2005 July Meeting Issue #81

The Official WHALES Newsletter and Minutes July 2005 Issue #081
Woodbridge Homebrewers Ale & Lager Enthusiasts Society Established 1996
Mike Orth’s fab Saison represents in the Belgian/French Club Only
Gary got the T-shirt thing workin’
* Luke’s Annual Concert Movie Party Friday 7/29...this year it’s Pink Floyd
* Beached Whales converge at Sandy Hook 8/20
* Sept/Oct Club Only for Category 3 Euro Amber Lagers
“He neither drank, smoked, nor rode a bike. Living frugally, saving his money, he died early, surrounded by greedy relatives. It was a great lesson to me.” -John Barrymore
The WHALES held their Tuesday 19th July meeting at Garden State Craft Brewers Guild member, J. J. Bittings. We extend thanks to Mike for his hospitality. On hand were Robert, Kris, Prez, Crazy John & Robin, SteveS, Luke, KeithS, Gary, Orth, SteveG, Gene and Tommy Paff.
The main event was the Category 16 Belgian/French Ales Club Only Competition. We had five solid entries including SteveG’s Belgian Pale, Wits from Prez, Gary and KeithS, and Orth’s saison. Prez read the style guidelines as we poked and prodded our sample cups. Our decisive choice was the saison. Congrats to Mike and good luck!
The next Club Only Competition is in Sept/Oct and features category 3 Euro Amber Lagers. By that we mean Viennas and Octoberfests. You gotta lager your lagers so you’d better get’em going NOW if you haven‘t already. Use the new BJCP guidelines for specs.
Gary took orders for our custom shirts. We voted as a club to determine styles and we decided on a golf shirt and a sweatshirt. Gary will bring our order to the manufacturer, and we’ll discuss cost per shirt at the next meeting. There is an initial cost to digitize our logo and we agreed the club will incur this cost. Once the logo is on file, we can have it put on just about any item including shirts, hats & mugs.
Luke spoke briefly about NJ Assembly bill A3619 which the AHA has lobbied strongly against. According to Papazian, the bill limits small brewers in establishing standards by which wholesalers sell their product. In addition, the bill would make it all but impossible for a craft brewer to drop a wholesaler because it requires a termination payment. Many out of state craft brewers may choose to avoid sending their products to NJ to avoid these restrictions. On behalf of the club, Luke contacted District 19 Senator Joe Vitale and read a response letter that said “allowing customers to access a wide range of products is something I will continue to support”. For more info, go to beertown.org
The Whales will be heading down the Jersey Shore on Saturday 8/20 weather permitting. We’ll meet at 8AM in the Bittings lot and carpool for a day of fun in the sun at Sandy Hook. The specific beach at the Hook is TBA pending a scouting party report.
HBOY report: With gold in hand from the Buzz Off, Leo has moved into second place with 10 pts. Prez is still in the lead with 16,Gene is close behind with 10. These results include the Nationals and the Buzz Off. Next chance for points is the Sept/Oct COC for Category 3 Euro Amber Lagers . Close your eyes and imagine yourself in leotards when you are crowned Whales Superhero Homebrewer of the Year.
We are still collecting White Labs tubes. Vouchers can be earned through collecting tubes to get free yeast or fun prizes from Dr. White! If we collect enough of them, Chris White will buy himself a private jet.
The Flight
That’s all folks! Hoppy brewing.
-Luke, Pissoff Brothers Brewing Co.
: Short flight tonight due to the club only. Robert shared his hi-powered Dunkel which was fortified with honey. Gary served up a Heavyweight Saison, a nice commercial compliment to the club only competition. Thanks to all who contributed.