2006 February Meeting Issue #88

The Official WHALES Newsletter and Minutes February 2006 Issue #088
Woodbridge Homebrewers Ale & Lager Enthusiasts Society Established 1996
Whales reap much bling-bling at War of the Worts Competition
Tom Baker of Heavyweight discusses recipe ideas for a Heavy-Whale Brew
* Sat March 4th 9AM- Whales brew at Heavyweight, Ocean Twp NJ
* Sat March 4-5th, Split Thy Brooklyn Skull Festival, Mugs Ale House
* Sat March 11th, Heavyweight Brewing Open House 1-4PM
* Annual NYC Pubcrawl Saturday March 18th
* COC Category 10 American Ales to be judged at March 21st  Meeting
“"People who drink light 'beer' don't like the taste of beer; they just like to pee alot."
-Capital Brewery, Middleton, WI
Being There:  The WHALES held their Tuesday 21th  February meeting at J.J. Bittings, where mug-clubbers go to club their mugs.  Thanks to pub proprietor Mr. Cerami. On hand were Prez, Crazy John, Luke, Neal, SteveG, Gary,  SteveS, Gene, Leo & Kim, Robert & Kristin,  KeithS, MikeV, Paff, Heavyweight’s Tom Baker and newbie Tom.  Let us announce the triumphant return of Pipe!
The Thrill of Victory:  War of the Worts XI.  We claimed 7 medals including gold for Paff’s Munich and Darin’s  Pale Ale.  Silver was awarded to SteveG for his Northern English Brown, Paff’s weizenbock and  Darin’s Vienna Lager.  Bronze medals distinguished Prez for his wit and Gary for his American Amber.  Kudos to all who entered.  Luke is keeping tabs on all entries so if you haven’t already, email him with the styles you submitted.
Thanks to Darin for stewarding and Prez for picking up our prizes and ribbons.  This is one of the Big Four Whales sanctioned events that counts towards the 2006 Homebrewer of the Year Award.  Check out www.keystonehops.org/wotw/ for complete results.
The Happy Recap: Big  Beer Nite was a rousing success in the rustic yet friendly confines of Luke’s garage.  The seventeen hi-gravity beer flight was enjoyed by a burly Whale crew of ten.  Highlights included the flight of four premium impy stouts and SteveS’s three year old homebrewed barleywine.  Smoooooth, baby.
Sharp Dressed Man:  Gary distributed the latest line of Whales garb.  The most recent delivery included shirts in all the colors of the brewing rainbow.  Thanks to Gary for lugging those big boxes around.
In Leo We Trust:  According to Uncle Leo, our previous balance of $232.52 was increased by $432 in dues revenue.  Subtract expenses such as cups and the renewal of our website and the current balance now stands at $587.83.
Brew Guru:  Blessed with the company of Heavyweight Brewing’s Tom Baker, we threw out several ideas for a joint brewing venture.  We settled upon a Wee Heavy with an 1100 OG.  Tom will scout around for some Scottish yeast, but we may use a blend of yeasts.  Brew date is Saturday March 4th at 9AM.  Bring some food (and beer) as this will be an all day affair.  Thanks in advance to Tom who is inviting us into his brewhouse and providing us with a unique learning experience.
It’s Not A Gang, It’s a Club:  The next COC will be American Ales Category 10.  They will be judged at the March meeting and count for the ’06 HBOY.  Tentatively it has been set that we’ll judge extract beers at the April meeting.  Extract beers can be in any style, but must contain at least 50% extract fermentables.   Go to www.beertown.org for all the 2006 categories and dates.
All the Marbles:  The AHA National Homebrew competition is coming.  Entries must arrive between April 3rd and 14th and are $8 for AHA members and $12 for non-members.  The first round is held in May and if you are selected, you must submit more bottles for the second round in Orlando the next month.  The competition is fierce so send your very best.
Hot For Teacher:  Anyone interested in doing a presentation for the club, see Luke to book a date.  Prez appreciates any/all presentations, but encourages beer style presentations that correspond with upcoming Club Only Comps.  Still needed is a volunteer to talk about Category 13-Stout in time for a Sept COC.   Let’s learn about styles in advance, taste commercial examples and win a national medal (again). 
Cider House Rules:  The 53 gallon oak barrel has STILL not moved.  At the March meeting we’ll set a date for carboy pick-up.
Sharpen Yer Boots:  With the hangover from last March having subsided, it is time for the annual Whales NYC Pub Crawl on Sat March 18th.  We’ll meat at the Woodbridge Train Station for the 11:53AM train.  Specific watering holes TBA, but like last year it will center around the Lower East Side.  Website postings and email notices will arrive as the date gets closer.
Road Game:  Looks like our May meeting may be held at Harvest Moon Brewery in New Brunswick pending confirmation via Neal.
The Flight: We began with Wits:  Prez’ WOW award winning and then a Belgian offering from Mike.  Next was SteveG’s silver medalist, the English Brown.  Luke poured his 12.5% maple raisin cider which concluded the homebrews.  Commercially, Crazy John brought Rodenbach’s Flemish Sour Ale and if you stayed that late, Paff whipped out his 90 Shilling from Colorado, an Alaskan Amber Alt beer and his Hawaiian Kona Longboard. 
That’s all Folks!
-Luke, CEO Pissoff Brothers Brewing Co.