2006 April Meeting Issue #90

The Official WHALES Newsletter and Minutes April 2006 Issue #090
Woodbridge Homebrewers Ale & Lager Enthusiasts Society Established 1996
May meeting location change:  Steve & Dana’s house, Carteret NJ.  Shhhhhh!
Gary represents Whales in national COC for extracts with his American Amber.
* Heavyweight Open House 4/30 1-4 PM featuring Wee Whales Scotch Ale
* AHA Big Brew National Homebrew Day 5/6 at Keith & Donna’s
* Whales 10 Year Anniversary Picnic June 10th at Fords Park
* June meeting hosted by our friends at Harvest Moon Brewery, New Brunswick NJ
“I have the best job in the world. I go to work with a beer in my hand.”           
     -Marc Ford, Lead guitarist for the Black Crowes
In an unexpected turn of events, the WHALES held their Tuesday 18th  April meeting at Luke’s house, where the windows are almost bulletproof.  On hand were SteveG, KeithS, Gary, Gene, Neal, Luke, MikeV, Leo and Rob & Kristin.
The AHA Big Brew National Homebrew Day is quickly approaching.  Once again, it will be hosted by Keith and Donna Story in Piscataway on Saturday May 6th (rain or shine).  Prez is putting together an all grain recipe for a Belgian which we will age in an oak barrel for several months.  The idea is to pair off extract brewers with all-grainers who will make 10 gallon batches.   The yeast may be supplied by the generous Mr. Baker.  You are certainly welcome to brew other batches of interest to you.
The club only competition for Extract beers had only two entries;   Does this mean more of us are graduating to all-graining?   Entries must have at least 50% of their fermentables come from extract in any category.  Leo had the two year old non-oaked Whales impy and Gary brought his now famous American Amber.  Both gained a HBOY point for entering with Gary gaining the additional HBOY point to represent the club.  Congrats to Gary and good luck in the national round.
The next COC?  We’ll judge meads at the July meeting.  Go to www.beertown.org for all the 2006 categories and dates.
The Heavyweight Whales Wee-Wee bottling party took place 3/31 and thanks to Gary, Leo, Neal, Prez, KeithS and Paff for helping Tom.  Our product, with a proud whale on the label, is now available in your finer retail establishments.  All dues paying members get a bottle gratis from Mr. Baker, so see one of the above members if you haven’t reaped the benefits of our labor.  We made this shit, now it’s in a liquor store…how cool is that?
According to Treasurer Uncle Leo, our beginning balance of $654.98 had an increase due to one new dues paying member (+$36) and had the expenses of the picnic permit (-$75) and the oak barrel ($40).   New balance is $575.98.
The AHA National Homebrew entries are in.  Whales have 21 entries between 8 brewers.  The first round is held in May and if you are selected, you must submit more bottles for the second round in Orlando 6/22-6/24.  Good Luck to Us!
Tonites special feature:  Neal’s presentation and tasting on Cream Ales.  This often misunderstood  hybrid ale is usually golden, lightly hopped, clean like a lager.  Mr. Mirra was kind enough to bring in three fine examples of cream ales from three different regions;  Genesee (America), Sleeman (Canada) and the darker, more robust Wexford (Ireland). 
13th Annual Buzz Off Competition will be held at Iron Hill  Brewery/Restaurant, West Chester PA on June 3rd.  Entries can be dropped off/shipped between 5/13-5/26 with the logical point being Keystone Homebrew in Bethlehem PA.  Entries are $5 each with checks payable to David Houseman.  Go to hbd.org/buzz/index/html for all info regarding this competition.  Buzz Off is a Whales sanctioned comp, and along with War of the Worts, the Nationals and Split Rock, can earn you coveted HBOY points.
Homebrewer of the Year update thru and including the War of the Worts:  Paff 12, Darin 10, SteveG 5, Prez 4, Gary 4, Leo 3, KeithS 2 and Neal 2.  Next chance for points, the Amer Ale COC, the Nationals and the Buzz Off.
Cider People (SteveS, Gene, Harry, Luke, Gary, SteveG, Prez, Paff, Leo & Neal).  The cider racking party took place at Luke’s on 4/1 and the oak barrel was the gift that kept on giving.  After all the carboys were topped off, the golden-clear nectar fell into a bottling bucket, then our pint glasses.  Next thing you know, there’s a raging fire and a BBQ going on the backyard.  Things just happen that way, I guess.
The Flight:   Luke brought his Montpellier cider made from Cider Day juice.  Then, the tasting took a more full bodied approach.  Gary/KeithS offered their rye beer and Leo poured his braggot, a half malt-half mead mutant category.  MikeV had lots of his counter pressure filled scotch ale and The Bergmann’s shared their Baltic Porter from the November Big Brew.  Uncle Leo finished the evening with the wonderful Old Rasputin, a commercial impy with a hint of raspberry.
That’s all Folks!
-Luke, CEO Pissoff Brothers Brewing Co