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2015 WCoC categoriesWhich categories do you like the best for the last 3 WCoCs in...UncategorizedJay Buchanan9402 Years ago
2012 Dec Meeting Loc/dateGiven a booked space at JJ's on our normal meeting night, what...UncategorizedBobby Mierzejwski6044 Years ago
WHALES 20th Anniversary PartyDo you approve the club spending 31.75 per active member who...UncategorizedJay Buchanan46010 Months ago
Getting to Know Fellow MembersWhat should we do help integrate new members to the club?Uncategorizedwebmaster4205 Years ago
2013 Holiday PartyWhen and where?UncategorizedBobby Mierzejwski4294 Years ago
2013 WHALES Picnic DatePlease select your preferred date(s) for the 2013 WHALES picnic....UncategorizedJay Buchanan4104 Years ago
AHA insuranceDo you authorize up to 200 dollars to procure homebrew club insurance...UncategorizedJay Buchanan3703 Years ago
PA System Spend PollDo you authorize a spend of up to 500 dollars to purchase a portable...UncategorizedBobby Mierzejwski3502 Years ago
Funding for NHC Booth ProjectDo you authorize the club to pay up to 500 dollars for building...UncategorizedJay Buchanan3404 Years ago
Approval for club to spend money on hatsDo you approve spending 600 dollars for hats?UncategorizedJay Buchanan3403 Years ago

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