2006 May Meeting Issue #91

The Official WHALES Newsletter and Minutes May 2006 Issue #091
Woodbridge Homebrewers Ale & Lager Enthusiasts Society Established 1996
Whales score an unprecedented four medals in first round of Nationals!!
* Buzz Off Competition entries due by 5/26 (judged 6/3)
* Whales 10 Year Anniversary Picnic June 10th at Fords Park
* June meeting hosted by our friends at Harvest Moon Brewery, New Brunswick NJ
* AHA National Homebrewers Conference, June 22-24,  Orlando Fl
“When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.”           
     -Henny Youngman
The WHALES held their Tuesday 16th  May meeting at Steve & Dana’s house, where the gate latches are childproof and the keg system has two taps (no wait!).  On hand were SteveS, SteveG, Luke, Neal, Prez, KeithS & Paff.
THE NEXT MEETING 6/20 WILL BE HELD AT HARVEST MOON IN NEW BRUNSWICK.  Thanks to Brewer Matt McCord for having us and to Neil for orchestrating it.  Come and hear Leo’s presentation on the wonders of Category 13…stouts.
13th Annual Buzz Off Competition will be held at Iron Hill  Brewery/Restaurant, West Chester PA on June 3rd.  Entries can be dropped off/shipped between 5/13-5/26 with the logical point being Keystone Homebrew in Bethlehem PA.  Entries are $5 each with checks payable to David Houseman.  Go to http://hbd.org/ for all info regarding this competition.  Buzz Off is a Whales sanctioned comp, and along with War of the Worts, the Nationals and Split Rock, can earn you coveted HBOY points.
The Buzz Off is also a qualifying event for the Master Championship of Amateur Brewing (MCAB).  First place winners will be invited to enter the MCAB national round held in 2007.  Visit http://www.hbd.org/mcab for more details after you claim your gold.
The AHA National Homebrew first round results are in.  Whales, with 21 entries between 8 brewers capture four awards (an all-time high!!).  Congrats to Neil (Premium Light Lager-2nd), Prez (Best Bitter-2nd) and Darin (American Ale-1st & Porter 3rd).  First place winners must submit more bottles for the second round in Orlando 6/22-6/24.  Good Luck to Darin!
Both rounds of ciders are judged in one day in Poughkeepsie NY and results are not released until the AHA National Conference.  We still have two entries pending, SteveS’s Cider de Natural and the Whales barrel cider.
The Whales 10th Anniversay Picnic will be held rain/shine in Fords Park in…Fords NJ on Saturday 6/10.  Bring food and bev to share as well as any charcoal you may have laying around.  Prez has invited just about everybody who was ever a Whale so it’s sure to be a brew-a-riffic mix and match of generations.  The club has allocated monies for the purchase of ribs, now a standing picnic tradition.  The road thru the park is a “one way” so follow it to the back and you’ll see the (only) grove.  If you need directions or have questions contact Luke.
The 5/6 Big Brew was a bubbling success.  Hosted by Keith & Donna at their Story-book palace, Whales all grained themselves from PIScataway to Belgium.  Leo, The 4 Kings, Prez, the Bergman’s and SteveS/Gene each made 10 gallon batches of Prez’ Dubbel recipe with an OG of 1074.  It’s fermenting at KeithS's in the club owned food grade 55 gallon plastic barrel and will be racked into a secondary Weyerbacher oak vessel.  Thanks to Tom Baker for the at-cost ingredients, Prez for pickin’ it all up and weighing it all out, Gary/KeithS for procuring the barrel and Keith and Donna for the great grub and hospitality.
The next COC?  We’ll judge meads at the July meeting and Luke will make a presentation on raising the chalice of sweet nectar.  Go to www.beertown.org for all the 2006 categories and dates.
Treasurer’s report:  Current balance is $575.98.  For those participating in Belgian Brew Brew, please make sure Uncle Leo has your $10.
All dues paying Whales are entitled to one bottle of the Heavyweight Whales Wee Wee compliments of Tom Baker.  Please see any of the volunteers who helped Tom bottle (Gary, Leo, Neal, Prez, KeithS and Paff) and get your bottle before Gary drinks them all.
Paff has pounds of whole leaf EK Goldings sitting in his freezer.  Email him and git yerself sum for NO cash money!
The Flight:   We started out with Neal’s award winning extract Premium Light Lager.  Luke brought his Cherry cider made with cherry extract, dried plums and organic plum juice.  Back to Neal with his Amber and KeithS’s Rye Ale which used Hefe yeast, but no wheat!  Prez poured his Scottish 60 (a Heavyweight collaboration?) and Paff’s Scottish was a variation on the Heavyweight Whale Wee with Scottish yeast.  Paff’s final homebrewed offering was the magnificent Strong Ale, which took Whales Wee second runnings and bumped it up with DME and blackstrap.  Yum!
Special Thanks to Steve & Dana Sutkowski for hosting the meeting.
That’s all Folks!
-Luke, CEO Pissoff Brothers Brewing Co