2003 February Meeting Issue #52

WHALES Newsletter and Minutes
Febrewary 2003 Issue #052
Woodbridge Homebrewers Ale & Lager Enthusiasts Society


"We should have a Mystery Brew every month."
"If Iran attacted Iraq from the rear, would Greece help?"
"We are ripped under the house."

02/24/03- INVITE from Pale Ales Meeting at Harvest Moon 7:30pm
02/25/03- THE DARKEST NIGHT Impy Stouts at Blind Tiger
03/08/03- ROAD TRIP Ramstein Open House and Romapo Valley Brewpub
03/10/03- SAKE INVITE from Pale Ales at Banzai restaurant in Hamilton
03/20/03- Brown Ale Pre-judging for AHA Club Only WHALES Meeting
03/22/03- PUB CRAWL Tour of Ireland and Scotland by Luke
04/04/03- DEADLINE for AHA Club Only #10 Brown Ale
04/12/03- PUB CRAWL Philadelphia by Joe
04/18/03- DEADLINE for AHA National Homebrew Competition
05/03/03- Big Brew Bash at Luke's

This month's edition isn't a newsletter.  For cryin' out load it's a book!  Print
it out, grab a sixer of your favorite homebrew, crawl into your best chair, sit
back, relax, read, and enjoy!  OK, here we go...

First off, Homebrew Joe of Princeton wants to stress the point he is NOT
OUT OF BUSINESS!  He has not moved and still has time on his lease.  Joe
is a good friend of the Club and offers a 5% discount to all WHALES
members.  E-mail Joe ahead of time for fast pick up at schd@pluto.njcc.com
or give him a buzz at (609) 252-1800.

Heavyweight Brewery held open house again on 01/25.  Steve, Leo, Pam,
Keith, Janet, Paff, Patty, and August attended the blast.  Cinderbock and
Imperial Porter were on tap.  Baltus and Lunacy were bottled.  Also served
was Impy Porter aged in oak for a year, Stickenjab, and 12% Old Salty
Barleywine.  Paff brought his powered Alt.  The brewer of Basil T brought
Pale Ale and Honey Brown.  Times are good for Tom and Peggy.  The
brewery has expanded into the adjacent building essentially doubling it's

The Old Bay recently had on tap Celebration, Foghorn, Lunacy, Victory Old
Horizontal, Climax Imperial Stout, Riverhorse and many more.  Luke reports
the SN Celebration was excellent but the pours and service at Old Bay
needs improvement.

The Annual Chili Fest at River Horse was on 02/09 in Lambertville.  Luke,
Kathy, Keith, Janet, Christine, Chris, and other WHALES (Tripkas?)
attended.  As usual, the joint was jammed.  Some of the best chili came from
Martine's and the Mosquito Grill.

* * * * *

Special thanks to our hosts, Luke and Kathy.  There was a fine cheese and
cracker spread, fruit, chicken nuggets, waffle fries, and various desserts to
help us along the journey.  El Lukay also provided the tunes and arranged
the VCR setup for the PABOOM video.  This was one tough tasting session
to organize, and Luke did that too.  We signed our 50 plus beers in and he
came up with an order to taste them.  Without some sense of organization,
and all of these huge beers, this thing could have been pure chaos.
Instead, it was a night to go down in history as one of (if not) THE best
tasting sessions we've ever had as a Club!

