imperial Stout Team 2 is beginning to rally their plans, so check the forums for more details. If you haven't paid Mike D'Onifrio for the grain, please do so.

As always, if you have any ideas focusing the club equipment or a group project, please contact the steeringcommittee ( steering@whalesbrewclub.com) or create a thread in the Group Brewing forum.


COC - Club Only Competition for Category 15, German Wheat and Rye

Bobby provided handouts with the BJCP Style information for the CoC before getting started.  We had 8 entries for the evening.  Nick Fox took home first Place with his Hefe and will represent the Club at the AHA competition.



The steering committee discussed stepping up the renewal schwag to something like a printed pint glass and a custom bottle opener, but these details will be worked out via a membership poll in the near future.


We'll continue to collect dues for 2012 at the December 2011 meeting, we want to close out the dues collection at the December meeting so please make your best effort.

We will also be voting for the 3 additional steering committee members.  


Joe Milmoe American Wheat with Coffee & Chocolate
Jay D Dry Cherry Melomel
Dave Rawlins Oatmeal Stout
Sam Goodman Chocolate Pumpkin Porter
Dennis Mariupa Cascadian Dark Ale

-Frank (with heavy plagiarism of Bobby's awesome meeting agenda notes)