2000 August Meeting

WHALES Newsletter and Minutes August 17, 2000
Recording Secretary: Kenny Schrader
Attendance: (8) Keith, Tom, Kenny, Mike M, Paul, Luke, Julie, Mike T

Here it is in the deepest of August. Perhaps the most least BREWED month of the year, for brewers professional, and non... yet, HARDCORE homebrew members of WHALES Club carry on their tradition of monthly support and development. The Club had planned for an alternate meeting site from our JJ Bittings Woodbridge home for the August pod gathering, and by golly we carried through! This meeting was held in Cranford, NJ at Antone's. Antone's has a tap beer offering to DIE for! However, on this particular night, it left many WHALES feeling washed ashore. Beers were flat, old, or out sold. The Club appreciates Antone's support however, as busy and crazy as it was that night. Thankyou for having us! Get your beers in order. You KNOW we'll be back!

This night had the atmosphere of a social gathering, as opposed to an "official" meeting, but we need that from time to time. And in spite of that, it was the MOST technically informative and rewarding meeting this Club has ever had. No kidding! As beer conversations criss-crossed among us, there was much to learn. You could learn by asking questions. Or, you could learn merely by listening. All questions were fielded, by those who felt capable of answering. And no stone was left unturned.

First topic was YEAST. How to prolong it's life. How to store it. When has your yeast gone bad? Taste it.

Second topic was spent grain. Donate yours to a farm. The animals just LOVE it! Or, make some bread. Kenny has a GREAT recipe, just ask!

Third topic was hops. Tom's vines are 20 feet tall! The Club discussed rhyzomes (root cuttings). It's a good thing Tom is friendly with his neighbor. All of his hop cones are hanging over the other side of the fence!

Fifth topic: record keeping. As homebrewers, we all know how important this is, yet at times we all neglect this essential aspect of our homebrewing database. The main reason for keeping accurate records? Well, when we make that once in a life time GREAT tasting WORLD CLASS beer, we need to know how to make it again!

Have any of you been watching the CBS TV program "Big Brother"? It's a 24/7 video of a group of people stuck in a house with no outside contact. Individuals are voted out weekly, and the last one remaining gets a half million. Some of the Big Brother folks decided to homebrew, to pass the time. Kenny described in detail all of their errors. A discussion of beer and TV followed, and of course Drew Carey was right up there on the list.

6th Topic, women and brewing. Mrs. Paffrath made her first homebrew. A Corona/Mexican clone? The Club expects she will win more awards with this one than Tom (the pro) has ever. Them's the breaks!

Topic 7: Mash and Lauter Temperatures/Procedures. A dandy discussion! This was the place to be, to hear and learn how to make BETTER BEER. Nitty gritty in detail that would take too much space here, yet here it was, free. For WHALES homebrew members and guests. No extra charge. America is a beautiful country. And WHALES will help you make better beers. GUARANTEED. Join the Club. Good beer, good people.

*There is a possibility that the Club will have a "BREW BASH" in September. Pencil in Sept 23 which is the Saturday following our next meeting. Details to follow. A Brew Bash is when several Club members gather to brew at a particular location, together. Learn how others brew, and share your tips!

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading! CHEERS!! Kenny/ Divorce Court Labs Brewery