1999 September Meeting

WHALES Newsletter and Minutes         September 23, 1999
Recording Secretary: Kenny Schrader

Attendees: Keith Seguine, Paul St. Marie, Luke Kostu, Julie Tripka, Mike Tripka, Tom Paffrath, Bob Reid, John Mazzoca, Kenny Schrader

Special Guest: Dave Hoffman of Climax Brewery


Due to Hurricane Floyd, the Club held a "rain date" meeting. The presence of Dave Hoffman was a pleasant surprise! Dave announced Climax will debut their Dubbel soon at an upcoming beer festival. Mr. Hoffman brought up many points of interest throughout the meeting. Among those, tasting notes of 30 to 40 YEAR old beers! For instance, 1957 Hoffman Bock. Dave also gave us his insider views on beer distribution, beer festivals, beer competitions, beer judges, and many other beery things. Dave is not shy about his opinions. The Club is fortunate that he drops by from time to time!
Club business focussed on whether WHALES should conduct a second annual homebrew competition. The answer was YES, & a date of April 2nd (Sunday) is "penciled" in. The Club opted to hold the competition at JJ Bittings again, if OK with Mike Cerami, the owner. Dave offered Climax Brewery as an alternate site, should it be necessary.
The first thing to do for the competition is to write up an introductory letter inviting the "Beer World" to enter. Preferably with a JJ Bittings logo which would add a sense of legitimacy to the event. Joe Barcas is on top of that, and generously volunteered his time and effort to do the mailings (E and snail) required. Of course, all expenses encountered will be reimbursed (hopefully).
What also needs to be done as a priority, is to set up a web site with this info. The site should also have easy access to download all forms necessary, entry, bottle, etc. The Club expects Dave McMahon and George Bird can work this out, but unfortunately they were not in attendance. I'm sure that WebMaster Steve Gale would be more than happy to offer his services should we request and need it.
Much discussion was spent in regards to Judges. And Judges entering their own beers. It was decided that ALL entries should be PRE-PAID, including Judges. It was also discussed, that to keep the cost down, that there would not be an open bar for Judges and Stewards when they break for lunch. A ticket would be required for one "free" pint.
The Club needs to solicit prizes. Prizes are needed to attract entries. Once again, Climax Brewery offered their services be it bags of grain, gadgets, equipment, or even "A Day With Dave!" We need all the prizes we can get. And then we need to ADVERTISE the prizes.
LUKE is running the club's next PUB Crawl, once again! Date is set for Saturday, November 13, 1999. Luke will write up a flyer with all the details to be handed out at the next WHALES meeting. The Club will "crawl" beer joints of NYC and will leave by train from Bittings at 1PM.
Topics of discussion were brought up for future meetings. Brew Bash? When and where? Other Club promotions/events? Chili cook-off? Beer label competition? Should the Club incorporate??? Insurance? Any and all suggestions welcome to keep the Club exciting, fun, and safe.

Beerest regards. Cheers!
Kenny/Divorce Court Labs Brewery