2004 May Meeting Issue #67

Whales Meeting Minutes May 2004 Issue #67
in attendance:mike t &julliane,leo&kim,john&robin,steve,gene,kenny,luke,jim.d,prez,
on the agenda:whales picnic june 12th ,at warren park ,florida grove road,hopelawn.
                    directions from JJBittings,make a left onto main st,go to first light
                     make a left onto amboy ave.(rt 35)go 4 lights and make a right
                     onto florida grove road.make next right into warren park.grove 1is
                    straight ahead.don't forget to bring the imperial stout so we can fill
                    the barrel over luke's house between 10-12 am 669 florida grove rd.is his  
                    address,732 634-2636.on june 12th also.
                   The club will be using $75.for ribs from the dues money,also let me know
                   if anyone can bring a charcoal grill.
                   the homebrewer of the year points without the buzzoff results are:keith 24,luke 17.5,tripka 12.5,steve 12,ton t 5,paff 2,leo 1.
                  Our next club only comp is wheat beers ,we will have a taste off in the first week in august.the category is for hefeweizen.dunkelweizen,berliner weiss,weizen bock. 
                   The beers of the night was a g.pils from keith,oregon golden ale,ipa from jim d,
raspberry wit,dave,bitter,bock,i2pa choc.hazelnut porter ,steve, impy stout,barleywine,from
kenny,and a oak aged chardonnay form harry about 14%.
The next club only starts another year for the homebrew clubs to gather points for the home
brew club of the year for 2005 in the aha.wheat beers in august, then smoked beers in sept/oct,ipa in nov/dec..As a club we like to have other members speak at the meetings also, for instance we had discussions about hops,aged and new beers,beer and food matchings,beer and cider blending etc,so if you have an idea about brewing,cooking,etc, that you would like to share,please let us know.Don't forget to check out our website at www.whalesclub.org.also www.beertown.org and www.bjcp.org., you will find a lot of great info on brewing .  
                                            Cheers and Hoppy Brewing !!!!!