2006 March Meeting Issue #89

The Official WHALES Newsletter and Minutes March 2006 Issue #089
Woodbridge Homebrewers Ale & Lager Enthusiasts Society Established 1996
SteveG represents Whales in Club Only comp for American Ales Cat 10
Whales brew commercial Scotch Ale with Heavyweight Brewing- Ocean Twp NJ
* Bottling the Heavyweight Whale Wee Heavy 3/31
* Barrel Cider Racking Sat 4/1 3PM
* Nationals entries due 4/3-4/14
* AHA Big Brew National Homebrew Day 5/6 at Keith & Donna’s
* Whales 10 Year Anniversary Picnic June 10th at Fords Park
“I’m going to buy a boat…do a little traveling, and I’m going to be drinking beer!”           
     -John Welsh, Brooklyn bus driver who won $30 million in the NY lottery
The WHALES held their Tuesday 21th  March meeting at J.J. Bittings, where the plasma TVs are flat, but the beer is not.  In appreciation for all they have done for us, Mike Cerami and Brewer August Lightfoot were presented with sporty Whales shirts (Thanks again, Gary). On hand were SteveS, KeithS, Gene, Luke, Prez, Leo, Crazy John and Rob & Kristin.
A dozen hearty Whales worked with master brewer Tom Baker on our wee heavy joint venture on March 4th.  With a total grain bill of 875 lbs, our OG ran about 1092.  We used a blend of two yeasts, an American and an English hi-gravity to dry it a bit.  East Kent Goldings were the hops of choice.  Heavyweight Tom found a dark pressed cane juice sugar called Pinela in a Spanish bordello in Brooklyn, and combined it with mashed raisins soaked in scotch and added it to the boil.  Boiled for two hours and fermented at 62-64F.  In appreciation, the club presented Tom & Peggy with shirts emblazoned with the Whales logo proudly.
Paff, Luke and Prez each took 5 gal of boiled wort for a future comparison taste test, and Gene and Rob each took raw wort which they boiled and hopped themselves.  Thanks to Uncle Leo for carting his propane grill in the back of his truck and doing all the cooking in the cold weather and to all those who brought food, beer and hard work to the table.
Whales NYC Pub Crawl took place on Sat March 18th.  After taking a lunchtime train out of Woodbridge, Luke and work pal Jeff met Gary, SteveG and KeithS for a brew appy at Stout on 35th Street.  Then it was off to The Gingerman on 36th Street (66 taps) where we met Orth and friend Stan.   Then things get a little hazy as we warped through the Hop Devil Grille, The Belgian Room at HDG, Standings, Swift’s Hibernian Lounge and dba’s.   Best beer of the night?  Hell, I don’t know.
The club only competition for American Ales Category 10, was a smashing success with four big American entries;  KeithS’s Brown, SteveG’s Pale Ale, Gary’s Amber and Leo’s Pale Ale.  With all four being strong candidates, the votes were split among all contestants with SteveG gaining the additional HBOY point.  Congrats to Steve and good luck in the national round.
We’ll judge extract beers at the April meeting.  Extract beers can be in any style, but must contain at least 50% extract fermentables.   Go to www.beertown.org for all the 2006 categories and dates.
According to Treasurer Uncle Leo, our beginning balance of $659.73 remains unchanged.
The AHA National Homebrew competition is coming.  Entries must arrive between April 3rd and 14th and are $8 for AHA members and $12 for non-members.  This is a great opportunity to join the AHA ($38) and reap the perks.  The first round is held in May and if you are selected, you must submit more bottles for the second round in Orlando 6/22-6/24.  The competition is fierce so send your very best.
Homebrewer of the Year update thru and including the War of the Worts:  Paff 12, Darin 10, SteveG 5, Prez 4, Gary 4, Leo 3, KeithS 2 and Neal 2.  Next chance for points, the Amer Ale COC, Extract COC and the Nationals.
Anyone interested in doing a presentation for the club, see Luke to book a date.  Prez appreciates any/all presentations, but encourages beer style presentations that correspond with upcoming Club Only Comps.  Still needed is a volunteer to talk about Category 13-Stout in time for a Sept COC.   Let’s learn about styles in advance, taste commercial examples and win a national medal (again). 
Cider People (SteveS, Gene, Harry, Luke, Gary, SteveG, Prez, Paff, Leo & Neal).  The 53 gallon oak barrel has is ready to be racked.  Please have your sanitized, labeled and plugged carboy to Luke by 4/1 if you can’t make it.  Racking begins at 3PM.
The AHA Big Brew National Homebrew Day is quickly approaching.  Once again, it will be hosted by Keith and Donna Story in Piscataway on Saturday May 6th (rain or shine).  Prez is putting together an all grain recipe for a Belgian which we will age in an oak barrel for several months.  The idea is to pair off extract brewers with all-grainers who will make 10 gallon batches.   The yeast may be supplied by the generous Mr. Baker.  You are certainly welcome to brew other batches of interest to you.
Looks like our May meeting may be held at Harvest Moon Brewery in New Brunswick pending confirmation via Neal.
The Flight:   SteveS brought his natural cider made from Cider Day juice.  Clear, crisp, an apple aroma and easy too!  Just bring it home in a carboy and…do nothing for a couple of months.  Leo offered his Belgian pils from a previous COC and Crazy John brought his Nov Brew Bash Porter.  Gene poured his Baltic porter, which by club concensus, was a great beer but didn’t fit in BJCP guidelines.
That’s all Folks!
-Luke, CEO Pissoff Brothers Brewing Co