2002 October Meeting Issue #48_huh

WHALES Newsletter and Minutes
October 2002 Issue #048
Woodbridge Homebrewers Ales & Lagers Enthusiasts Society

FIRST OFF: Correction- The last Newsletter was labeled the August Issue. Well,
there already was an August Issue in August so the LAST August Issue was really
September's. OK?
PREVIEW: Oktoberfest at Keith's! Brew BASH. Beer Tasting's.
a slice for my wife. She loved it too. Wow, I had sex 12 times that week.
Once with her!" -Anonymous
"Blind Tiger has the BEST beer in New York City." -Luke
11/02/02- Brew BASH at Steve's house
11/15/02- J.J. Halloween Party invite from Steve and Dana
11/21/02- WHALES Club monthly meeting at J.J. Bitting Brewpub
11/23/02- Split Rock AHA Homebrew Competition
12/02/02- Deadline for AHA Club Only Fruit/Veg/Spice and Herb
12/19/02- WHALES Club monthly meeting
Let's face it, October is BEER MONTH! Prez Keith and Janet deserve a hearty
THANKS for hosting yet another Annual Oktoberfest at their home. This thing
has been a crowd gatherer for many years and WHALES are fortunate to be invite
(and tolerated)!
The weather was great (even hot)! The food was SUPER (including the Crave Case
of Cheese Assassins). And that cheese Cake? Man, TOP SHELF BABY! Paul made one
DYNO Imperial Stout Cheese Cake that was out of this world!
As usual, there was quite a beer selection to choose from, both commercial and
home brewed.

Buffalo Bill's Pumpkin Ale
Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest
Hoffbrau Oktoberfest
Magic Hat Blind Faith
Spaten Oktoberfest
Coors Lite
Sam Adams Oktoberfest
Cricket Hill Red White and Brew Pale Ale
Mike's Hard Lemonade
Saranac Black and Tan
Saranac Pale Ale
Irish Mike's Oktoberfest (homebrew)
Pissoff Brewery Dog Breath IPA (homebrew)
Patty's Peach Lambic (homebrew)
Hacker Pschorr Dunkelweisse
J.J. Bitting Oktoberfest
Paul's Stout (homebrew)
Divorce Court IPA (homebrew)
Irish Mike's IPA (homebrew)
Paulaner Oktoberfest
Sky Blue
Luke's Barleywine (homebrew)
Keith's Cascade Pale Ale (homebrew)
Keith's Goldings Pale Ale (homebrew)
Saranac Ocktoberfest
etc, etc, etc...