#01- Sam Adams Utopia MMII from Paul
This beer is the reason Big Beer Night was invented.  Paul has been
hanging onto this baby for the right occasion so the occasion was
created for it.  This beer is currently the strongest beer in the world at 24%
abv.  It comes in a 24 ounce bottle that looks like a copper brew kettle.
There were only a few thousand bottles produced and Paul snagged #3856
at the Wine Emporium for $140.  This beer has been selling on e-bay for
$200 - $210 apiece.  It has also been spotted selling at bars for $20 an
ounce shot glass.  Paul and Luke had us all drooling in anticipation with the
presentation of the beverage.  The lights were dimmed and the music was
set.  There was a Utopia Alter, and the kettle was unveiled with the theme
from Space Oddesy in most dramatic fashion.  There was a slight hiss from
the bottle upon the open.  There were 11 of us attending the session, so
Paul poured out generous 2 ounce samples for all of us in special snifters.
"I could not see drinking $150 beer out of plastic cups," Paul said.  He got a
great deal by renting out 3 dozen little snifter glasses for $4.77 (for the
entire weekend)!  The choice of glassware was perfect, allowing the taster
to see and smell this beer in all its glory.    One wiff of this beer's alcoholic
waft let you know you were in for something special.  The vapor fumes
were intense, the beer lay still.  Unique and one of a kind, you knew this
was a beer to share.  Utopia is a beautiful golden amber color with some
"schmutz" particals floating about.  Oohs, ahs, and senual moans came
from our lips as we all sipped in orgasmic extasy.  Most of us tossed out
words like "whiskey" or "bourbon".  "Would be good over vanilla
ice-cream," was mentioned.  "Tastes distilled."  "Like a liquor."  "YUM!"
"Warms the cockles of my heart."  This beer was creamy and sticks to your
lips and tongue.  There was the slightest hint of maple syrup in there and
we all were pleased that the brewery did not overpower with that
ingredient as they had done so in their Triplebock.  "Cognac,
butterscotch..."  Total complexity.  You could really taste the oak from the
barrel.  The beer is aged in port, scotch, and cognac barrels.  Malts are
generous portions of Harrington, Caramel, and Vienna.  To counter the
sweetness it is highly hopped with Hallertau Mittelfrueh, Tettnang
Tettnanger, Spalt Spalter, and Czech Saaz.  This was one incredible beer
and what a way to start off the Big Beer Night.  Superb!  Thank you Paul.

#02- Sam Adams 1995 Triplebock from Paul
To put it mildly, we did not like this at all.  Commentary: "rough, bad, stinks,
winced, off flavors, damp, musky, corky."  This beer did not age well at all
and is almost if not definately undrinkable.  17.5% abv.  We think Boston
Brewery killed this beer with maple syrup, yet we still have to commend
them for the attempt.  Perhaps this big beer collapsed due to improper
packaging (leaky corks) and it just oxidized to death?

#03- Dogfish Head 1999 World Wide Stout from Paul
#04- Dogfish Head 2001 World Wide Stout from Paul
#05- Dogfish Head 2002 World Wide Stout from Paul
Three vintages of this Imperial Stout can only be tasted one way, side by
side.  The '99 and '01 range between 18 to 21% abv while the '02 is the 2nd
strongest beer (next to Utopia) at 23.04% abv.  The '99 opened with a
hearty hiss.  It was leaning more towards a sherry than a stout tasting
something like an old triplebock.  The '01 had more carbonation and gave
you a "tingle on the tip of the tongue."  It had notes of coffee and chocolate
with a complexity that increased as the beer warmed up.  Comments about
the '02 included "most fizzy, zingy, peppery, rough, big time whoa, an ass
kicker that will twist your parts."  All three beers were different animals.  We
did come to the conclusion that it was not time that changed these beers.
We concluded that each were of different recipes.  It was unanimous that
2001 was the best of all.  Thanks Paul for the treat!

#6- Hard Cider (homebrew) from Tripka
This 15% abv nectar smelled "dangerously clovey" before a sip.  Mike
made 2 gallons of this hooch.  The cider is very rare now do to a multitude
of broken bottles!  The cider "smells like a nice candle" and Mrs. Hophead
said "Wow, this is homebrew?!"

#07- Affligem Tripel Abbey Ale from Kenny
This beer is from the oldest abbey in Flanders founded in 1074 by
benedictine monks.  It weighs in at 8.5% abv and is also known as "Belgian
Burgundy."  The monks brewed this with artesian well water along with
hops and barley grown in the abbey's own fields.  Club comments included
"refreshing, slightly bitter, intumescent, pilsnerish..."  Keith said "This is
one of those beers that will sneak up on you."

#08- Aventinus German Wheat Dopplebock from Kenny
This 8% abv  bottle conditioned dandy is from the oldest weizen brewery in
Bavaria, Schneider and Sohn, brewers of the famous Schneider Weiss.
Linda thought "This was the best beer so far."  Kathy said "Awesome,
simply wonderful!"  This beer undergoes an open fermentation.  The
alcohol is buried in the chocolate notes, fruit, and clovey spice and it does
not taste like 8%.

#09- Divorce Court Strong Belgain Dark (homebrew) from Kenny
This beer is half a year old in the bottle and packs a punch at 9.6% abv with
the assistance of dark candy suger.  It was served a tad too cold though.
The finer notes shine through when the beer is at warmer temperature.

