2003 June Meeting Issue #56

June 2003 Issue #056
Woodbridge Homebrewers Ale & Lager Enthusiasts Society

PREVIEW:  Unscramble the letters (N I C C P K I / Q B B )
DC Labs wins BRONZE MEDAL in AHA Nationals 2nd Round.

"Damn, he showed up again."
"Where the hell is Leo?"
"Piper must be too juiced to drive."
"Chinook hops is like jumping into a bear trap."

06/28/03- WHALES Annual BBQ/Picnic (loose lips sinks ships)
07/17/03- WHALES Meeting Euro Pale Club Only Vote
07/25 or 07/26?- Alice Cooper Movie Party

Christine's 2nd Annual Firehouse Picnic was held on June 7th at the South Oldbridge Firehouse #3 on Englishtown Road and all WHALES were invited.  She was probably the only WHALE attending though, but we still hope a good time was had by all.

The WHALES Club monthly meeting took place at J.J. Bitting Brewpub on the third Thursday of June the 19th.  ATTENDANCE: Keith, Luke, Steve, Tom T, Tom P, Julianna, Mike T, Joe, Kenny, August, Gene, Mr. and Mrs. CJ.  We were all happy that Piper dude was a no show yet again.  Leo was a no show too.  For 6 months he had volunteered to do a Special Presentation and 2 days before the meeting he canceled.  Bummer.  We need to start handing out fines for this type of conduct.  I-Pipe should pay a six pack of Munich Dark and Leo owes big time with a case of Barleywine.  Fair enough?

Steve has been brewing a lot of beer lately and one of his batches suffered the ultimate mishap.  He was moving a full carboy of wort with one of those strap jobs and a strap broke.  The carboy crashed and smashed into smithereens.  Needless to say, 5 gallons of hard earned brew was lost on the floor as well.  WHAT A MESS!  Although Steve cleaned that sticky and dangerous disaster up as best he could, no doubt there will be a foot or big toe to find a glass chard or two for quite some time.  Anyway, to help make this homebrewer happy once again, Brewhauler and Austin Homebrew replaced the strap AND all of the ingredients wasted.  That sure helps the cause!  Speaking of Steve, he also added another gizmo to his home brewery.  It might be hard to visualize but he is now the proud owner of a "magnetic yeast starter."  It stirs at 1000 rpms!  If THAT can't wake up your yeast, what will!

Thanks August Lightfoot and Tom Paffrath for attending our homebrew meetings!  It's great to have professional brewers on hand to answer our tough brewing questions.  These guys are the best.  August was more than happy to fill up WHALES jugs with yeast harvested fresh from the tanks.  Right now the JJ IPA is real good and the hefe is at its best!

The Waterloo Brewfest is still looking for volunteers.  So far they have about 8 and they need 50.  Tom T, Steve and Keith have volunteered so far.  You get into the festival for free.  You wear a staff shirt, get free meals and beer, and you only have to work 4 hours.  That just might be enough to quit the day job.

Picnic?  What picnic?  Our "you know what" is being held "you know where" and "you know when."  We started to discuss what we all need to bring but "you know who" dropped by.  The best place to check out the details would be the invite only site.  Enough said.

The next AHA Club Only is for European Pale Lagers and the deadline is July 25th.  This style includes Bohemian Pilsner, Northern German Pilsner, Dortmunder Export, and Muenchner Helles.  Why the AHA chose the middle of the hot summer to do lagers is beyond us.  Some of us do have the proper cooling capabilities though so we just might stand a good chance in this one!  Our July meeting is the 17th, so if you have a Euro Lager please bring it to that meeting for prejudging and perhaps yours will be voted in to represent the WHALES Club.  You can also win points in our own Annual HBOY Competition.

President Keith is trying to get our timing down better for the Club Onlys.  The Club naturally pays shipping for our entry (instead of the individual brewer) and sometimes we are on the wire to meet a deadline.  When we are forced to rush an entry it takes at least $38.50 out of our dues money.  However, if we have ample time it only takes about $11.50 out of our beer bucks.  We should be brewing for EACH and EVERY Club Only and we should be brewing it 3 months (at least, depending on the style) ahead of time to compete.  Without a doubt, one year the WHALES will be Homebrew Club of the Year.  Hey, why not do it this year and get it out of the way!

Summer Volleyball is here!  Every Monday 6pm weather permitting.  Call Keith for details if you are interested.

Keith introduced us to a new place for homebrew supplies where we can earn a 10% discount.  The url is http://www.Brew4Less.com

"Brew Your Own" magazine is interested in doing a profile on the WHALES Homebrew Club.  BYO is looking for enthusiasts with exceptional systems or interesting stories to tell.  Hmmm...  this Club has a few for sure!

NJ Brewfest June 29th.

We are still trying to get some essential homebrew supplies (caps, hop bags, etc.) ordered for a SUPER BARGAIN DISCOUNT if we order in bulk.  No takers so far.

THANK YOU LUKE for printing up Beer Sign In Sheets -AND- the Flight List.  Nice job!

Also from Luke: Sam Adam's UTOPIA can be bought for $125/bottle now.  Ask for the wizard.

Vermont trip details will be posted by Luke.  The August date is moving.  It is about a 4 1/2 hour ride.

July 26th Sat (or 25th Fri???)
Big screen, fireworks, and door prizes.  Program Director/Event Coordinator Luke!

1) Bock by Kenny- OK
2) Pale Ale by Keith- 10 gallon batch dry hopped with Perle brewed with pale and crystal malts and fermented with 1056 from JJ.
3) Pale Ale by Gene- Brew Bash Beer, nice head.  Resiny, hoppy.  Nugget, Perle and Cascade.
4) Framboise by Tripka- This beer is 3 freaking years old but just gets better and better.  It has aged extremely well.  Take a sip and the wonderful fluid just wraps around the side of your tongue and grips you with a nice tart and sweetness.  It has a fine lacey head and is a pat on the back product from the Tripka home brewery.  Totally SUPERB, we could drink much of this!
5) Brown Ale by Kenny
6) Scotch Ale by Kenny
7) X-mas Ale by MT- Tom T commented "Holy Sh1t DUDE!  Spicey and clovey!"

WHALES HBOY (Homebrewer of the Year) STANDINGS as of 06/21/03:
Divorce Court Brew Labs is pleased to have won a BRONZE MEDAL in the AHA Nationals SECOND ROUND!  One additional point goes to Kenny for this achievement.  Good job!

Keith- 19 points
Kenny- 18 points
Luke- 11 points
Tripka- 10 points
Paul- 7 points
Steve- 6 points
Tom P- 5 points
Tom T- 1 point

Well, that's all for now.  CHEERS!
Kenny, Divorce Court Brew Labs