2011 September Meeting #155

The WHALES Newsletter and Minutes - September 2011 - Issue #155

Woodbridge Homebrewers Ale & Lager Enthusiasts Society

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The September 2011 WHALES meeting was run by none other than our former President, Gary Weston.  In true Gary fashion, we started at an impressive 13 minutes after the hour.  Once Gary got started, he immediately got down to business, though.  With an unopposed vote, it was sanctioned into the official club bi-laws that starting in October, the President and Secretary will pick up the first round of drinks (and possibly appetizers) to start off each meeting.  See what happens when you guys go away on business, Bobby and Frank?

We had 31 members in attendance, along with 3 guests.

The Malt Madness competition judging is this weekend (9/24).  We had a good amount of entries, so hopefully the WHALES make a good showing.  Thanks go to the Boyle Bros. for taking the entries over to Pennsylvania.

The "Valhalla-The Meading of Life" competition is coming up on October 22nd, and Luke was collecting entries.  If you have something you wanted to enter, but did not bring to the September meeting, get in contact with Luke (Luke_K@whalesbrewclub.com) soon and you can make arrangements to get your entries to him before he ventures out there for the drop off.  Entries are due by October 8th.  So, if you either get in touch with Luke, or mail them out, the entry window isn't open for too long.

Next month, at the October meeting, we will be collecting entries from all categories for the Stoney Creek competition.  This is the last competition in the Eastern Pennsylvania Homebrewer of the Year award.  Let's see if we can get some WHALES placings.  The entry deadline is November 3rd, with the judging taking place on November 12th.

October 1st, Keith "Prez" Seguine is holding his annual Oktoberfest at his house. Check the club calendar for the details.

Gary, Luke, Brad and Jen will be heading up to NW Massachusetts for Cider Days November 5-6.  Check out this link in the forums for details.

Gary discussed the 3 club projects underway (Imperial Stout, Wee Whale II, Framboise).  All are clearing in their respective vessels and need some more time before they are ready to distribute.  If you are thinking about a group project or would like to use the club's equipment for a brew day, please contact the steering committee (steering@whalesbrewclub.com) or start a thread in the group brewing forum.

Gary and his trusty sidekick, Luke gave a demo on the club owned bottle corker.  Gary mentioned it was available to lend out to members if they needed it.  Contact Gary if you are interested.

Dave Newman, the club's librarian, had a selection of books and videos for members to check out.  If you might be interested in borrowing something, click this link or click on the Reference Library option on the Main Menu to the left and let Newman know what you would like and he will bring it to the next meeting.

The September Club Only Competition style was BJCP category 23 which includes any beers that do not specifically fit into any other category. These are usually beers that are based on a classic style but modified or enhanced with special ingredients yielding a character that makes it inappropriate for any other category.

We had 4 entries into the competition:
The Boyle Bros.
Winners with their Jalepeno Cherry Brown Ale
Brian Evans
Peanut Butter Porter and came in second by 1 vote
Jim Schreyer
honey beer (not a braggot)
Jon Morales
Chocolate Cherry Stout


After the competition, we went into the flight.  We had 10 entries, including 3 from 2 guests:
Prez Saison
Chris C & Jess G Cider
Jon Morales Oktoberfest
Keith Story Brown Ale
Jim Y (Visitor) Imperial Pumpkin & IIPA
Joe Jr. Russian Imperial Stout
Mike Slocum American Pale Ale
Shawn McG (Visitor) IPA
Brian Evans A palate destroying IIPA (nice!)


-Joe Jr.