2002 AugustMeeting Issue #46

WHALES Newsletter and Minutes
August 2002
Issue #046 by Kenny Schrader
Woodbridge Homebrewers Ales & Lagers Enthusiasts Society

PREVIEW: Brew Bash! AHA Club Only Strong Belgian Ale Competition

Looking over the crowd of homebrewers attending our September meeting, August
Lightfoot (J.J. Bitting Master Brewer) said "You guys have a good thing here." We
agree! Thanks VERY much to J.J. Bitting for allowing our Club to thrive there.
Mike Tripka entered his Kriek beer into a competition and it got totally trashed by the
judges. The guys in the Club like it a lot and think Mike did a nice job. When Dave
Hoffman of Climax Brewery tried it at our last meeting he said, "That's one of the
better homebrews I've ever had." Way to go, Tripka!
09/30/02- Deadline for AHA Club Only Category 18 / Strong Belgian Ale
(Our Club entry was sent UPS ground on 09/24/02)
10/05/02- OKTOBERFEST hosted by Keith and Janet. 12 - 8pm
10/17/02- Club meeting
11/02/02- Brew BASH at Steve's house, rain or shine.
This is also the AHA "Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day."
The AHA is considering changing the name to "Buddy Brew."
11/21/02- Club meeting
11/23/02- Split Rock 2 day Beer Fest and AHA Homebrew Competition
12/02/02- Deadline for AHA Club Only
Category 21 / Fruit and Category 22 / Spice, Herb, Vegetable
12/19/02- Club meeting
Jan/Feb/03- AHA Club Only Category 4 / Bitter and English Pale Ale
Mar/Apr/03- AHA Club Only Category 10 / Brown Ale
May/03- AHA Club Only Category 11 / English and Scottish Strong Ale
Aug/03- AHA Club Only Category 2 / European Pale Lager
The September WHALES Homebrew Club meeting took place on the 19th at J.J.
Bitting Brewpub. The evening weather was absolutely stunning so the meeting was
held outside on the upper deck just below the brewhouse.
ATTENDANCE (14): Keith, August, Piper Mike, Steve, Tripka, Julianna, Brian, Harry,
Leo, Kim, Paff, Luke, Kenny, and Dave Hoffman of CLIMAX BREWERY!
Our next Brew BASH will be held on Saturday, November 2nd at Steve's house in
Carteret. This is a rain or shine event as Steve has protection from the elements if
necessary. This day also happens to be the AHA "Teach a Friend to Homebrew
Day." Brian wants to see some all-grain brewing first hand and this would make a
great opportunity for him and others that have not all-grained before. This day should
also be a good time to brew beers for some of the AHA Club Only comps coming up.
Styles to consider are Bitter, English Pale Ale, Brown Ale, and English or Scottish
Strong Ales.
You SHOULD be brewing something now, or soon, for the next AHA Club Only which
is for beers made with fruit, spices, herbs, or vegetables.
WHALES Club was recognized in the latest edition of ZYMURGY (Special Collector's
Issue Vol. 25 No. 5 September/October 2002 for achieving 3rd place in the IPA Club
Only. See pages 16 and 77 for details.
It's time to start thinking about where to hold the Club's annual end of year party.
We are looking for a place with good beer and food at reasonable prices. All
suggestions are welcome!
The Split Rock Beer Festival and Homebrew Competition is being held November
23rd and 24th. Deadline for entries should be in before that. Proceeds benefit the
efforts to fight Multiple Sclerosis.
Harry has been doing very well with his hop garden and brought in some fresh cones.
He also passed out bags of fresh herbs which are outstanding! Each bag had a nice
assortment including basil, rosemary, and two types of oregano. We made blue
claw crabs in sauce over the weekend with Harry's herbs and it came out better than
ever! Thanks again!
Steam Whistle Pilsner
By the way, Dave is also very happy with his new sales person. She rocks, looks
pretty, and smiles. But most importantly of all, she sells beer! LOTS OF IT! We all
wish continued success for our friends at CLIMAX, and we thank Dave for attending
the Club meetings when he can.
Luke made a trip out to Magic Hat Brewery in Burlington, Virginia recently and
shared his visit with the Club. He asked a ton of tetchy beer making questions, and
no doubt stood out among his tour group. Magic Hat makes the ever popular apricot
ale called simply "# 9." The # 9 has such a following that it accounts for 60% of their
sales! It truly is a nectar to savor.
Luke has also come across a STASH of the Boston Brewery's 1995 Sam Adams
Triplebock! Cost is approximately $6 per cobalt blue bottle. A show of hands
indicated that almost everyone was interested in a purchase so Luke will pick some
(or all of it) up next time in Vermont.
The Club's "invite only" web site is ALWAYS looking for contributions! ALL invited
have the power to make contributions without a web master. Please post your
comments, favorite jokes, recipes, bars, brewpubs, restaurants, events, photographs,
and whatever beer related (OR NOT!!!). Luke has been contributing regularly on beer
and food joints. Mike T mentioned he will be adding soon to the brewpub reviews. If
you add photos, please try to keep the kilobytes to a minimum (best between 40 -
90, over 100 loads the page very slow).
There is a possibility of a Club road trip to High Point Brewery (wheat beer
The Club had to vote for an entry into the AHA Club Only Strong Belgian Ale
Competition Category 18. There are four subcategories of beer styles included in
this event:
18A- Dubbel (Westmalle, LaTrappe, Affligem, etc., all make Dubbels)
18B- Tripel (Corsendonk Monk's Pale Ale, Grimbergen, etc.)
18C- Strong Golden (Duvel, Lucifer, La Chouffe, etc.)
18D- Strong Dark (Scaldis, Rochefort 10, Chimay Grand Reserve, etc.)
ALL of these Belgian styles are quite unique and worth a homebrew attempt!
Our vote was between a Dubbel from Keith, and a Strong Dark from Kenny and it was
decided that the Divorce Court Candy Beer should be sent in to represent the Club.
The package was sent to Minnesota 09/24 via UPS to meet the deadline of 09/30.
With any luck (all you need is an entry) the Club stands a shot at gathering points for
Homebrew Club of the Year!
Abbey Dubbel by Stoudt's- Prez Keith brought this to expose us to a commercial
Dubbel for the Strong Belgian Ale vote. Dave noted right away the contributions of
the yeast notes in way of bubblegum.
Belgian Dubbel by Keith- High alc. A tough style to replicate. Considered too young
at this time and will better with maturity.
Belgian Strong Dark Ale by Kenny- 9.6% with 2 lbs candy sugar. Also young but
should age well. Special B, Wheat, Crystal, Aromatic Malt, Chocolate Malt, and a
kitchen sink of "other stuff." Hallertau, Tettnanger, and Saaz hops.
Weihenstephan Wheat by Luke- Luke chose to retire this batch with the Club and
shared his LAST TWO BOTTLES! 4.6% ABV and Hoffman spoke very highly of this
beer. Good job.
Kriek by Tripka- This beer is 1.5 years young. It was completely trashed when
entered into competition. (Scored in teens?) The Club always liked it. Dave of
CLIMAX thought it was one of the better homebrews he has had in a while. Starting
to acquire a chocolate aftertaste.
No Show Pale Ale made by Brian and brought by Tripka-
Nice beer made with Centennial hops. Not dry hopped.
Harry's IPA by Harry- Similar recipe, 3 months later. Dry hopped. Caramelly.
American Pale Ale by August- Sneak preview. In fermentor but not filtered. Good
"grainy" malt characteristics. Should prove a success!
Well, that's all for now.

Kenny / Divorce Court Brew Labs