2003 April Meeting Issue #54

WHALES Newsletter and Minutes
April 2003 Issue #054
Woodbridge Homebrewers Ale & Lager Enthusiasts Society

Philly Pub Crawl, Brew Bash, Baltic Porter Presentation

"Porters don't know where they want to go."
"Drinking nonalcoholic beer is like kissing your sister.  What's the point?"
"This beer (Little Elvis) is my friend."
"I drink beer every day.  It's part of my breakfast."

05/03/03- Big Brew Bash at Luke's 9am
05/15/03- Prejudge for Club Only Category #11
05/24/03- Deadline for Club Only Category #11
06/28/03- WHALES Annual BBQ/Picnic at Pool

Most of us WHALES drink beer to celebrate no reason whatsoever but for those holding out here is one DANDY reason to crack one open: Christine's Baby Beluga is due in mid-November!  Since she can't drink her famous Cherry Stout now, that means more for us!  That's great news Max, and we all wish your new to be family well.

The Philly Pub Crawl hosted by Hairy Joe and Val on April 12th was a huge success!  The group of eight (Joe, Val, Keith, Janet, Leo, Kim, Paff, and Patty) visited Nodding Head and toured the brewery, Monk's Cafe, Ludwig's, and McGillan's.  For Joe's complete report check out the AOL site.

Homebrew Joe of Princeton Homebrew continues to offer outstanding service for all things fermentable.  Wine, beer, mead, cider, sake, you name it.  Pay your WHALES dues and receive a 5% discount on your brewing needs compliments of Joe.  Princeton Homebrew is always well stocked and carries the freshest ingredients you could ask for.  Joe's advice and expert brewing knowledge is a treasure chest just for the asking.  WHALES wish Joe continued success and prosperity at a time when homebrew shops seem to have been put on the endangered species list in our local area.  Keep going Joe!

The April 2003 meeting of WHALES took place at J.J. Bitting Brewpub.  Once again, special thanks to Mike Cerami, August, Paff, Dana, Tom T, bartender Joe and all the JJ people for hosting our Club!  EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to barmaid Karen for managing the Lost-And-Found Department recovering a jacket, car keys, and cell phone for one particularly distressed WHALE who was almost stranded on the Isle of Woodbridge at 1am.

ATTENDANCE: Keith, Joe, Luke, Juliana, MT, Leo, Steve, Kenny, Paff, Tom T, Gene, Guest Dan, and long time WHALES guy Beer Can Bob Reid from Pennsy!

The bar was an active area of discussion prior to the meeting.  NYC Pub Crawl, Philly Pub Crawl, Swiss Cheese Burgers, and Cask Ales, were all topics of interest.  Prez Keith opened the meeting next to the piano, at the tables over looking Main Street.

Entries for the AHA Club Only Scottish are being accepted 05/12 through 05/22.

As far as the Club Only Brown Comp, Keith scored a respectable 33 average. but did not win a placing.  Most of the judge's comments on their score sheets were difficult to read or illegible.

Big Brew is at Luke's Saturday 05/03 9am.  El Lukester will have some breakfast chow and lunch on hand, and has registered our site as #64.  Some of the brewing and attending will be Steve, Keith, Joe, Leo, Paff, Kenny, Tripka, and of course Luke.  There may be others as well.  Please don't come empty handed.

Summer Blast at Irish Pipe's Sept. 5th, 6th, 7th, pencil it in.  It's on the bay side of the shore.  Drink and stay over.

Leo is making his first all-grain this Easter Sunday.  That Kim, what a good wife!

Dan at Buy Rite is working on a 5% discount to WHALES members, thanks to Luke's prodding.  Dan has the best beer selection in the area.

Luke and his brother are tentatively scheduled for the 1st week in August for 70 acre Buck Ass Naked Weekend.  The Vermont getaway has hot showers, bunks, kitchen, and TV with VCR.  The group can pitch tents on the property.

WHALES ANNUAL BBQ PICNIC will be June 28th at Joe's swim club.  Tripka volunteered to feature his famous BBQ ribs.

Keith can harvest some Ramstein yeast for you NOW.  Fresh out of primary.

Luke taught us about Baltic Porters, and had a fine working knowledge of the varieties.  It was apparent that Luke spent quite a bit of time doing research and development on this topic.  Da Man presented 3 commercial varieties to savor the flavors, as well as to pick about and critique too.

Carnegie Stark Porter, Sinebrychoff Porter, and Perkumo's Hammer were some of Luke's offerings and they all were splendid!  Consensus of opinion was that the Hammer kicked ass and was best of all.

Thanks LUKE for a fine presentation!

Our April
Homebrew Tasting Session started off with a winner!
1) Steve's Bock- Still lagering but at 5.1% ABV with lacey fine bubbles.

2) Paff's Knock-Um-Out Bock fabulous!  A Maibock with yeast from Ramstein and lagered 6 to 8 weeks.

3) Kenny's Southern Brown Ale- Matured and conditioned since last time.  Chocolaty, roasty, and yummy.

4) Luke's American Brown- Also made for the Club Only and nicely buttery sweet.

5) Tripka's Little Elvis- This puppy probably falls somewhere into the brown family.  Hard to tell what this is but it sure is good!  This was made from the second runnings of a barleywine and OG was about 1045-1048.  Joe had a sip and said "This is my friend."  Other comments included "This is fun!"  The beer is loaded with tons of specialty grains and was served at the perfect temperature, not too cold, not too warm.  Instead of tossing those spent grains away, Little Elvis is here to stay.  A winner!  Damn, that barleywine must be something special too.  Can't wait.

6) Paff's Alt- From the guy who "can't make beer" and continually gets trashed by beer judges, this Northern German style racked up a huge 24 points!

7) Guest Dan's Triple Hopped Pale Ale- This beer was from a kit that was purchased from William's Homebrew.  Dan has about 14 batches under his belt.  This Triple Hopped was probably very good at one time but at 15 months old it is past it's peak.  Still very drinkable but not what you would expect from the title.  The hops have mellowed out.

8) Steve's version of Blind Faith.  Some of us have attempted to duplicate the apricot laced # 9 from Magic Hat.  This was Steve's attempt to clone their IPA.  Very good!

HBOY (Homebrewer of the Year) :
We had several WHALES enter beers into the first round AHA Nationals.  Luke entered a Brown Ale and Brown Porter.  MT entered his Big Johnson, Oatmeal Stout and Mead.  Prez Keith has an Oatmeal Stout, Southern Brown, and a Scottish Ale going in.  Paff is a sucker for punishment in these comps.  Still he persists and has entered a Cream Ale, Bohemian Pils, Maibock, Altbier, and Barleywine.  From Divorce Court Brew Labs Kenny has entered the Club Only IPA Bronze winner, Wee Heavy, Imperial Stout, Barleywine, Southern Brown, and a Traditional Bock.  All of those that entered the AHA Nationals receive 2 points (for entering more than one beer) in our HBOY contest.  Best of luck to us all!

HBOY STANDINGS as of 04/17/03:
18 points- Keith
11 points- Kenny
10 points- Luke
9 points- Tripka
7 points- Hophead
5 points- Steve
5 points- Paff
1 point- Tom T

Well, that's all for now.  Happy Easter!
Kenny / Divorce Court Brew Labs