2002 November Meeting Issue #49

WHALES Newsletter and Minutes
November 2002 Issue #049
Woodbridge Homebrew Ale & Lager Enthusiast Society

PREVIEW: Split Rock, Club Only, Year End Party
QUOTES: Crackers and Hackers?!

11/23/02- Split Rock AHA Home-brew Competition
12/09/02- Deadline for AHA Club Only Fruit -OR- Veg/Spice/Herb
12/19/02- WHALES Club monthly meeting **PRESENTATION NEEDED!**
01/11/03- WHALES XMAS PARTY (time/location<s> unknown)

Gentlemen, start your LAGERS!
The cold weather will be upon us momentarily.  For those of us that don't have the
equipment to age lagers properly, we must rely upon Mother Nature to help us out
And she is sure good to us here in the Northeast this time of year!  Got a garage or
shed?  You can lager very successfully by just setting your secondary carboy out
there for a couple months and forget about it.  Bock beers, THRIVE in this
environment.  If you have never made a lager before, please consider one now when
the price is right (free cold).  Your home brewery will reward you with treasures to
savor for years to come.

Our Club's anniversaries have been passing by unrecognized for years.  We all need
more reasons to celebrate, so lets celebrate and raise a toast to our latest!  Anyone
know for sure what month/year the Club was started?  Somewhere, someplace, this
stuff is documented.  (inside the empty beer bottle in my backyard that I have not
picked up since 1996?)  In any event, we need to celebrate our roots.  Rough math
indicates we are approaching our 7th year together.  Damn, after 7 years we should
all be friends by now!  However, we all know that Hophead character can be tough to
deal with at times...

November Meeting 2002
ATTENDANCE: (16 strong)  MT, Julianna, GUEST TOM, Luke, Leo, Prez, Pipe,
Paul, Kenny, Steverino, Harry, Joe Bar, Brian, GUEST LANCE, Harry, Paff.

We voted to invest $100 of our dues money to that cause.
The Russians are hitting the site. And so are the Crackers and Hackers.  In the few
days we've had the site reopened, there have been 540 attempts to crack the site.
The advantages are WHALES are linked to other search engines, and Bitting plus
there is a lot more space to do stuff.  Luke sugested we do an AWARD SECTION
highlighting the indiviual efforts.

This November meeting had one of the best Tasting Sessions ever!  Many of us
brewed a batch for the Club Only competition of Fruit or Spice/Herb/Vegetable
We had 7 beers to judge!
American Peach Wheat by Keith
Apricot Pale Ale by Steve
Pumpkin Ale by Tom
Cherry Stout by Luke
Christmas Spice Ale by Kenny
Old Noel Christmas Ale by MT and Harry

Keith's American Peach Wheat was made with 8 lbs of fresh peeled and pitted
peaches, no extract.  Steve made on DYNO Magic Hat #9 Clone Apricot Ale!  This
beer was slightly darker than the peach.  Apricot extract was added to secondary.
Tom's Pumpkin was an extract with grain recipe, using 9 lbs of pumpkin and carbed
with primetabs.  Leo's Pumpkin Ale required 10 lbs of pumpkin!  Grain with extract
\ecipe heavy on spices with clove and nutmeg.  Luke made a Stout with extract and
grain and split the batch in half.  He calibrated the cherry with an eye dropper and the ratio was 8/10th's ounce.  XMas Ale from Divorce Court Brew Labs was young with Belgian Trappist yeast and Year Old 1056 American.  This ale was an extract and grain recipe with chocolate, vanilla, sage, cinnamon, all spice, coriander, clove, and licorice.  MT and Harry's Old Noel was in the bottle 2 weeks.  Similar to Old Fezziwig.  Clove Cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and get this...  FOUR TANGERINES!  Great stuff!  Thanks for all those brewing to enter.  We did good.  The voting was side by side.  This was one GREAT tasting session!

Vote Results:
4.5 - Keith's American Peach Wheat
3.0 - Luke's Cherry Stout
2.5 - Steve's Apricot Pale Ale
2.0 - MT and Harry's Old Noel Christmas Ale
2.0 - Kenny's Christmas Spice Ale

We are pleased to have you represent the WHALES in this competition and we are sending the Club's very best in this category.  Man, that beer is good, the Club should score very well.  Thanks to all the brewers that participated!

The Tasting Session did not end there...  We journeyed on with OTHER non-comp home-brews!
Leo- Rapahanic Red
MT- Belgian Wit
Brian- English Brown Ale
Harry- Moldy Porter
Paul- Extra Foreign Stout
Paul- Death By Stout
Mike- Barleywine

Beer Problems are this Club's specialty.  We tried to determine what the hell went wrong with the Moldy Porter.  It was plastic Band-Aids.  This Club is known for producing top quality world class beers.  When a problem brew arises, we must stop that from happening again.  Paff thought it was the yeast.  It also could have been non-filtered water or a sanitation problem.  In any event, lets try to prevent a bad batch from happening again!

Leo's Red was an Irish.  The Belgian Wit was very good.  Sweet aroma, 1 cup wheat flour, 1 LB Shop-Rite Quick Oats, White Labs Belgian, Coriander.  The English Brown was nice and choclately.  Pleasing dryness.  Baby Bath was 10%.  Has to do with pregnancy and midwives.  More sterile than water.  XFSTOUT was brewed 11/03/01, bottled 11/27/01.  1 Year Old BABY!  Impy Stout, 2 YEAR OLD.  This beer had a head of fine tiny bubbles.  It got nothing but compliments.  ABSOLUTELY PERFECTION!  Good job Paull!  BrewBash All grain Barleywine form Mike.  WOW baby.

Steve brought the Saranac Sampler.  The Club had had enough and better judgment said to reserve the Saranac for another day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!