1999 October Meeting

WHALES Newsletter and Minutes         October 17, 1999
Recording Secretary: Dave Balistrieri

7:55 pm: Meeting called to order by Keith.

He opened by talking about the future homebrew competition. That we must have the doors of Bittings open at 8 am sharp to avoid time compression problems, i.e. running late. The date for this event is slated for April.

A range of problems that were encountered with the last competition was discussed and resolutions were also kicked around. One of the big concerns was the combining of styles.

8:15 pm: The club’s web site must be updated!!!!!!!!

8:25 pm: Still more talk about the competition. Entrants must take responsibility.

Princeton Brew shop will give club members 5% off their purchases.

8:40 pm: Pale Ales Brew Club, competition. There WILL BE NO LATE REGISTRATION.

8:45 pm: We need 2 month lead time for Zymurgy magazine notice.

Pub-crawl dates and times are now firm.

8:50 pm: November 20 talk of club brew at Dave’s house, but at this time Mike Tripka and I have not coordinated anything as of yet.

8:55pm: tasting of beer starts.

These minutes are respectfully submitted by Dave Balistrieri

I will respectfully resign from the position of taking the minutes of the club meetings as of the December meeting, as I have no computer, and getting them out in a timely fashion is becoming a problem, as I do not inconvenience anyone in the club.