#10- Delirium Trmens from Kenny
At 8.5% abv, this beer is presented in an opaque bottle brewed in Belgium
at the Huyghe Brewery.  This beer is rich and flavorful with light candy
sugar, highly carbonated with a very big white head and long lace down the
glass.  "There is some very unexplainable Belgian goings on here," said
Piper Mike.

#11- Quadrupel Trappist Ale from Tripka
Dubbels, Trippels, and now Quads!  This heavyweight is from Konings
Hoeven, product of Holland.

#12- Belgian Dubbel (homebrew) from Keith
A nice homebrew, smooth and very drinkable at 7.5% abv.  This  winter
warmer has tiny super fine bubbles and lace.  It was made using both dark
and amber candy sugar.  Keith simply calls it "weird."

#13- Heavyweight Lunacy from Keith
This beer is very light in color.  The alcohol is hidden, not evident, even
though it weighs in at 7.7% abv.  Paul was not a fan of previous Lunacy
batches but he says "This one seems to have been fine tuned."

#14- '96 Kulmbacher Reichelbrau Eisbock from Kenny
#15- Eggenberg Dunkel Eisbock from Luke
We had two Eisbocks to sample so we decided to do a side by side.  There
are not many folks making eisbocks today.  To brew one you have to
partially freeze a bock, and separate the ice slush from remaining liquid.
(Water freezes before alcohol.)  The result is a more potent and smoother
lager that ages very well.  The Kulmbacher was vintage numbered #38,956
and clocked in at a hefty 10% abv bottled July 11, 1996.  Both the
Eggenberg and Kulmbacher were virtually the same color.  The Eggenberg
was clear, while the '96 had schmutz particles floating about.  Of the two,
the Kulmbacher was the favorite, with notes of whiskey, coffee, and
chocolate and with more depth and maltiness than the Eggenberg.

#16- 1995 Samichlaus from Paul
#17- 1996 Samichlaus from Paul
#18- 1997 Samichlaus from Kenny
#19- 2000 Samichlaus from Tripka
#20- 2001 Samichlaus from Paul
A FIVE YEAR Samichlaus side by side tasting, can you imagine?  Just about
all of our Big Beers tonight are ales.  Here is the world's strongest lager
with most vintages weighing in at 14% abv.  We poured all of the beers first
and everyone had 5 cups in front of them to judge at a sitting.  With 5 years
of Sami in front of him, Piper Mike said "it's wrong."  We were blessed!  The
'95 had a strong malt and alcohol nose.  It had the most carbonation of all
years.  The '96 held up real well over the years!  This one just "grabs you."
The '96 was complex and maltiest.  The '97 was smooth and appeared the
most alcoholic and warming.  '00 seemed to be from a different brewer.
Sweetest of the lot and with a sweet finish.  '01 was the least liked of the
lot.  Thick mouthfeel but "no twang."  Not as warming as it should be.  Has
hints of honey but compared with the others they must have cut quite a bit
out of the grain bill.  Color-wise, the '01 was lightest, '95 and '00 medium
color, and the '96 and '97 the darkest.  There was no Sami made in 1998.
Our opinions were again unanimous.  The 2001 was the least favorite while
the 1996 was by far the best.  What a great tasting!

#21- Divorce Court PABOOM (homebrew) from Kenny
This was the last bottle of an Imperial Stout brewed in 1996.  Prior to the
tasting, we got to see a short video of this batch when it was violently
fermenting in a bucket.  It kept blowing off the lid and thick black lava
oozed over the sides.  It won a 1st place at Net Wort VI in 2001 and was first
runner up for Best Of Show.  Thanks Luke for setting up the VCR.

#22- Pissoff Moose Juice (homebrew) from Luke
This barleywine is aged 17 months.  The brewer was attempting to create a
beer somewhere in between Sierra Nevada Celebration and Sierra Nevada
Bigfoot.  What he ended up with is a fine barleywine that tastes very similar
to Old Salty from Heavyweight.

#23- Rogue i2 Imperial Pale Ale from Paul
Ultra hopped ale pumped up to 74 IBU's with the help of Saaz, Cascade,
and Goldings.

#24- Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA from Paul
At this point we were down to only 6 people willing to sample.  "Great beer
to watch a football game with."  "Oh my God, heaven in a bottle."  "Like
smelling a bottle of cascade oil."  "The hops and the chicken nuggets
compliment each other and go well together."  This beer gets it's name
because of the addition of hops throughout the entire 90 minute boil.  It is
no light weight checking in at 9% abv and an IBU rating of 90.

