2002 June Meeting #43

WHALES TALES June 2002 Issue #000043
by Kenny Schrader
Woodbridge Homebrewers Ales & Lagers Enthusiasts Society

The WHALES Annual BBQ/Picnic held on June 15th was a
tremendous success! THANKS Joe for making the
arrangements at your Swim Club! THANKS also to everyone
for preparing some GREAT food! Beer, ribs, sweet and hot
Italian sausages, shrimp, chicken, potatoes, burgers, dogs,
salads... man, you name it! Good job by ALL!

2002 - 2003 will be the first time that WHALES sweep the
AHA Club Only Competitions and run away with the trophy for
Homebrew Club of the Year. And, once we get it, they won't
be able to get it back! Year after year. WHALES RULE!!
There is no doubt we CAN do this if we put our brewing skills
to it. We ALL make good beer. In fact, we all make GREAT
freaking beer! The simple trick to winning this thing and making
our Prez Keith proud of us is to have as many of us as possible
brew a beer of the style requested, to be ready at the time of
judging. Piece of cake.
We will sample our efforts before hand and vote on the best
one to send in to represent us since a Club can only enter one
beer. WHALES tied for 5th place in the '01-'02 Competitions!
WHALES won a BRONZE in the India Pale Ale Competition
with a DANDY batch of Divorce Court IPA! 43 homebrew
clubs competed in the IPA Event so a 3rd place in the cream of
the crop is not a bad place to be. Check www/beertown.org
for details.
WHALES held their monthly meeting on the roof of J.J. Bitting
on the third Thursday of the month (as usual) June 20th.
Attendance was STRONG with: Prez Keith, Joe, Hophead,
The Piper, Lukester, Stevereno, Kenny, Brian, Bird Man
Harry, Leo, Paff, Tripka, Julianna, Patty, Sister, Joe the
Bartender, and special guest Clarence The Chemist.
SPECIAL PRESENTATION: "Mini Kegs" with a celebrational
tapping of Divorce Court Cascade Ale. Everything you
WANTED to know (or didn't CARE to know) about
BEER SIGN-IN SHEET: (the meads whacked us for a loop
big time)
Cascade Pale Ale -Kenny
Red Lager -Leo
Lurgashall Mead 16.5% -Clarence
Luke and Mike's Mead -Luke and Mike (18 lbs honey!)
Dark Lager (Swarzbier) -Keith
Czech Lager -Piper Mike
Munich Dark -Irish Drunk Pipefitter
Brew Bash 2002 Dunkelweisse -Tripka
Brew Bash 2002 Chocolate Wheat Bock -Kenny
Brew Bash 2002 Brown -Keith
Brew Bash 2002 American Amber -Steve
Brew Bash 2002 IPA -Luke
Altbier -Joe The Bartender
Honey Blond -Joe The Bartender
Dergy's -Joe The Bartender
WOW, what a line-up! And just look at those Brew Bash
beers. We brewed them together, we drank them together!
Stay up to date with the Club at:
EVERYONE can contribute to the web site so PLEASE do!
Kenny/Divorce Court Brew Labs CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!