2002 July Meeting Issue#44

WHALES TALES July 2002 Issue #000044
by Kenny Schrader
Woodbridge Homebrewers Ales & Lagers Enthusiasts Society

Zymurgy finally posted the 2001/2002 Club Only results.
WHALES tied for 5th place with one point! Check out
We are counting on our "lager" experts to represent us in the
first Club Only competition of the new season. Paff and Irish
Mike, what have you got? You guys are two of our best lager
brewers, don't let us down!
The 2nd Club Only comp is for Strong Belgian Ales. Prez
Keith is making a Dubbel, and DC Brew Labs made a Belgian
Dark. The theory is, if we have an entry, we stand a good
shot at points.
Future Club Only Competitions:
Deadline August 10: American Lager Category #1
Deadline September 30: Strong Belgian Ale Category #18
Nov/Dec 2002: Fruit and Spice Beers Category #'s 21, 22
Jan/Feb 2003: Bitter and English Pale Ale Category #4
March/April 2003: Brown Ale Category #10
May 2003: English and Scottish Strong Ale Category #11
August 2003: European Pale Ale Category #2
There is NO reason that WHALES should not take first place
in the next Club Only schedule and become Homebrew Club
of the Year. We ALL make good beer! Let's send our very
best and score some points!
Our Event Coordinator, Luke, has been kind enough to
invite all WHALES members to Luke and Kathy's Drive-In
Theatre. Dan Blocker presents "OX-FEST 2002". This very
special tribute is a Celebration of the Life of John Entwistle.
Luke has been building a drive-in size movie screen in his back
yard and will feature "The Who-Live at the Isle of Wight
1970". Friday August 9th 7:pm. BYOB. Bring chairs or
blankets to enjoy the flick under the stars. Luke and Kathy
will supply the hot dogs, popcorn and rock'n'roll!
The July 2002 meeting of WHALES took place at J.J. Bitting
Brewpub on Thursday, July 18. ATTENDANCE: Keith,
Tripka, Julianna, Kenny, Leo, Crazy John, Brad, Luke.
The sad news of the evening is that Brewer Brad is leaving us.
J.J. Bitting is in search of a new brewmaster. The Club
wishes both Brad and Mike a smooth transition! Brad was
always a good friend of WHALES. When a homebrewer
needed yeast, Brad was more than happy to fill our jars. Brad
also gave us the opportunity to brew a professional batch!
The WHALES Club Brew Dunkelweisse is legendary!
THANKS Brad for all of your help and support. Best of
luck in your future endeavors!
The meeting began with several general discussions. Among
them: broken glass at bottling, Irish Moss tablets, Irish Moss
when and where, fruit puree, fruit extract, Princeton discounts,
the success of the picnic and Amboy Firefighters Dry Rub
Rib Recipe, and Sam Adam's new Light Beer.
Luke was going to do a SPECIAL PRESENTATION on the
"Beers of Finland". At the last minute, he changed his mind
and did a presentation on "MALTERNATIVES" instead.
Kudos to Lukster for a well researched, educational, and
very interesting presentation on the topic of Malternatives.
These "RTD's" (Ready to Drink) beverages are also called
"Alco-Pops". They are extremely popular in the under-age
drinking population. We found out why.
These spiked pops hide their alcohol content fine, thank you.
ABV is in the 4 to 5% range but you would never know by
the taste. These beverages are made usually from 55% six
row barley and 45% corn sugar. We wondered how the
end result could end up "clear". They filter the heck out of
it! A brewpub might filter their beers down with a 200
micron filter. These clear malternatives are filtered down
with a .0574 micron filter! We also learned that the tax laws
have quite a lot to do with the labeling and marketing gimmicks.
Luke brought in samples for our taste buds.
This malternative is from PA and the label calls it a "flavored
beer". This had the most flavor going on than the others.
5.2% abv. Also from PA. Lemon/malt beverage with
natural flavors. Citric, lemony, sour. DANGEROUS lemon
lime flavor. The more you drink, the more thirsty you get.
Malt beverage with natural flavors. Contains Vodka. Made
in Georgia. Did not taste any vodka. No % abv was listed on
the label. This was a favorite of a young J.J. Bitting server.
4% ABV. Lemon clear malt beverage 11.2oz bottle.
Caramel color. Made in Canada. Tastes good, just like
lemon iced tea! Sneaky.
Thanks again, Luke for a super fine presentation!
Next month, President Keith volunteered to do a
presentation on "Mid-West Beers". With 16 different
samples you won't want to miss it on August 15th. Keep
those presentations coming! VOLUNTEERS appreciated!
The beer sign-in sheet was skinny (for a change) but that's
what to expect in the hot dog days of summer.
Wheat beer by DC Brew Labs
Apricot Wheat beer by DC Brew Labs
Pale Ale by Keith dry hopped with Cascades
Pale Ale by Keith dry hopped with Goldings
Well, that's all for now! Happy Brewing,

Kenny, Divorce Court Brew Labs