#25- Big Johnson (homebrew) from Tripka
With a little bit of calculation, we figured out on the spot that the BJ packs a
wallop at 10.1% abv.  Paul said it best when he looked MT squarely in the
eyes and said "I LIKE your Big Johnson!"

Aside from the above mentioned 25 big beers, there was a multitude of
"regular" beers to fill in the gaps in between.  Paul brought a mini-keg of
Monchshof Schwarzbier and there was also  a mini-keg of Divorce Court
IPA from Kenny.  Everybody brought beers, big and small.  Some of those
we could not possibly get to (we were at this for 6 hours) were 12.1% Full
Mooner Barleywine homebrew and 14% Cannonball homebrew Barleywine
from Kenny.  Homebrew ESB, homebrew Brown Ale, Heavyweight's Baltus
8.2%, Heavyweight Imperial Porter, Weyerbacher Imperial Stout brought by
Keith.  Steve brought the Brooklyn Monster 2003 at a hefty 11%.  We never
got to Paul's Rogue '02 Old Crusty, Rogue Impy Stout '02, Heavyweight's
'00, 01, and '02 Old Salty, Albert Le Coq's 9% Impy Stout, and Dogfish
Head's 15% Olde School Barleywine.  We also missed out on MT's '02
Brooklyn Monster and Young's Dirty Dick Barleywine.  We sure did try to
get to them all though!

* * * * *

There was a mini Pub Crawl that occurred when we dropped off entries for
War of Worts VIII.  Keith, Luke, and Kenny forged their way down to
Princeton Homebrew Joe's, which was a drop off point.  We finally all met
up at Triumph Brewpub where we tasted everything there was on tap.
There is a big RYE beer now.  If you've never had a rye beer before, this is
worth a sip.  Burgers are $10, Luke had one.  Prez ordered a plate of fries.
We also tried the barley soup.  While everything was good, you can burn
cash here real quick.  After having 5 pints, this brewer asked for a buyback,
and was granted one.  If you don't ask, you ain't gonna get one!

After Princeton, we decided to go to Harvest Moon "for one."  We ended up
with 21!  We should have had a camera, what a shot this was!  21 glasses of
beer on the bar top for the three of us.  BELGIAN TRIPLE, BRITISH NUT
crystal clear.  The IPA needed some I.  We put three glasses of "different"
beers side by side and discovered they were all the same beer!  That was
our opinion.  The amber was the same as the mild, the mild was the same as
the amber, the blah was the same as the other.  IDENTICAL COLOR AND
TASTE!  We were not fooled.  Harvest Moon is improving with their new brewer Matt but please don't insult our intelligence.

After Harvest we went to Old Bay "for one".  At $5 a beer we left pronto for
Divorce Court Brew Labs for a night cap.  At DC Brewery, we got on our
hands and knees to reach the hoard of Big Beers in the crawlspace.  We
did up a few big ones including Ipswich 1084, Brimstone Big Ale, and
Cannonball Barleywine.

1) In the crawlspace, with heads bumping the 2x12's, the 1084 called our
name.  "First sort, wee heavy.  STINGO."  "There will come a time when
you'll understand.  A time when you will learn that perhaps things are not as
you thought.  It will be a cold, dark, raw night.  It will be the night you open
this bottle and watch as the rich, copper brew pours into a glass.  You will
shudder, yet you will be comforted.  It will be cold, yet it will make you warm.
It's heavy, heavy, indeed.  But it has opened the door and now you
understand that the cold, dark, raw night is not to be feared and so you go
for a walk in the rain and it is good and from here on you look forward to
nights such as this.  There, NOW you understand."

2) Brimstone's Big Ale
13% abv Bottle # 13981 (hand written)
Released once a year in December and aged at least five months prior to

3) 1999 Cannonball Barley Wine Millenium Brew (homebrew)
14% abv brewed at Carter Lake, Iowa
This kicked ass, and was the only bottle remaining.

We attempted to play some guitar but the fingers did not work.  The
wife stayed upstairs while we plugged in the electric bass and blasted the
neighbors with the twin 15 inch Black Widow speakers on the 400 watt
Peavy amplifier.  Woke up with stabbing pain in right shoulder reminding
me that fell asleep fully clothed on floor after getting "ripped under the
house."  Well, it was not the first time and most likely not the last!

