2000 June Meeting

WHALES Newsletter and Minutes         June 15, 2000
Recording Secretary: Kenny Schrader

Attendance: Crazy John, Keith, Mike M, Paul, Kenny, Luke, Bob, Tom


That bum, Bob. That beer can collecting hop head bum...He's moving to Pennsylvania. He's been a hard core member of WHALES since the beginning, and we sure hate to see him go! He thinks he can still make some meetings though, so we'll leave out a bowl of fresh hops and cookies for him. Best of luck in your new home, Bob!


Keith led the meeting with a "back to basics" discussion of malts. Literature was passed out, and much ground was covered. Items touched on were base malts, 2 row verses 6 row, the differences of malts by region and season of year. Honey malt, rye, conversion times, iodine tests, the term "modified". BBQ smoked malts. Specialty malts. This subject is endless and made for some lively talk!


Although attendance was lacking, this was one of the best meetings the Club has ever had, in Mike's opinion, as well as others. The presentation and format Keith has mastered is one that the Club benefits most from! It was suggested that future meetings maintain an organized and structered homebrew discussion at the open, with plenty of time later for chit chat and beer tastings.


These "organized" discussions should be led by a different Club member each month, or even by Guest Speakers from the industry, to ease the load and keep things interesting. Volunteers WANTED, several months in advance. Prepare to speak on "the floor" for about 10 minutes or so, with a question and answer session to follow. Our meetings are very informal by nature, so no need for stage fright. Our goal is to learn about making the best beer we can, and have a good time in the process.


Penciled in for the next few meetings:
July '00 -Mike McCormick to speak about yeast cultivation.
Aug '00 -Alternate Club meeting site/pub crawl.
Sept '00 -Kenny's PABOOM video. VIOLENT Fermentation!!!


Luke has the Club Picnic set up for Warren Park on July 8th. Portable BBQ's to be brought in, and the Club has obtained an alcohol permit. The $60 spent on permits to be taken out of dues. For further details, check our website (www.whalesclub.org).


The Club also thanked Luke for throwing a GREAT party, the Chili and Sierra Nevada festival held on June 3rd. WHALES turned up in droves and we all had a blast. There were at least a dozen different chilis, and a keg of Pale Ale to wash it down. Hopper Paul sewed Luke a hop necklace to honor the event. Paul also began to dry hop the SN Pale Ale in his mug. Before you knew it, EVERYONE was "dry hopping" their beers from the various hop bowls Luke had strategically located throughout the party. Some of the photographs might get put up on the web site.


Speaking of our website, a major breakthrough! The site went "LIVE" on July 14th. Steve and George have the new content up under the whales domain name. Please submit what you think is worthwhile. There are still some bugs to work out, but stay tuned. A heartfelt Thank You is in order for all those that have contributed to this extension of our Club!


During the warmer weather you'll sometimes find that homebrewing enthusiasm slows down. While this meeting had a small turnout, there was certainly no shortage of brews to sample!


We started with a homebrew remaining from the Gold Medal Competition. Mike T's Pale Ale was consistant. We found it dry through the beginning, middle, and finish! We just LOVE to drink his beer when he doesn't show up for the meetings. (That'll teach 'em, hehe). Next up was American Pale from Mike M. While this beer was fine, we attempted to uncover why the beer was cloudy. It did not detract from the flavor, however. Another pale ale from Paul. And still another pale ale from Divorce Court Labs. This one happened to be "The Most Expensive Homebrew", of which you can read the story linked under "brewing disasters" on the site. Tripka's Holiday Mist; a Christmas Beer was polished off. Also sampled was a Second Placer Kolsh from one of the Judges. This led into quite an interesting discussion of what the style of Kolsh actually is. We did up the last bottle of Tripka's Cherry Jubilee, and to our amazement this got 100% positive comments! Paul broke out his 1st and 2nd Place Award Winning Stout. Better known to the Club as "the little Porter that could". This beer was no doubt, one of the best sampled all night. It has a lace that never dies. And believe it or not, it is mellowing back to more of a porter style than a stout. Just don't tell the Judges!


Well, that's it for now. HOPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!
Kenny/Divorce Court Labs Brewery