In a word, WOW! Since there were several Oktoberfest beers, the Club had a
tasting to judge for the best one commercially made. We created a
scoring system and the results of the 6 beers judged were as follows:
1st place) 15.5 points -Paulaner Oktoberfest
2nd place) 14.5 points -Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest
3rd place) 14.0 points -Sam Adams Oktoberfest
4th place) 13.5 points -Spaten Oktoberfest
5th place) 8.0 points -Saranac Oktoberfest
6th place) 6.0 points -Hoffbrau Oktoberfest (SKUNKED)
Thanks again Keith and Janet for an EXCELLENT event!
Check the AOL Group Web Site for the Oktoberfest Photo Album coming soon!
* * * * *
WHALES Club held their monthly meeting at J.J.Bitting Brewpub on the 17th of October, the third Thursday of the month.
ATTENDANCE: Keith, Paff, Luke, Steve, Dana, Tripka, Julianna, Paul, Kenny, and
guest TOM T. November 2nd is the next Brew Bash at Steve's house. This day is also
the AHA's "Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day." It looks like we are going to have
a fine turnout. We should have enough burners for everyone that wants to
cook beer. We have AT LEAST 5 burners so far. Steve is going to make a Brown Ale.
Keith is making 10 gallons of all-grain Oatmeal Stout. Mike and Mike are
all-graining something. Also, definitely brewing "something" are Kenny and Luke.
The meeting turnout was on the low side so there very well be others attending.
Steve handed out directions to his place in Carteret so if you need them just
contact one of us and we'll get them to you. Mike Tripka has a HOARD of hops
available. Pearl, Nugget, Cascade, and Kent Goldings.
The GABF winner's list was passed around. CONGRATULATIONS to the brewers!
The AHA had still not posted the results of the Club Only Belgian Competition.
We found out by E-mailing Gary Glass directly. Unfortunately, our Divorce Court
Belgian Strong Dark Ale entry did not win squat. At least we gave it a shot!
Thanks Treasurer Tom for picking up the shipping and entry tab.
There were 37 Homebrew Clubs that participated. THE RESULTS:
1st Place: Victor Peccotti of Norfolk, VA
Hampton Roads Brewing and Beer Tasting Society
2nd Place: Mark Ryan of Anchorage, AK
Great Northern Brewers
3rd Place: Al Boyce of St. Louis Park, MN
Minnesota Home Brewers Association
The next Club Only deadline is December 02 for Fruit/Veggie/Herb & Spice.
We should have plenty of beers to vote for on this one. Many Club members
have fruit beers. There are also some spice beers about. Lets hope we do
better next time!
The WHALES XMAS PARTY date is set in stone for the SECOND SATURDAY OF 2003!
That would be January 11th. Location(s) and time to follow. Please, if you
have ANY suggestions, lets hear from you! Contact the Prez. A thought,
if anyone wants to volunteer their house and we order some catered food?
Basil T's, Chummley's, a Roaming Party??? Time is going by... think about it.
There was no Special Presentation scheduled for this month's meeting so we dove
head first into the BEER TASTING SESSION. It was a bitch getting up the next morning!
1)Bee Mead by Luke and Tripka- This was made with 18 pounds of honey at a
WHALES Brew Bash. The bees were all over this baby, especially when the
wort chiller was in the pot. This mead is sparkling, with some carbonation.
Very nice with residual sweetness. NOT like some other meads that are like
rocket jet fuel high in fusel alcohols. The brewers used some lemon and tea bags
to leach out the tannins. A VERY nice mead!
2)Stout by Paul- A Foreign Extra Stout. Good, dry roastiness. Nice tight head.
3)Divorce Court Barleywine by Kenny- 7 months in the bottle. Can age for years
at 12% ABV.
4)Sam Adams Lite- Well, we did the homebrews first. And here we go from mead,
stout, and barleywine to Sammy Lite! However, if you're gonna drink a Lite,
this is the Lite to drink.
5)Cricket Hill Red White and Brew Pale Ale by MT- Brewed in Fairfield, NJ.
6)Nutfield Old Man Ale by Luke- An American Pale Ale style but with Ringwood Yeast.
One year old, big golf course brew. Tough crowd to please as Paul's comments
were "Tastes like an old man's sack steeped in water!"
7)Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA by Paul- This corked beer smells like a winner.
Big IBU's and a nice color. Great!
8)Blueridge Snowball's Last Chance by Keith- This is a winter ale/dark IPA.
Served too warm to appreciate.
9)Allagash Triple Reserve by Keith- Brewed in Portland, Maine. This beer, batch #28,
was a gusher. When it calmed down it had a big rocky head. Clovey,
with burn and spice weighing in at 9%.
10)Nice Chouffe by Paul- 5 year old Belgian Christmas barleywine from 1997.
Very smooth and have to respect that it stood up so well over time.
11)Framboise by Paul- A favorite of nearly all Club members. This beer just wafts
the air with sour and fruit. Goes great with everything. Dessert in a bottle!
12)Scottish Ale by August from JJ's- Tom pulled off some of this for the Club to try.
They just crashed it so it is still young. Nice and smokey with LOTS of potential.
Look for this one when it hits the taps.
Hope to see you all at Steve's for the Brew Bash on November 2nd. CHEERS!
Kenny/Divorce Court Brew Labs