* * * * *

WHALES 2003 Homebrewer of the Year   (HBOY Comp)
January 01, 2003 through December 31, 2003

AHA Club Only Comps:
Beers will be blind judged at our scheduled meeting.
1 point for bringing the AHA style for Club pre-judging.
1 point if the Club selects yours to represent WHALES.
If the beer entered in the comp places, bonus points awarded for
1st (5 pts), 2nd (3 pts), 3rd (1 pt).

4 other Comps:  War of the Worts, AHA Nationals, Split Rock & one other.
1 point for entering one beer -OR-,
2 points for entering more than one.
You can enter as many beers as you like, however just 2 points maximum
will be allowed for entering each comp.  If any of the beers you enter
places, receive bonus points as above awarded for 1st  (5 pts), 2nd (3 pts),
3rd (1 pt).

Best of Show (BOS) gets (3) points.

Gift Certificate
Your name/year engraved on the HBOY plaque at J.J. Bitting
Joe of Princeton Homebrew to donate prize

* * * * *

War of Worts is being held at this very minute of typing.  Meanwhile, here
are the current standings for HBOY.

Club Only Category #4 entered for (1) point
Tripka, Luke, Keith, Kenny

Club Only Category #4 selected for (1) point

War of Worts one entry for (1) point

War of Worts more than one entry for (2) points
Paul, Keith, Luke, Paff, Tripka, Kenny

STANDINGS as of 02/22/03:
4 pts- Tripka
3 pts- Keith
3 pts- Luke
3 pts- Kenny
2 pts- Paff
2 pts- Paul
1 pts- Steve

* * * * *

WHALES held the Club's February meeting at J.J. Bitting Brewpub on the
third Thursday of the month and attendance was outstanding!
Attendance: Paul, Keith, Luke, Tom P, Joe B, Christine, Leo, Pam, MT,
Harry, Piper, Steve, Tom T, GUEST Nick, GUEST Pete, GUEST Andre.

If anyone has e-mail addresses for our recent guests, please forward this
Newsletter to them.

With the amount of Club members on the rise, we need to remind everyone
about courtesy at our meetings.  Please give your attention and respect to
the person speaking on the floor.  Please refrain from socializing in
individual conversations with your neighbor.  If you have something to say,
say it to the group.  Thank you.

Tom T made a batch that he chilled in a drift in the recent blizzard.

Thanks to Homebrew Joe of Princeton, White Labs Yeast Posters and
copies of his Barleywine Presentation were handed out.

HBOY points and rules were finalized (copies included above).

BREW BASH at Luke's 05/03, rain or shine.

2006 is earliest date for WHALES AHA competition.

Tripka read judges results of Club Only Category #4 Bitters Comp.

Big Beer Night recognized.  (notes included above).

Pub Tour 03/22.  "Tour of Ireland and Scotland" by Luke.  Meet at the
Woodbridge station for the 12:56 train to NYC.  After a short walk we'll take
the (6) subway uptown.  (If you want to meet us there, or can't make it from
Woodbridge, email lkostu@aol.com for directions.)  This NYC Pubcrawl will
The Kinsale Tavern 1672 Third Ave (93rd-94th St)
The Kinsale manages to combine authentic Irish pub's casual friendliness
with the best of a good neighborhood tavern's food and service.  Featuring
25 taps, 75 bottles and good inexpensive Irish pub grub for under $10.  With
that many great beers you are sure to squirt like a WHALE!

St. Andrew's 120 West 44th St (6th-7th Ave)
The tradition and flavors of Scotland have found a home right off Times
Square.  The regal interior invites you to sit back and enjoy 20 taps and 100
bottles.  Treasures such as McEwans X Port Ale, Boddingtons and Bell
Haven Scottish among others await you.  Hungry?  How about some
Scottish cock-a-leekie soup!

Pub Crawl 04/12.  Philadelphia by Joe.  Monk's Cafe, McGillan's, Nottingham
Brewery, and one other.  Rates at $120 - $150 a night if you choose to sleep
over.  Contact joebarcas@hotmail.com for details.

Paff announced he has homebrew supply discounts.  He will post this on
the websites.

DUES REMINDER!  $3 a month

Club Meeting Tasting Notes:
1) Irish Red Ale (homebrew) from Leo
Extract and specialty grains.  Hoppy beer, not bad but could use more malt
to balance it out.  Has matured/conditioned in the bottle and has improved
since last time.

