2000 May Meeting

WHALES Newsletter and Minutes         May 18, 2000
Recording Secretary: Kenny Schrader


We have some "full mooners" in our Club for sure. So when a meeting falls on a night of the full moon, you KNOW it certainly makes for an interesting night!
Members in attendance: Full Mooner "Crazy" John, Shoot The Moon Luke, Mike The Mooner McCormick, Paul Saint Moon Over Miami, President Keith Moon (The Who), Blue Moon Bob, and Dark Side of The Moon Kenny.
The Club gathered at the bar of JJ Bittings and drank potent pints of Smiley Strong Ale. The meeting was officially called to order at 8pm in the main dining room.
Keith passed out the 2nd and 3rd place Certificates to those WHALES that won in our Second Gold Medal Competition. They look GREAT and are suitable for framing! In fact, ALL winners have received their prizes by now. So much work goes into preparing for the competition but the important thing is to follow up quickly with results and prizes. We did very well in that regard, as results were posted the next day on our web site, and Keith mailed out Judges comments within 2 days after the competition. Job well done! After all is tallied up, the Club may almost break even after expenses. The Best Of Show beer was a kick ass barleywine, but sad to say JJ Bittings will be choosing one of the other first placers to brew on site and that is yet to be determined.
The WHALES website (www.whalesclub.org) is in the process of a major face-lift. WHALES' associate Steve Gale from the cyber Virtual Village Homebrew Society officially received entries for their homebrew competition (NetWort V being held Saturday, May 20th) from SEVEN whales members! To recap the history, Whales Web Host George asked for help with web site development. Our deal with Steve (a pro WebMaster) was if a minimum of 5 Whales enter NetWort V, he would develop our site for FREE for one full year. Well, WHALES really came through on this one, THANKS!
Some of the things in the works will be recipes of Club Members, BJCP Guidelines, Photographs of Club Events (with captions), up and coming beery events, Gold Medal Page, links to other homebrew clubs and events, Homebrew Label Page, Disaster Page (ala "Most Expensive Homebrew, etc), and of course past newsletters with summaries.
Thanks Mr. Gale! By the way, for those of you that want to know IMMEDIATELY what the Judges think of your beer in NetWort V, just hop on the net. It's live on the internet at go.compuserve.com/wine. CompuServe is allowing non-subscribers to enter their chat rooms now. You can read what the Judges are saying, when they say it! Competition results will also be posted immediately on the VVHS site at: http://www.cmg.net/belgium/clubhub/Good luck to all, and thanks again for entering!
At last month's meeting, we unanimously voted Keith's wheat beer to enter into the AHA Club Only Competition. The deadline snuck up too fast though, and WHALES will be unrepresented in this particular competition. Oh well, more for us to drink!
Bob is collecting old flat top beer cans, and if you have any get in touch with him. Some Rheingold cans are worth $200! Some of these old beer containers are found in the strangest places. Often, INSIDE the walls and foundations of homes when they were being built! The builders would pause for "refreshment" and the empties became part of the building construction. Also, Bob R. again extends his continuous offering if anyone needs homebrew supplies from Hop and Vine. He is in that area daily and if you would like him to pick you up homebrew supplies or ingredients all he asks for is a One Day Notice. Thanks Bob!
Well, the full moon was on the rise by now, and things got sort of ugly when we heard that Hairy Joe failed to book our Annual Picnic at the swim club! We have enjoyed this particular area in the past immensely. In previous meetings we talked extensively and planned on doing this again in 2000. We thought it was a lock. Abusive and obscene comments began flying, it HAD to be the full moon! Those comments won't be repeated here, but they are on record (just ask) and seemed almost funny at the time.
In any event, Luke volunteered to fill the Picnic Shoes. Thanks Luke! Alternate sites were discussed, as well as dates. If you've ever been to a WHALES meeting when we discuss dates, you have our sincerest apologies! No matter how hard you try, you can never please everybody. Dates were hit and miss at best. Luke will let us know what county permits are available for our gathering shortly. Details to follow...
Speaking of Luke and parties, EVERYONE is invited to Luke and Kathy's 32nd Annual Sierra Nevada Chili Cook-Off on Saturday, June 3rd 1PM. Guests are encouraged to prepare a batch of their favorite chili. The theme of the event is "all Sierra Nevada...all chili...all damn day!!" Sounds like one not to miss, so please RSVP by May 31st.
There was quite a bit of conversation (including much foul language and laughs) during this Full Moon Meeting, however we did manage to drink some beers too! We started off with a growler of Springtime Fest that Luke brought in made with British hops and British ale yeast. Paul finally got his arm cast off, and was drinking it with both hands! Paul's comment was it had notes of pear. Next up was a strong Belgian Dubbel, but this had some obvious problems with it. It was cidery with off flavors due to a possible sanitation problem. Keith shared his Dunkel Weizen which was outstanding! It was made with 60% wheat and got it's color from dark wheat, not barley. Tasting this beer developed a discussion of wheat beers in general. This was the wheat that Keith did not get to enter in the club only competition, and it probably would have done very well. We had several beers that Mike McCormick made, and Mike makes some good ones! Among these were an Irish Stout, Munich Dunkel, and E&M Wheat. From Divorce Court Labs Brewery we tried the 3rd place winning Bohemian Pilsner. Also from the competition we had one of the Judge's beers called "Broke The Mout Stout". Mike Tripka did not attend this meeting, but we still drank his beer. Since he was not there we talked about how "sucky" it was. (Just kidding Mike!) There were quite a few more beers to sample too, including a cinnamon beer, Sam's Pale 3.3, and a "slosh" beer. All in all, quite a session!