2) Mystery Beer (homebrew) from Kenny
This beer was brewed 12/15/02 and left in the Divorce Court Garage over 2
months to winter lager.  Garage temperature over that period ranged from
26*F to 47*F with an average temp of 35*F.  Comments and guesses varied
widely but with Mike and Mike coming closest as to what this beer is.  (It
was supposed to be a bock.)

Harry- "Weiss Ale with raspberry and bananna that grows on you."
Paul- "Nice Brown Ale."
Christine- "Fruity, like a Golden Monkey with less alcohol."
Piper- "A lager yeast bock fermented too warm."
Keith- "Warming."
Luke- "Brown Ale."
Nick- "Would buy it."
Hairy Joe- "Old English Spice Ale."
MT- "Doppelbock."
Leo- "No clue!"
Paff- "High alcohol."
Joe Bartender- "Barleywine."
Kenny- "Bockish!"
Hey, that was fun!  Piper said we should have a "mystery beer" every
month.  Why not!

3) English Bitter (homebrew) from MT
This is the beer that represented WHALES in the recent Club Only
Category 4.  While Mike did not place, he scored very well with an average
of 34.6.  There were 52 entries to compete against.  Tripka did us proud
with this #4B effort!  This beer has a clean and dry finish.

4) Best Bitter (homebrew) from Tom T.
This beer was brewed in November but Tom chose NOT to enter it for
prejudging in the AHA Club Only because he thought it was "too green at
the time."  The Caramunich malt bursts through and East Kent Goldings
provide a puckery finish.

5) English Brown Ale (homebrew) from Keith
Prez says this beer "falls into the Southern Brown style and is best when
not too cold."  He thinks there is some "veggie" taste.  Others thought it
tastes like "candy" or "powdered sugar candy."  That can't be a bad thing!

6) Powered Alt (homebrew) from Paff
"Good malty beer.  Dry."

7) IPA (homebrew) from MT
Great lace, nice hop!

8) Maple Porter (homebrew) from Leo
"Tastes like Coke!"
"Tastes like Coca Cola syrup."

9) Triplebock Clone (homebrew) by Princeton Joe from Luke
This one from Homebrew Joe tastes SO MUCH BETTER than the original
Sam Adam's!  It is quite drinkable, indeed.  Great effort.

10) Rogue 2001 Imperial "XS" Stout from Paul
This Big Beer from Rogue is unfiltered and is best when aged for one year
or more.  The use of oats smoothes out any rough edges.  Highly hopped
with Chinook, Williamette, and Cascades.

11) Albert Le Coq 1999 Extra Double Imperial Stout from Paul
12) Albert Le Coq 2000 Extra Double Imperial Stout from Paul
Big Beer Night all over again!  Paul collects beers by the year and excells
at side by side tastings.  The '99 has a deep and complex nose of dark fruit.
The '00 had a similar aroma but with less intensity.  It had a a hint of raisons.
The '99 was sweet while the '00 was bitter and a little rough on the edges.
We all liked the '99 the best which came from a well sealed bottle that had a
big "POP" on the open.  The '00 only made a slight hiss after opening and
may have been oxidized.

13) Worldwide Stout 1999 from Paul
14) Worldwide Stout 2001 from Paul
15) Worldwide Stout 2002 from Paul
Yet another HUGE side by side compliments of Paul!  "These beers are
cheap at $6 - $7 per bottle."   "Can't beat it," said Hophead.  We tasted
these beers on Big Beer Night at Luke's Garage and the comments are
very similar.  The '99 was described as "wonderful, sweet, excellent."  The
'01 is somewhere between 18 - 21% abv.  It had hints of molasses and more
of a chocolate aftertaste.  The 2002 at 23% is the 2nd strongest beer in the
world!  "Rich and Rough."  Paul thinks Dogfish Head should start putting
the year of vintage on the labels.  You can imagine that by now, our tables
were full of empty bottles and cups!

16) Rauchbock from Harry and Nick
This brew from Baltimore Brewing Co checks in at 6.7% abv.  Someone
commented "Liquid Bratwurst!"  This is a meaty beer, copper in color with
lots of German beechwood smoked malt.  It is aged for 2 1/2 months before
bottling and is hopped with Hallertau Hersbrucker.

* * * * *

Yes indeed, Febrewary was one fine month!
Hope you enjoyed the read!  CHEERS!
Kenny/ Divorce Court Brew Labs

President- Keith
Treasurer- Tom
Program Director- Luke
Secretary- Kenny